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RC Harris in the Fog

RC Harris in the Fog.jpg

Chicago - Wrigley Building

Chicago - Wrigley Building.jpg

Gorgeous building in Chicago - the Wrigley Building.  Yes - the former head office of the Wrigley Company, makers of fine chewing gum.  It holds a variety of businesses now, and the walkway you see here was added to connect two offices of a bank branch.  

Chicago - Wall of Buildings

Chicago - Wall of Buildings.jpg

Looking across the river in Chicago.  I love how the buildings rise on either side of the river, just like canyon walls.  You can see a wonderful mix of the old and the new in the architectural styles of the buildings here.  There's everything from the ornate buildings of early in the 20th century up to today's simple, clean boxes.   I'd love to go to Chicago again - it was a lot of fun to wander around.

Lunch and Pigeons at Union Station

Lunch and Pigeons at Union Station.jpg

Sharing her lunch with the pigeons out front of Union Station.

Chicago - From Above

Chicago - From Above.jpg

Taken from the observation deck in the Sears Tower.

Chicago - View From Navy Pier

Chicago - View from Navy Pier.jpg

Navy Pier is wonderful to walk on.  There's so much to see, and do, on this structure sticking way out into the lake.  And looking back on the city from the pier gives such great views.  As you can see, we were lucky enough to visit the city during a warm spell in February.  Only a week before, weather was bad enough that people ended up trapped on the highway because of the snow.  The evidence of that snowfall was all over the city when we arrived, but it quickly started to melt as the temperatures rose to almost 10C.

Chicago - From the Sears Tower

Chicago - From The Sears Tower.jpg

Another view of Chicago's skyline -this time from the top of the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower).  It's hard taking night shots with the Rebel - I find myself envying my wife's Canon 5D.  If I'd taken a tripod with me, it would have been better, but we had been walking around all day, and carrying a tripod for that long without using it would have been annoying.  This, and other shots from the tower, were taken at ISO 800 or ISO 1600, hand held, from behind glass, and they didn't turn out too bad at all.  

Chicago - Chicago Theater Detail

Chicago - Chicago Theater Detail.jpg

Close up of the theater in the previous photo.  We need more decorative touches like this in Toronto.  One of the things I loved in Chicago was the number of older, more decorated buildings still around.  

Chicago - Chicago Theater

Chicago - Chicago Theater BW.jpg

Can you guess what city this theater is in?

I love the detail on the building - and the way it stands out next to it's neighbours.  

Chicago - River View 1

Chicago - River View 1.jpg

The Chicago River runs through downtown Chicago, and it's spanned by a number of different bridges.  Each of these is a drawbridge, and they go up when large ships travel up river.  The view through the buildings is fantastic, and I'd love to see these up sometime.  Once again, you can see the different styles of building in the downtown Chicago core from this photo.

Chicago - Trump Tower

Chicago - Trump Tower.jpg

I loved the concentration of fantastic architecture in Chicago's downtown.  There were more tall buildings clustered around the downtown than you could shake a stick at.  Not surprising, as Chicago is widely cited as the birthplace of the modern skyscraper.  The Trump Tower is an example of the modern practice of glass and steel exteriors, and it's an impressive sight, as you walk down the street.  But as you can see from the other buildings in the shot, there are a wide variety of different structural styles in the city.  The steel and glass looks clean, and is impressive on one hand, but I think I prefer the more ornate and organic looking buildings that I saw elsewhere.

Distillery Tower

Distillery 1-1.jpg

Okay - this is an older photo - I took it back in October.  But doesn't the Distillery District look spooky-awesome at night?  I have to go back there with a tripod and take a bunch of night shots.

Liberty Village - 72 Fraser Ave

72 Fraser Avenue.jpg

The address is part of a former carpet factory turned into hip loft office space.  I love the look of the whole neighbourhood that's sprung up around the former factory.  I'd love to get a look inside - I bet it looks wild.

Night Tunnel

Night Tunnel.jpg

Ever pass by a tunnel at night and wonder where it goes?  Does it go to a simple parking garage, or does it lead somewhere different?  And are different parking garages connected together?  I know - in most cases, the tunnels lead to simple, self-contained parking garages, but wouldn't it be cool if you could go into one and end up somewhere else?  Like in the underground PATH system in downtown Toronto, which lets you travel from Union Station down by the lake all the way up to to Dundas Street, and from Yonge, all the way over to Simcoe.  

Quarter to Six

Quarter to Six.jpg

Closeup of the clock tower on Toronto's Old City Hall.  I hate the amount of darkness that we end up with through the winter. When it's dark on my way to work, and dark on my way home, it gets tremendously depressing, and makes me not want to go out of the house.  As you can see from this picture, at a quarter to six in the evening, it's pretty much fully dark out.  I can't wait for summer to come, with it's long hours of sunlight, and warm weather, so that I can go out taking pictures in the evenings again.

Crystal Growth


The ROM Crystal seems to be growing on top of the old museum structure like some sort of mineral deposit.  My wife hates the Crystal, but I like it.  I like that it doesn't look like a traditional building.  I like that it takes chances with architecture.  God save us from boring boxes of glass and steel - give me something that challenges my perceptions of what a building can be. It doesn't have to be outrageous, like the Crystal, or like the OCAD building, but at least make it visually interesting.  


