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In the window of the Umbra store on John Street.  Don't these look like cool little ornaments?

Snow and the TTC

Snow and the TTC.jpg

You know, the TTC works remarkably well during snowstorms in Toronto.  It took me about 35 minutes to get home - when it normally takes me about 15 minutes.  But the streetcar kept moving, it was warm, (if crowded), and best of all - I didn't have to do the driving.  Thanks, TTC - keep up the good work.

Subway Arrival

Subway Arrival.jpg

Taken at the Dupont Station, as we waited to take the train home after visiting Casa Loma.

Casa Loma Through the Trees

Casa Loma Through The Trees.jpg

This is the view from the top of the Baldwin Steps - 110 steps up from Spadina Road to the level of the castle.  We had taken the subway  to get to Casa Loma, getting off at Dupont Station.  It's a short, two block walk to the steps, and the view is worth the climb.

OMG Santa!

OMG Santa I.jpg

Okay - Christmas time is upon us, and that means that the hordes of Santa Claus's are taking over my house.  This is only one of my fiance's collection - a collection I plan on getting a few more shots of this year.  (You can see some more of the collection in the background - we have at least fifty Santas around the house right now.  )

The Round Room

Round Room.jpg

I loved the light in this room.  The walls are covered with windows, and you get light in from every direction.  And since it's a round room, it has no dark corners. 

The Oak Room II

Oak Room II.jpg
Doesn't this look like an awesome room to spend Christmas morning in? 

The Windsor Room

Windsor Room.jpg
Another picture from the Casa Loma trip.  This guest bedroom was lit with the late afternoon sun by the time we got to it. 

The Oak Room

Oak Room.jpg
I took my fiance to Casa Loma for her birthday.  She hadn't been there since she was in grade school, and I'd never been there.  We started out on the first floor, and this was the first room we really looked at.  The entire room is panelled in oak, and the carving took two men three years to complete.  The results are gorgeous, though, aren't they?

More Clowns

More Clowns.jpg

Another picture from the Santa Claus Parade.  Yes - it's more clowns.  There was an army of clowns at the parade, as you'd expect. 



I wonder how many times you blend into the background without realizing it. It's gotta be pretty common in the city.  I suppose that - in this case - it's what you get for wearing a coat patterened after a predator's pelt. 



So much of the city is shades of grey and brown.  It's nice to see a splash of colour from time to time. 

Berries in the Snow

Berries in the Snow.jpg

Taken at the corner of Queen and Broadview.  Our neighbourhood BIA likes to spruce the streets up a little bit as the holidays approach.  Just after they did that, we got a bit of snow to make everything look just that much prettier.

Clown I

Clown I.jpg

Morning in Cottage Country?

Morning in Cottage Country.jpg

Actually, it's a house across the street from mine, in deepest, darkest Toronto. I don't know how old the house is, but it sure looks like a cottage, especially with all the leaves, and the pumpkin on the porch.

97 Kilometers

97 Kilometers.jpg

I loved the chrome and reflections on the Vespa parked out front of my work, so here it is.  I see these speedy little Vespas everywhere downtown - it's such a switch from when I worked out in the 'burbs, where everyone drove cars, and nobody walked.  I love working downtown, and especially in the Queen and John neighbourhood.  There's always something going on, and something new to see.

Sorry for the gap in postings, btw. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year, so I've been kind of distracted as I try to write my novel.  Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with posting here as well as writing.

Eaton Center Tower

Eaton Center Tower2.jpg

Taken on Thanksgiving Sunday night - just as we overheard a tourist asking her friend why we were taking a picture of the place they were going to on Monday.  Maybe she thought we were scouting locations for something nefarious.  :-)  Not me - I just thought it looked cool.

City in Silhouette

City in Silhouette.jpg

Have I mentioned that I love the view from my balcony?

Autumn Decay


Summer is long gone, and the weather is getting nippy.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  At least we have Christmas to look forward to! (or is it too early to talk about that?)

Alternative Transport

Alternative Transit.jpg

Lots of people ride skateboards to get around downtown.  Most of them are younger than me, like this guy, but there are some surprises out there.  In many ways, the skateboard is an excellent method to get around downtown - not ideal, but useful nonetheless.



