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Grooving the Tunes

Grooving the Tunes BW.jpg

Well, after a four year (!) absence, it seems that I'm back posting here.  I'm taking pictures again, after several years of life getting in the way.  This is a picture that I've had queued to go out for four years, but now I've finally gotten back into the groove of taking pictures, THEN processing them.  Soon, I'll be posting new pictures, and we'll see if I can't get this blog back into a place where I have regular postings again.

RC Harris in the Fog

RC Harris in the Fog.jpg

Chicago - Wrigley Building

Chicago - Wrigley Building.jpg

Gorgeous building in Chicago - the Wrigley Building.  Yes - the former head office of the Wrigley Company, makers of fine chewing gum.  It holds a variety of businesses now, and the walkway you see here was added to connect two offices of a bank branch.  

Chicago - Wall of Buildings

Chicago - Wall of Buildings.jpg

Looking across the river in Chicago.  I love how the buildings rise on either side of the river, just like canyon walls.  You can see a wonderful mix of the old and the new in the architectural styles of the buildings here.  There's everything from the ornate buildings of early in the 20th century up to today's simple, clean boxes.   I'd love to go to Chicago again - it was a lot of fun to wander around.

Bruce Wood Spirit

Bruce Wood Spirit.jpg

When I look at this, I see a wood spirit - you can see a knee, a foot, a torso, and a neck, if you squint the right way.  When we were walking through the woods in the Bruce Peninsula, I was struck, repeatedly, by the incredibly daunting task it must have been to cut a road through the woods from Tobermory down to Wiarton.  It would have been solid, mature forest, hard rock, and it would have taken ages to build. 

Bruce Boat, 2011

Bruce Boat 2011.jpg

49 McCaul

49 McCaul copy.jpg

Different choices, different worlds, passing each other by on McCaul street.

Dog in a Truck on Queen West

Dog in a Truck on Queen West.jpg

Walking the Hound

Walking the Hound.jpg

Chicago - New Flyer

New Flyer.jpg

Chicago - From the Sears Tower

Chicago - From The Sears Tower.jpg

Another view of Chicago's skyline -this time from the top of the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower).  It's hard taking night shots with the Rebel - I find myself envying my wife's Canon 5D.  If I'd taken a tripod with me, it would have been better, but we had been walking around all day, and carrying a tripod for that long without using it would have been annoying.  This, and other shots from the tower, were taken at ISO 800 or ISO 1600, hand held, from behind glass, and they didn't turn out too bad at all.  

Chicago - El Train

Chicago - El Train.jpg

Chicago - Chicago Theater Detail

Chicago - Chicago Theater Detail.jpg

Close up of the theater in the previous photo.  We need more decorative touches like this in Toronto.  One of the things I loved in Chicago was the number of older, more decorated buildings still around.  

Chicago - Chicago Theater

Chicago - Chicago Theater BW.jpg

Can you guess what city this theater is in?

I love the detail on the building - and the way it stands out next to it's neighbours.  

Chicago - Streetscape 1

Chicago Streetscape 1.jpg

One of the more interesting features of Chicago is the mix of lower and upper streets.  It gives you an opportunity to take interesting streetscapes, like this one, from the bridges spanning the lower streets.  I loved the canyon effect brought on by the tall buildings on both sides, but I imagine that it could be oppressive if you don't like city living.  As for me, I'm a big fan of living in cities, so I just find it to be exciting.  

Chicago - Alleyway and Icicles

Chicago - Alleyway and Icicles.jpg

The day we got to Chicago was warm - unseasonably warm.  Melting snow and ice had formed these huge ice structures, and the 45F temperatures had everything dripping.  When we planned to go to Chicago in December, I was worried about being cold as we wandered around.  When that got rescheduled to February, I was even more worried about temperatures.  But we wandered around the entire weekend feeling overdressed and warm, not even needing hats or scarves through most of it.

Chicago - State Street, Under the El

Chicago - State Street Under the El.jpg

Some of my most enduring impressions of Chicago come from "The Blues Brothers" - I remember scenes of Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi racing underneath the elevated subway tracks in Chicago.  A little while ago, my wife and I made a pilgrimage to Chicago, and took the time, between fabulous diner eating, to take a bunch of photos of the downtown area.  This particular shot was taken on the first day of our visit.

