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Berries in Winter

Berries in Winter.jpg

Frozen berries wait for the spring.  The bush was lush and full in the summer, but in winter, the bare branches and hanging berries hold only the promise of greenery.  Everything seems so grey and dull in the winter, but spring is just around the corner. 

More Winter Weeds

Winter Weeds 2011.jpg

More weeds waiting for the snow at Ashbridges Bay.  

Winter Weeds 2011

Winter Weeds 2010.jpg

There hadn't been much snow so far this winter when I took this picture.  It's been really strange, actually, how little snow there has been.  However, as of today, there's plenty of snow on the ground, and more falling.  The entire landscape has been transformed, so it's good to actually have a record of what the plants looked like before the snow got dumped on them. 

Yard Sale

Yard Sale Sign.jpg

I love a good yard sales.  You never know what you're going to find.  It could be the one book in a series that you don't have, and it costs you a quarter.  Sometimes, it's a great, kitschy piece that will look awesome on your desk.  But they can be sad too.  Yard sales happen for many reasons - kids grow out of toys, people downsize to save money, and I always find myself trying to figure out why the sale is happening. 

But the bargain hunting is seriously fun.

Litter, It's a Beautiful Thing

Litter, It's A Beautiful Thing.jpg

I don't know why this particular piece of litter caught my eye.  Maybe because it was at eye level, and the sun was hitting it just the right way to make it glow.  Maybe because it was a Harvey's cup.  But it got me thinking about the sheer volume of litter tossed out by careless, impolite people every day, and the resources that we have to put into managing that. 

I remember seeing scenes set in New York in my childhood - the trash scattered everywhere, blowing down the street when the wind blew. And I remember my pride when I heard about a movie company strewing trash up and down a street on the night before a shoot, only to arrive and find that Toronto Works had received a complaint and had shown up to clean it up.

Is increased litter a sign of a decaying neighbourhood?  Or does it trigger decay some way?  Either way, folks, don't litter.

Bus Stop

Bus Stop.jpg

A slightly different perspective on the bus stop at the end of my street. 

Antenna Ball on McCaul

Antenna Ball On McCaul.jpg

So, Toronto is not ALL protests, demonstrations and conflicts with police.  We also have cute antenna balls, quiet neighbourhoods, and people that just want things to go back to normal - like this guy.  He seems happy enough, doesn't he?

Plant Rider

Plant Rider.jpg

I wonder if plants have the same reaction to being taken for a ride as dogs do.  After all, they get this fantastical rush of air, blowing across their leaves, and that's got to increase the CO2 available to them.  Do they sense the increased airflow and grow more?

Off the Rack

Off the Rack.jpg

Taken at the Black Market on Queen West.  It's a fantastic place to look for vintage clothing and accessories - my wife loves going in there and my daughter always finds something that she wants to get.  I love the variety of jackets all for sale on the rack together. 

Battenberg Avenue

Battenberg Ave.jpg

I love the rust around the edges of the sign. 

Waiting on Queen III

Waiting on Queen III.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive in the morning can take some time.  Sometimes, there seems to be fifteen minutes between them, and it's easy to sit there and be bored. 

Lights and Rain

Lights and Rain.jpg

Rain transforms the mundane lights along the sidewalk on Queen East at Broadview.

Bruce Fungus

Bruce Fungus.jpg

More peaceful denizens of the Bruce Peninsula - slowly decomposing the litter on the floor of the forest. 

Bruce Snail

Bruce Snail.jpg

This were wonderfully slow up in the Bruce - a perfect antidote to the frenetic pace we seemed to be maintaining coming up to the wedding.  We didn't slow down quite this much, but enough to actually catch our breath.  Good thing, too, as we came back to another period of crazy activity that now (hopefully) seems to be waning.

Roadside Ferns

Bruce Ferns.jpg

I have no idea if the red leaves are because the plants are starting to turn their fall colours, but these red and green ferns were all over the roadside near our cottage.  They're tiny little things in this shot, but they're fascinating to see popping up through the (mostly evergreen) foliage we saw so much of.  Note to self - when going to see fall colours, don't go to a mostly cedar and pine forested area.  The results are not what are expected.

Angels in the Country

Angels in the Country.jpg

One of our stops was at at tiny town named Barrow Bay.  It was a tiny place, really - just a few houses along the highway.  But we picked up some wonderful butter tarts at a one of the houses.  Instead of being made with corn syrup, as is usual, maple syrup was used.  The tarts were wonderful.

Thanks, Norm!

Thanks Norm.jpg

We got a tour of a greenhouse from a friend of mine.  It's amazing what kinds of flowers will bloom in a greenhouse - things you wouldn't expect to see growing in Ontario.  Once again - thanks for the tour, Norm.

Angie at the Beach

Angie at the Beach.jpg

We had a lot of fun down at the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant back in April, and I got this shot of Angie on the little beach in front of it.  It was a really fun to wander around there, and I'd like to head back there to get some summer shots - if we ever get a real summer, that is.

Shiny Cable

Shiny Cable.jpg

We live near the Metro Works department's offices on Eastern Avenue, so periodically, we see trucks filled with various pieces of heavy equipment parked on our street.  This time, it was steel cable on a large, wooden spool, shining in the sun. 