I loved his plaid Jays hat.  And the skulls on his jacket - I have to get one of those jackets! Taken at Queen and John, again. :-)

Car 4131

Car 4131.jpg

Most mornings, I end up on the streetcar, jammed with people.  This morning, I managed to get a mostly empty, short-turn streetcar. 

Bridge Detail and Christmas Lights

Bridge and Christmas Lights.jpg

More detail of the bridge on Cherry Street.  I love the industrial look, and the Christmas lights are a nice touch, don't you think?  I can't wait to go back there after dark one night to see if they light them up every night.


Allstream Cover.jpg

On my way home, the other day, I noticed the maintenance cover in the sidewalk.  I didn't know that Allstream advertised on the street that way. 



Taken from the bike path beside the Don Valley Parkway. As it goes underneath the railroad tracks along the lakeshore, you can stand underneath the bridge, and take shots of the trains going by. 

Dock at Cherry Beach

Dock at Cherry Beach.jpg

It was the last day of summer, so we walked down to Cherry Beach in the sunshine and warmth of Sunday. 

The Warmup

The Warmup.jpg

Warming up for his gig at the Opera House.  There's always something going on there - it's right at the end of my street, and I either see the prelude, or the aftermath.  I'm just glad I don't live next door to them - I wouldn't be able to take the noise.  (Gawd - I'm turning into an old fart - sigh. )

CNE Midway

CNE Midway.jpg

The CNE is gone for another year - but I'm still processing pictures from it! :-)



Taken at the CNE in the Better Living Center. 



Summer is officially over - the CNE has closed.  It was a busy, busy summer, and now we get to see the leaves turn, the kids going back to school, and the weather starting to get cooler.

Balloon Busker

Balloon Busker.jpg

It was Busker Fest this weekend in Toronto.  There were all kinds of different performers on the ground, but this young lady had everyone looking to the skies.  It's gotta be a quite a sight to be looking down from this height onto the street, filled with people looking back up at you.



It seems that somebody's been doing a little front yard gardening.  I liked the light on the two objects, but I got funny looks for taking this particular picture.

Maid of the Mist V

Maid of the Mist V.jpg

I dunno if I'd ever be comfortable enough to go on the Maid of the Mist - they get a little crowded sometimes.  The couple on the front of the boat seem to be having a good time, though. 

At the Rapids

At the Rapids.jpg

This is not the safest place to be sitting.  Those are the Niagara River rapids, just above the Horseshoe Falls.  We took a day trip there during our holidays to show the kids just how tacky a street in Canada can be.  This guy was one of the first things I noticed after we parked the car.

Ashbridges Bay IV

Ashbridges Bay IV.jpg

More sunset at Ashbridges Bay.  These two young men were busy playing Frisbee in the water - when they came out I caught them, and the boats behind them. 

Misty Morning II

Misty Morning II.jpg

Another shot from the last morning at the bed and breakfast. 

Misty Morning

Misty Morning.jpg

We woke up early on the morning we were checking out of the bed and breakfast in Huntsville, and found the mist.  So we had to go down to the horse pond and get some shots.  I love seeing the mist rising off the water.

Breakfast Martini

Breakfast Martini.jpg

Found outside of a restaurant on Queen Street, on my way in to work.  Yum! Breakfast of champions!

Waiting for the Train II

Waiting for the Train II.jpg

Waiting for the train at Osgoode Station. 



Another shot from the photowalk on the Leslie Street Spit.  This cyclist seemed to be tinking, sitting on an improvised bench at the water's edge. 

Rolling In The Mud

Rolling in the Mud.jpgOkay - so you're a horse.  The mosquitoes and blackflies are the worst they've been in years, and you're outside in the sun.  What can you do to prevent bites along your back?  That's right!  Roll in the mud, scratching those hard to reach places, and coating yourself in dirt to boot.

Taken at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at over the Canada Day long weekend.


Post.jpgI took my daughter to a horse ranch for a day as a birthday present.  She was thrilled, as you would expect.  