Winter Cars

Winter Cars.jpg

At least this winter FEELS like a winter.  Last year didn't feel like winter very often - more like an extended, depressing fall.  I like it when we get snow.  I even like the cold, believe it or not, it makes me feel like there's a reason to spend time indoors.  

Distillery Tower

Distillery 1-1.jpg

Okay - this is an older photo - I took it back in October.  But doesn't the Distillery District look spooky-awesome at night?  I have to go back there with a tripod and take a bunch of night shots.

Liberty Village - Light in the Snow

Liberty Village 3-1.jpg

And here is another of the photos taken on my birthday photowalk.  Liberty Village is a wonderful part of the city, very interesting to see, and I'll be certain to head back there again - preferably in the warmer weather.  As you can see, it was snowing by the time we left to go home.  What you can't see is that it was annoyingly cold.  It's a wonderful tradition we have, of taking the day off for our birthdays, and going around the city taking pictures.  But there are times when I wish that our birthdays weren't both in the winter. 

Liberty Village - Roastery in Winter

Liberty Village 2-1.jpg

There are some seriously cool looking cafes and restaurants in Liberty Village.  I love the name of this one - The Roastery.  I wonder if their menu reflects the name - roasted coffee, roast chicken, roast beef, roast veggies...  I think it would be harder to come up with a dessert menu, though.

Liberty Village - 72 Fraser Ave

72 Fraser Avenue.jpg

The address is part of a former carpet factory turned into hip loft office space.  I love the look of the whole neighbourhood that's sprung up around the former factory.  I'd love to get a look inside - I bet it looks wild.

Liberty Village - Kuda Buddha

Buddha in the Snow.jpg

I love the multicultural nature of Toronto.  You never know what culture you're going to run into when you walk through the city.  This, for example, was nestled into a neighbourhood that looks no different than some of the suburbia that I grew up in.  Down the street, the neighbourhood switched from residential to industrial.  However, doesn't he look cold, sitting in the snow like that?

Liberty Village - Vogue Supperclub

Liberty Village 1-1.jpg

Every year, for my birthday, we go on a photowalk.  Usually, we end up going somewhere around the city that I've never gone.  This year, we headed down to Liberty Village to see what's there. It's a formerly industrial area now turned into offices, restaurants and such.  The building in the middle of the shot is called the Vogue Supperclub.  I have no idea if they still need the tall smokestack, but it's definitely a distinctive part of the neighbourhood. 

Marilyn Shelter

Marilyn Shelter.jpg

It's kind of creepy to have a giant Marilyn head staring at you as you wait for the next streetcar.  I mean - it feels like she's staring at me when I'm in this shelter.  And she's larger than life size, too.  I suppose it could be worse - it could be Don Cherry. (heh)

Berries in Winter

Berries in Winter.jpg

Frozen berries wait for the spring.  The bush was lush and full in the summer, but in winter, the bare branches and hanging berries hold only the promise of greenery.  Everything seems so grey and dull in the winter, but spring is just around the corner. 

Traffic and Snow

Traffic and Snow.jpg

Winter, winter, winter - and along with the cold, we get snow.  It was only flurries, but it is a precursor of times to come.  I love the way the headlights catch the snowflakes - with the slow shutter speed, the individual flakes become streaks of light.  It can be challenging to take pictures in a snowstorm.  The camera tends to get wet, and electronics and moisture don't always play well together.  The best thing that I've found is to rest my hands on top of the camera when I'm not taking shots, but when it's bad enough, I put the camera away, or put the body into a ziploc bag to protect it.  (Put the camera in the bag, with the lens poking out - the plastic protects the electronics, and the lens is free and clear.)

Night Tunnel

Night Tunnel.jpg

Ever pass by a tunnel at night and wonder where it goes?  Does it go to a simple parking garage, or does it lead somewhere different?  And are different parking garages connected together?  I know - in most cases, the tunnels lead to simple, self-contained parking garages, but wouldn't it be cool if you could go into one and end up somewhere else?  Like in the underground PATH system in downtown Toronto, which lets you travel from Union Station down by the lake all the way up to to Dundas Street, and from Yonge, all the way over to Simcoe.  