Details 2011.jpg

Architectural details are incredibly important for setting the tone of a space.  In this case, the carvings at the top of each pillar give me a sense of importance and seriousness in this space.  (But then, when I look at these things, I find myself planning out the project of carving them by hand, and they were probably carved by machine, in a factory somewhere.) 

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Archway.jpg

Happy New Year, folks!  Did you celebrate the arrival of 2011 in style?  Did you go out partying, or stay home with family?  Did you stay up till after midnight, or did you go to bed earlier?  The new year stretches ahead of us, filled with possibilities, lined with milestones and events.  I hope all of you have a wonderful year.

Bay Street - Looking Up Again

Bay Street 3-3.jpg

Nothing says Bay Street like tall buildings lining each side of the street.  However, the tall buildings have the wonderful effect of channeling the wind rather spectacularly.  Just after taking this picture, my new hat was blown right off my head, and I ended up chasing it across 4 lanes of traffic.  Lesson learned - when it's windy, and you want to take pictures - leave the hat at home.

Bay Street - Looking Up

Bay Street 1-1.jpg

Looking up at the TD Tower from Bay Street.  So much money. So many buildings. So much wind.

Wiarton Customs and Excise

Wiarton Customs and Excise copy.jpg

The post office and customs building in Wiarton, Ontario.  I have no idea why there's a customs office in the town - perhaps because of the federal fish hatchery built in 1906 or so, perhaps because of the proximity to Georgian Bay.  The building is marvellous, and totally suits the town itself.

Skyscraper and Clouds

Skyscraper and Clouds.jpg

Walking along Queens Quay yesterday, I looked up at the construction, and spotted some wonderful cloud formations above this building.  It was gorgeous down by the water, and a welcome antidote to the craziness of the day. 

City Hall Faces

City Hall Faces.jpg

Detail of the entrance to Old City Hall.  I have to say that some of these faces don't look too happy at all.  Why doesn't architecture these days include details like this? Is it only because of costs?  I like these details - they make the building more interesting, and they project a character onto it.

Don Jail Building

Don Jail Building.jpg

They're closing down the Don Jail, and merging it with Bridgepoint Health - the hospital next door.  I was hoping to get in to take pictures before all the renovations, but, unfortunately, by the time we got to the jail, there was a five hour lineup for tours.  So, I had to content myself with exterior shots. 

Commerce Court Ceiling

Commerce Court Ceiling.jpg

This chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the CIBC building down on King Street.  We were allowed in to take pictures during Doors Open, and it was an amazing sight.  It's certainly evidence of the old style of bank buildings - solid, rich, and stable. 

Scotia Tower

Scotia Tower.jpg

The Scotiabank Tower on King Street stands out from its neighbours, shining in the sun.  Hmmm - a metaphor for the strength of the Canadian banking sector maybe?  We had a lot of fun walking around downtown on Sunday for Doors Open, and I took this shot as we were about to head into Commerce Court, across the street.

Third Floor Walkup

Third Floor Walkup.jpg

I love the warm glow of the lights on these balconies.  I also love the look of the balconies themselves.  Something about the exterior staircase appeals to me - at least in the spring.  I don't know that I'd still feel the same about it in the winter

Ex Bank

Ex Bank.jpg

It's not a bank any more - now it's home to a fashion designer.  But doesn't the architecture just scream permanence and stability?  The Canadian Bank of Commerce doesn't exist any more - it merged with the Imperial Bank of Canada to become the CIBC that we all know and love.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

R C Harris Plant.jpg

We took a photowalk in the Beaches this weekend.  The R.C. Harris Water Treatment plant is a gorgeous piece of architecture for a utility building.  The view is amazing - and it would make a fabulous mansion, according to my fiance.  It has a wonderful, turn of the 20th century feel to it.

Eaton Center Interior

Eaton Center Interior.jpg

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen.jpg

I just love this sign over an empty storefront on Queen Street.  I'm sure (unfortunately) that whoever rents it next won't be a restaurant, and they'll take down the sign.

Reflecting on the AGO

Reflecting On The AGO.jpg

The Dundas Street facade of the AGO.

AGO Stairs

AGO Stairs.jpg

There always seems to be maintenance happening to these stairs.  They look cool, but media reports say that they leak all ready.  Maybe they were a little too ambitious?

Four Seasons on Queen

Four Seasons on Queen.jpg
Another view of the Four Seasons Center on Queen Street. 

Gothic Clock

Gothic Clock.jpg

This is the clocktower on the library at the corner of Queen St and Saulter.  The building is one of those leftovers from an age where buildings were supposed to convey a feeling, instead of just show how efficient they are.

City Hall Reflections

City Hall Reflections.jpg
City Hall is such a unique structure - it's recognizable throughout the world, and it's been a stand-in for alien buildings in at least one Star Trek:TNG episode that I can remember.  I love the reflections of the afternoon sun that you can see on the west tower.