Mini on Queen

Mini on Queen.jpg
Looks like the small car is pulling away from the pack.  As gas prices continue to rise, I bet more and more people are going to be looking at smaller cars to replace the behemoths they drive now.

Be the Pigeon!

Be the Pigeon!.jpg
Getting right into the shot at Queen and Church. 

Les Bleus

Les Bleus.jpg

I loved the stance, waiting for the streetcar at Queen and John.

Rust and Gears

Rust and Gears.jpgMore from the old bike I spotted the other day.  I love the way the rust spreads across the metal.

Rust and Rings

Rust and Rings.jpgI spotted a very old, very rusted bike on my way home the other day.  

On The Phone

On The Phone.jpg
On the phone at Queen and John. 

No Flyers

No Flyers.jpg
Do you think he's waiting for birds to land in the box?  Or is he there to enforce the flyer policy at this house?  Either way, he doesn't look very happy, does he?

Putter's Pack

Putters Pack.jpg
I've never seen this brand of cigarettes before.  I found these sitting on top of an old oil drum outside the Opera House on Queen St. East.  I loved the grittiness of the bucket behind it.  


Commuters.jpgEvery morning, I take the streetcar to work.  And, every morning, I try to get one of the single seats.  These folks managed to get there first.  

Waiting at the Corner

Waiting at the Corner.jpg
Watching the streetcar trundle past on Queen.


Heather Profile.jpg
She's growing up.  Taken while we waited for the streetcar to take us to the subway, so we could get errands done.   She's changing every day - growing into the woman she's going to be.  Hopefully, I can survive her growing up - she's already a brat.  

Walking from St. George

Walking From St George.jpg
Where is this person walking to?  Where are they coming from?  What would I do if I couldn't walk around as easily as I do now?  What will I do when I get older, if I can't take care of myself like I do now?  These are the questions running through my mind when I took this picture.

Morning Light

Morning Light.jpg
I loved the way the light separated the foreground and background here.  It's nice to see a shot of a sunny day, especially when it's so grey and cloudy outside right now.  It'll be spring, soon, and the snow will all go away - and then we can start bitching about how muddy it is.  

Look Ma, No Hands!

Look Ma- No Hands.jpg

Another winter biker - this time, he's relaxing as he heads across Queen Street during rush hour.  I don't know if I'd be quite so casual on that particular stretch of road - it's more than a bit crazy around there from time to time.


I love the texture of the numerals here.  It's impossible to duplicate the look of an aging steel sign.  Something about how it looks, about how it slowly decays back to iron oxide, appeals to me.


I found a derelict building on King Street the other day, and it looks like it's been locked up for quite a while. I have to wonder, though, how effective the lock is going to be, when the door frame is so decayed.

Light and Train


Subway arriving at Osgoode Station, on the northbound platform. Also seen on Flickr

More Crutches



Okay - so I've been noticing more people around who are using crutches. This guy, at least, has a sympathetic friend with him. Also seen on Flickr

Snow and a Busted Leg


I'd hate to be hobbling around on crutches in the snow and ice we've got on the ground in Toronto right now. It's probably just a sprained ankle, but that can't make it any easier.

Queen and Yonge


As much as I don't like the "new" architecture, with it's emphasis on function, I do like that they kept the bottom floor of the building when they put up the new tower.  That section looks amazing at night, with all the shadows and texture.

Standing Alone


I spent part of my birthday at the Allan Gardens Conservatory. Very peaceful place, and, even deep into the winter, lots of blooming plants. It's a pretty cool place, all in all.

Wasps in Winter


There are two (TWO!) wasp nests hanging from branches of trees on my street.  I used my 75-300 to get this shot, standing directly underneath the nest.  I always wonder - do the wasps sleep all winter in these?  How many of them survive the winter? Is this one abandoned, or still active?  I guess I'll figure all these things out when the spring arrives.

Winter Weeds


Weeds are less hearty than the trees, but they burst forth every year, regardless.  Seeing them with snow on them is a reminder, to me, that although things end, they also renew, in time.  Also taken on the Leslie Street Spit.


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