Can't Wait for Spring II

Waiting for Spring II.jpg

More summer playground equipment waiting for spring to arrive.  Could you play baseball in the winter?  Probably not.  I remember a few times playing in late fall where the crack of the bat was followed by a curse as the vibrations stung cold hands.  And at this point of the year, the infield would not be fun to slide on.  I guess we're better off sticking to games like hockey, and sports like skiing. 

Ivy and Cable

Ivy and Cable.jpg

Looking at this picture, I wonder which came first - the ivy or the electrical cables.  Given the age of some of the buildings on the campus, it could be a tossup.  There are some serious quantities of ivy on the walls of U of T, and it seems to like to go underneath the exterior conduit.  I have to think that ivy will damage the walls, given enough time, but it seems to be tremendously popular on old buildings. 


Construction 2010.jpg

Construction continues throughout the winter, all around Toronto.  I often find myself wondering what it's like to work high up in a new building during the cold - do you feel it more up there?  It's got to be somewhat awe inspiring to see a storm swirling around you while you're 300 feet up from the street, and to feel the wind and snow pelting you as you work in the open air.  I know that I wouldn't want to do that work, but I certainly appreciate the folks that do it. 

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Archway.jpg

Happy New Year, folks!  Did you celebrate the arrival of 2011 in style?  Did you go out partying, or stay home with family?  Did you stay up till after midnight, or did you go to bed earlier?  The new year stretches ahead of us, filled with possibilities, lined with milestones and events.  I hope all of you have a wonderful year.

Bay Street - Looking Up Again

Bay Street 3-3.jpg

Nothing says Bay Street like tall buildings lining each side of the street.  However, the tall buildings have the wonderful effect of channeling the wind rather spectacularly.  Just after taking this picture, my new hat was blown right off my head, and I ended up chasing it across 4 lanes of traffic.  Lesson learned - when it's windy, and you want to take pictures - leave the hat at home.

Bay Street - Looking In

Bay Street 2-1.jpg

I love the look of the ceiling in this place.  The way the light streams in just makes me happy.  I have to come down here more often and get shots - I bet it's wonderful early in the morning.

Bay Street - Looking Up

Bay Street 1-1.jpg

Looking up at the TD Tower from Bay Street.  So much money. So many buildings. So much wind.

Distillery Truck

Distillery 2-1.jpg

I love this old truck in the Distillery District.  It's all rusted and rough textured, and it suits the architecture so much.  Yeah, I know, the Distillery sometimes comes off as a tremendously expensive tourist trap.  And I know, the shops there are very specialized and snooty - but the artists that have rented space there do some seriously interesting stuff.  It's worth checking out.

Backlit Biker

Backlit Biker.jpg

Sometimes, it's surprising what turns up in your camera.  I remember taking this shot, and I remember actually trying to get a shot of the skateboarder coming up behind her.  But this one turned out better, so there you go. 

Casa Loma Tower

Casa Loma Tower.jpg

Another shot from our trip to Casa Loma back in August. 

Waiting at Dundas

Waiting at Dundas.jpg

I saw him waiting to cross, and all I could think was - what a great album cover that would make. 

Belmonts and Rails

Belmonts and Rails.jpg

Cigarette package left on the bed of the truck carrying new rails for TTC Streetcar line on Coxwell. 

Lighting Up on Queen

Lighting up on Queen.jpg

Do you think that he feels more real when he lights up?  More solid?  I never smoked, but I imagine that taking that first puff on a newly lit cigarette makes you feel more solid, more you. 

Glasses and Smudge

Glasses and Smudge.jpg

I found these, sitting on the sidewalk on my way to work, and my mind immediately filled with questions.  Where did these come from?  How long were they here?  How did they get flattened?  So many questions, from such a simple thing.

Woods, Back and Trees

Woods, Back and Trees.jpg

On the Phone at the Wall

On the Phone at the Wall.jpg

Talking on the phone in public - it's become ubiquitous.  Everybody does it, everywhere.  When did we decide that it was okay to inflict our conversations on everybody else?  And when will people decide that they don't want others to hear their conversations?

In the last week, I've heard people cussing each other out on the phone, arranging medical care, arranging social gatherings, and just catching up with each other - all on cellphones, on the streetcar.  I have to admit, I have done it too - I get phone calls and talk, not paying attention to what's going on around me, who is listening, who is trying not to listen.  It's a different social dynamic now, and I'm sure that it's going to keep changing. 