Smokestack and Mirrors

Smokestack and Mirrors.jpg

Taken from University Ave, south of Queen St.  I love the light on the mirrored windows of the buildings.

Simcoe Streetscape

Looking south on Simcoe St. from Queen. 

Four Seasons in the Sun

Through The Opera House.jpg

I love the glass foyer on the Four Seasons Center, home of the Canadian Opera Company.  Opera isn't my thing, but this is a beautiful building to look at. 

University and Dundas

University and Dundas.jpg

The cross processing gives it a very sixties feel, I think.  I had to walk up to St. Patrick Station because of the closure of Osgoode, so I thought I'd try to get a few different views of the city.  This photo was taken from the southeast corner of Univeristy and Dundas. 



The dome of the MaRS Center at University Ave. and College Street.  I have to start taking more architecture shots around Toronto.  I love the variety of styles and ages around the city, and I need to take more shots.

One of these things....


... is not like the other. 

Today, I'm going back through my unprocessed images from the summer - just as a break from the winter around us. I love the contrast between the church and the city.  Every time I see it, I'm struck by how the church seems almost out of place, showing us how much the architecture of the city has changed as time has gone by. 

Casa Loma Through the Trees

Casa Loma Through The Trees.jpg

This is the view from the top of the Baldwin Steps - 110 steps up from Spadina Road to the level of the castle.  We had taken the subway  to get to Casa Loma, getting off at Dupont Station.  It's a short, two block walk to the steps, and the view is worth the climb.

The Round Room

Round Room.jpg

I loved the light in this room.  The walls are covered with windows, and you get light in from every direction.  And since it's a round room, it has no dark corners. 

The Oak Room II

Oak Room II.jpg
Doesn't this look like an awesome room to spend Christmas morning in? 

The Windsor Room

Windsor Room.jpg
Another picture from the Casa Loma trip.  This guest bedroom was lit with the late afternoon sun by the time we got to it. 

Eaton Center Tower

Eaton Center Tower2.jpg

Taken on Thanksgiving Sunday night - just as we overheard a tourist asking her friend why we were taking a picture of the place they were going to on Monday.  Maybe she thought we were scouting locations for something nefarious.  :-)  Not me - I just thought it looked cool.

Yonge and Adelaide

Yonge and Adelaide.jpg
I love the look of this building - it's like the outer skin has been peeled away, leaving the connectors and fastenings exposed to view for the first time.  

Light Number Seven

Light Number Seven.jpg

Waiting for the Redhead

Waiting for the Redhead.jpg
He didn't look too happy, as he waited for a streetcar at Queen and University.  I love the look of the building a the corner of Queen and University.  I just have to keep shooting it.

Glass and Clock Tower


Taken from the streetcar on Queen, near Yonge. Also see on Flickr

Edifice on Yonge


This used to be a branch of the Dominion Bank.  That's one half of the bank that became the Toronto Dominion Bank.  I love the architecture that the old banks used when building.  It projects solidity, reliability, and endurance.  Of course, I don't think that it's actually a bank branch any more, and the Dominion Bank is gone, so there's a bit of a contrast there, don't you think?

Queen and Yonge


As much as I don't like the "new" architecture, with it's emphasis on function, I do like that they kept the bottom floor of the building when they put up the new tower.  That section looks amazing at night, with all the shadows and texture.

Condos on Carlton


Getting off the subway at College Street has changed a lot, since the days when I only went there for Leaf games.  The street is pretty much all new to me, and it took me a little while to get oriented.  I really have to get out more, and wander around the city.

Eaton Center West Entrance


Not too many people enter from the west entrance, and it's a shame.  The entryway is gorgeous, and as evening approaches, it glows with a warm light, inviting you into the mall.  Don't forget to bring your cash....

Connaught Carhouse


When seen at night, in their carhouse, the streetcars seem much smaller than when you're trying to get around them on Queen.  The carhouse was built in 1913, and serves as a garage for the streetcars in this part of the city.

Architectural Study


Another interesting old building - this one at Queen and University.  It's funny, how even the design of the windows and safety ladder on the roof provide the cues you need to realize this is an old building.

212 King Street


I love architectural detail on old buildings.  I spotted this detail across the street as I walked to the streetcar stop the other day.

Doorway to Knowledge


Abandon all ignorance, ye who enter here.  The library in our area is in a wonderful old building.  After the snowstorm on Saturday night, we went out for a photowalk and I had to get a shot of it.

Queen and John


Okay - another architectural detail here.  City TV was just around the corner from my work - till they got sold to Rogers, anyway.  Their building has always fascinated me with all the architectural details on the exterior.  I'm was surprised, recently, to find out that the building used to be the headquarters for the Methodist Church in Toronto.  Things keep changing, apparently.

Architecture vs. Building


So many contrasts here.  Craftsmanship versus competency. Art versus engineering. Old versus new.  Maybe I'm turning into a cranky old fart, but I like old style architecture more than I like the boxes of glass and steel we see coming out these days.

Front and Church


I was on my way to St. Lawrence Market, when I stopped to take this picture.  I love the look of this building for some reason.  It's a wonderful area to wander around in - there's so much to see and do.


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