Lupins I.jpg

The lupins are blooming in our front yard.  I wish there was some way to have them bloom more than once, but they're a June flower - they'll be fading by the middle of July, if I recall correctly.  But they're cool, the way their flowers appear on the stem.  They start out like you see at the top, and then the colours appear, and the individual flowers bloom.

Blossoms in June


Man and Traffic

Man and Traffic.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive.  Sometimes its there quickly, sometimes, it feels like it takes forever.  One of the most frustrating things I see every day is the people in the center lane of Queen Street, waiting for a break in the traffic so that they can turn left, with one or more streetcars stuck behind them.  Why would you ever try to turn left on Queen Street in rush hour?  Go to an intersection with a light, and turn left there, instead.  You'll get to the same streets. 

Spring 2009

Spring 2009.jpg

Warm weather has arrived, and the magnolia trees on our street are starting to blossom.  Yay!

Waiting for the Streetcar

Waiting for the Streetcar.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar can be a very frustrating part of the morning for me.  However, not driving, once the streetcar arrives, makes up for it.



I think that someone's feet are going to be cold. 

Tulips on Queen

Tulips on Queen.jpg
It's been a dreary winter so far - too much snow, slush and muck.  So, it was nice to see the flowers outside for Valentine's Day.  Bright colors and green leaves make a nice antidote to the gloom.

High Park Station

High Park Station.jpg

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind.jpg

A winter garden blows in the breeze, waiting for spring to arrive. 

Winter Flowers

More Weeds.jpg

I took yesterday off of work, and spent a big chunk of the time tramping around High Park.  It was warm, and the snow was "angry" according to my darling fiance, who joined me on my birthday photowalk.  I loved the way that these flowers poked up out of the snow that covered their garden.

Disco Ball

Disco Ball.jpg

Not everyone has taken their Christmas decorations down yet.  Taken through the window of LPK's Culinary Groove - a wonderful bakery at the corner of Queen and Broadview.  They make the most excellent savoury shortbreads there.

Santa III

Santa III.jpg

Another closeup of the Christmas tree. 

Ornament II

Ornament II.jpg

Okay - I know, it's the middle of January already - but don't you miss Christmas already?  I know I do. 



Drip by drip, the water fell from the roof onto the plant.  And layer by layer, the ice built up around it.  I found this on Queen Street, on my way to catch the streetcar.  I stopped to catch this image, instead.

Fuzzy Milk Dud

Fuzzy Milk Dud.jpg

Taken with my fiance's 100mm Macro/f2.8 Canon lens.  I have to start borrowing it from her more often - look at that gorgeous bokeh in the background.  Look at the wonderful detail on the rush.  I wonder what else I can take pictures of with it. Stay tuned!


In the window of the Umbra store on John Street.  Don't these look like cool little ornaments?

Snow on Cedars

Snow on Cedars copy.jpg

It was very peaceful after the snowfall.  If you listened in the silence, you could hear winter settling in like a relative visiting for the holidays.  For a little while, you're glad to see them.  But soon, you just wish they'd frickin' leave already.

OMG Santa! II

OMG Santa II.jpg

Another of the many Santas that have sprung up like early winter mushrooms in my house.  I kid her, but I really like it when my fiance commits a Christmas on our house - I like seeing the decorations, the tree, and the Santas.  (And how can you not like someone that has over 2 1/2 days of Christmas music in her iTunes?)

OMG Santa!

OMG Santa I.jpg

Okay - Christmas time is upon us, and that means that the hordes of Santa Claus's are taking over my house.  This is only one of my fiance's collection - a collection I plan on getting a few more shots of this year.  (You can see some more of the collection in the background - we have at least fifty Santas around the house right now.  )

Berries in the Snow

Berries in the Snow.jpg

Taken at the corner of Queen and Broadview.  Our neighbourhood BIA likes to spruce the streets up a little bit as the holidays approach.  Just after they did that, we got a bit of snow to make everything look just that much prettier.

Autumn Decay


Summer is long gone, and the weather is getting nippy.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  At least we have Christmas to look forward to! (or is it too early to talk about that?)

Seed Pods

Seed Pods.jpg

I'm not sure what kind of seed pods these are - maybe they're milkweed?  Found beside the rails on the bike path to Cherry Beach.

Breakfast Martini

Breakfast Martini.jpg

Found outside of a restaurant on Queen Street, on my way in to work.  Yum! Breakfast of champions!


After a shower, I found these droplets on some of the garden plants.  I love how they form little spheres of brightness on the leaves.

Bus Lights

Bus Lights.jpg
School's almost over, now, so it seemed appropriate to take a picture of the brake lights on a school bus.  Any day now, the streets will be filled with the sound of kids complaining that they're bored, and wanna go to the mall.  Ahh, the sweet sounds of summer.

Rust and Rings

Rust and Rings.jpgI spotted a very old, very rusted bike on my way home the other day.  

Blooming Trees

Blooming Trees.jpg

Somebody told me it was a cherry tree.  Whatever it is, the flowers are very pretty - it really brightens up the front yard of our house. 

More Blossoms

More Blossoms.jpg
I don't know what this tree is, but the flowers look seriously weird.  Once again, more evidence that the long winter is over, and we're starting to look at definite springness.


Spring is in full swing, and the trees are blooming everywhere.  There are two of these trees on our street, and the blossoms are all out.


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