AGO Front

AGO Front copy.jpg

I love the latticework of wires above the intersection here.  In the future, when Toronto gets more surface rail traffic, will it be powered by the same network of wires?  I have to confess - I like the streetcars in Toronto.  Sure, they can be quite a hassle to drive behind, and I tend to take alternate routes to get around them.  But they carry a ton of passengers compared to buses, they act as anchors to the streets equipped to carry them, and they're far less expensive to maintain, from what I've heard.  I'd like to see more streetcars in downtown, and less cars.

Picnic Discussion

Picnic Discussion.jpg

Gotta love the warm weather - I'm so glad that summer's almost here.  Picnic benches are a staple of the summer, and discussions like this one are common while the sun is out.  Sunshine, summer, friends and discussions...

End of Day

End of Day.jpg

Walking away from work at the end of the day.

Leading the Band

It's not often that it climbs above 21C in Toronto in April (that's 70F, for those still using the imperial system).  But on Sunday, that's exactly what we had, for the third day in a row.  It was a fantastic weekend, and the crowds came out in full force for the Beaches Easter Parade.  There were bands, there were jugglers, there were vintage vehicles, and there were politicians.  Much candy was handed out to the kids in the crowd, and it was a lot of fun. 

I got this shot as a pipe band marched by.  I have to confess, I love the sound of a pipe band.  There's something about the bagpipes that just makes me happy, so when this band showed up, I really enjoyed listening.  But I can't decide - do I like the colour version or the black and white?  Both are wonderful, but for different reasons.  What do you think, folks?

Leading the Band BW.jpg

Leading the Band.jpg

Phone Call

Phone Call.jpg

Making a phone call in the Eaton Center, after Earth Hour.  It's creepy inside the Eaton Center at night, when the power's mostly off, and all the stores - and bathrooms - are closed. 

505 Broadview

505 Broadview copy.jpg

Taken just beside the Village by the Grange.  I always find myself wondering if the street bends like this because it used to be two streets that didn't quite meet, or if there was some geographical feature that it used to have to go around, but now is missing.

Spadina Hallway

Spadina Hallway copy.jpg

How quintessentially seventies are the tunnels in Spadina Station? It's incredibly evocative of the era, and every time I go through there, I feel like I'm back in high school, exploring the city via the subway system.  Spadina Station was opened in two parts - the first in 1966, servicing the Bloor Line, and the rest in 1978, servicing the Yonge Line.  You can see the different tiles on the left side of the picture, where the moving walkways used to be - according to Wikipedia, these were removed in 2004. 

Black Creek in the Snow

Black Creek Winter Road.jpg

It started to snow, very lightly, while we were at Black Creek. It made me think about how people would have had to deal with the snow and mud in those days.  No paved roads, no cobblestone, just packed dirt and mud.  But it looks pretty here, doesn't it?

Black Creek Kitchen

Black Creek Kitchen.jpg

Angie and I went to Black Creek Pioneer Village to celebrate her birthday this year.  It's always a jolt to realize how far we've come - we have central heating, electricity, lights, and so many more conveniences than they had back in the 1840s.  It is likewise a jolt to think that a stove like this one would be used, not only for cooking, but for heating a room during depths of winter.  Fortunately, after the visit we were able to return to our nice, warm home, and turn on the lights, and enjoy all the conveniences of the 21st century.

Headphones, Cigarettes and Graffiti

Headphones Cigarettes and Graffiti.jpg

He's got everything he needs for the commute home. 

Barrow Bay

Barrow Bay.jpg

We stopped in this small town while on photo safari.  The building in the foreground is the storage area for a local artist.  There's not much to the town itself, however - except some wonderful butter tarts across the street. 


Is he on his way to a gig? Is he coming from an audition?  Where is he headed to? 

Gourmet to Go

Gourmet to Go.jpg

Okay - I admit it.  I head to hot dog stands from time to time, when I'm working downtown.  Some of my fondest memories are of coming to the city to work, and having these vendors on (it seemed) every other corner selling sausages.  It was such a change for me, having previously grown up in a small town, and having worked in the suburbs. Even today, I get cravings for a hot Polish or Italian sausage with all the fixings on top, and I have to go indulge.

Angel and Fish

Angel and Fish.jpg

Love this statue displayed on the south west side of the AGO. 

The Semi Glare

The Semi Glare.jpg

My delightful daughter, giving me a long suffering glare, sort of.  You'd think, with a shutterbug like my fiance in her life, she'd be used to having a camera shoved in her face every time she looked around.  But I still get glared at when I take too many pictures of her.

Boy in a Tree

Boy in a Tree.jpg

Okay, so he's not really a boy any more.  He's not quite a man, either.  And somehow, he looks completely at home in that tree. 

Waiting at Linda and Archie's

Waiting at Linda and Archie's.jpg

Another empty storefront, late at night.  This one seemed best in black and white. 

Rain and Traffic

Rain and Traffic.jpg

Oh, but it poured that day.  The skies opened up, and a torrent came down upon us.  I was happily dry, taking pictures underneath my umbrella, while this poor guy struggled across the street in the rain.

Tree in Prince Edward County

Tree in Prince Edward County.jpg

Lonely dead tree in Prince Edward County.  The whole area is old Loyalist territory, and the villages and towns have been there for over two hundred years now - much longer than this tree has been there. 

Waiting at Starbucks III

Waiting At Starbucks III.jpg

Waiting at the Starbucks at Queen and John, again.  I'm always by there, so I tend to see interesting people waiting for someone or something.  In this case, I just loved his hat.


Setting up a camera outside the CP24 studios on Queen.  Looks like he's ready to go.  I was going to call this "City Cameraman", but it's not City TV any more.  I miss the old City TV vibe.  This mix of Rogers and CTV ownership just doesn't have the same connection - now the individual channels come across as just-another-conglomerate-station.  Ah well - life is change.

Contemplation II

Contemplation II.jpg



Flash patrols his front porch as we walk by.  Every day, he sits and guards the approach to the house, greeting dogs and humans alike. 

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo.jpg

The Pour

The Pour.jpg

Waiting for concrete to pour - you have to be patient.  You can speed it up by adding water, but then the mix is too runny.  If you don't have enough water, it won't pour, it'll roll out of the mixer.  These guys seem to have it pretty much right. 

City Hall Faces

City Hall Faces.jpg

Detail of the entrance to Old City Hall.  I have to say that some of these faces don't look too happy at all.  Why doesn't architecture these days include details like this? Is it only because of costs?  I like these details - they make the building more interesting, and they project a character onto it.

Belair on King

Belair on King.jpg

Another vintage auto - this time on King Street.  They're all coming out of the woodwork, now that the warm, drier weather is here. 

Caddy on Queen

Caddy on Queen.jpg

While I was waiting for the streetcar, this beautiful car pulled up beside me at the light.  You know, as environmentally incorrect as these behemoths were, there's something that pulls me towards them when I see them.  The warm, sunny weather has arrived, and now we're starting to see more and more vintage cars coming out of winter storage.  I can't wait to get pictures of more of them.

Ex Bank

Ex Bank.jpg

It's not a bank any more - now it's home to a fashion designer.  But doesn't the architecture just scream permanence and stability?  The Canadian Bank of Commerce doesn't exist any more - it merged with the Imperial Bank of Canada to become the CIBC that we all know and love.

Last Call

Last Call.jpg

I saw this guy at the top of the stairs to Osgoode Station, making a call before he gets on the subway, I'd guess. 



I dunno what they were so intent on, but these two were deep in conversation as I passed by.

Wheels on Queen

Wheels on Queen.jpg

Streetcar at Queen and Broadview



Standing on the ventilation grates at City Hall. 

Top Hat

Top Hat.jpg

Taken on a Friday night on Queen Street



It was just a little bit breezy as I passed the Eaton Center today. 

Gothic Clock

Gothic Clock.jpg

This is the clocktower on the library at the corner of Queen St and Saulter.  The building is one of those leftovers from an age where buildings were supposed to convey a feeling, instead of just show how efficient they are.

Witteveen's Organic Meats

Witteveen's Organic Meats.jpg
I had to drop by the St. Lawrence Market the other night, and I arrived there just as they were getting ready to close up for the day.  It's *so* different to see the place without many people in it.  I love shopping at St. Lawrence Market - you can find all kinds of different foods, usually from more than one place.  Witteveen's is a great butcher shop, with some truly awesome stuffed pork chops and pork roasts. On a Saturday morning, this hallway will be lined with people waiting to be served, and filled with people going from one area to another in the market.

Fire Truck On Queen

Fire Truck On Queen.jpg
A fire truck races past as I wait for the streetcar to arrive.  I think it's a pumper truck, but I'm not sure - I never really was one of those kids that wanted to be a fireman when I was young.  (Of course, I'm only 5' 9" tall, so I'm a little bit short for that anyways, so it worked out in the end. )

Winter Flowers

More Weeds.jpg

I took yesterday off of work, and spent a big chunk of the time tramping around High Park.  It was warm, and the snow was "angry" according to my darling fiance, who joined me on my birthday photowalk.  I loved the way that these flowers poked up out of the snow that covered their garden.

Guitar in the Door

Guitar in the Door.jpg

I saw this guy while I was doing last minute Christmas shopping, on his way somewhere else.  I hope that everyone reading had a wonderful holiday, and a happy New Year. 

Note: There has been an ongoing problem with the comments and entry links here for some time, and that has now been resolved.  Feel free to comment on the photos again - it should be doable now.

On Your Bike

On Your Bike.jpg

Waiting for the lights to change on Queen Street. 


Allstream Cover.jpg

On my way home, the other day, I noticed the maintenance cover in the sidewalk.  I didn't know that Allstream advertised on the street that way. 

On the Phone

On The Phone.jpg

Checking messages outside the City TV building at Queen and John.

Yonge and Adelaide

Yonge and Adelaide.jpg
I love the look of this building - it's like the outer skin has been peeled away, leaving the connectors and fastenings exposed to view for the first time.  

Ashbridges Bay IV

Ashbridges Bay IV.jpg

More sunset at Ashbridges Bay.  These two young men were busy playing Frisbee in the water - when they came out I caught them, and the boats behind them. 

On the Bench II

On the Bench II.jpg

A nice sunny day in Toronto, on Queen Street East - in black and white.  Looks like he's been there for a while. I wonder if he's waiting for someone, or just hanging out. 

Les Bleus

Les Bleus.jpg

I loved the stance, waiting for the streetcar at Queen and John.

Waiting and Smoking

Waiting and Smoking.jpg
Through most of my life, people around me have smoked while they waited.  But ever since smoking has dropped out of fashion, I've noticed more and more people using other things to keep their minds occupied while they wait.  Some people read, some people play video games.  What do you do?

Galley Food Market

Galley Food Market.jpg
I took this on our trip on Saturday from the Junction down to Queen and Roncesvalles.  I love the feel of the neighborhood on Roncesvalles Ave, in Toronto's west end.  It's a wonderful mix of shops, mostly local, without too many big name stores.  I keep hoping that Leslieville will develop some more of the same spirit.

Waiting by Aveda

Waiting by Aveda.jpg
Waiting for traffic at  Civello on Queen Street.



'51 Studebaker, parked across the street from my place.  I love the look of old cars.  They had style - no fuel efficiency and terrible aerodynamics, but lots of style.

Spadina Bridge

Spadina Bridge.jpg
This rail bridge passes over Spadina Road, just north of Dupont.  Spadina actually dips below it, to be accurate.  I loved the play of light and dark in the original image, and it turned out great in black and white.


Heather Profile.jpg
She's growing up.  Taken while we waited for the streetcar to take us to the subway, so we could get errands done.   She's changing every day - growing into the woman she's going to be.  Hopefully, I can survive her growing up - she's already a brat.  

Malcolm's Laugh



Taken while I installed Windows XP on his PC, right after he blinked while I was taking another picture. How is it that I can set a 10 second delay, with a 1/5 second shutter speed, and still, he blinks JUST as the shutter clicks. Also seen on Flickr

Not So Rich Anymore


I found this sign on Eastern Avenue, just east of the railway bridge near our house.  From across the street, I wasn't able to read it, but up close, you can see what it used to say.

The Divine Miss M


Mookie, right after she woke up. She's 18 years old this year. That's very old for a cat - according to this, she's equivalent to 88 years of age in a human.  She's cranky most of the time, but I like her anyways.


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