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Maintenance Crew

Maintenance Crew.jpg

Taking time to clean up the debris from the previous winter.  I talked to these guys in the summer, and asked why it took so long to clean up the park.  They told me that they were the only crew dedicated to cleanup in the entire city.  I wonder if they'll be back this summer, now that winter is finally here.  

Looking Back 2

Looking Back 2.jpg

As I get older, I start looking back at my life more and more.  It's natural, but it's also a huge distraction at times.  I am constantly reminding myself that there's no profit in watching yourself make bad decisions, over and over - it's much better to look at where you are now, and focus on making the best decisions that you can.  The past is the past - unchangeable and gone.  The future can still be influenced, if we pay attention to the here and now.

East on Dundas

East on Dundas.jpg

Looking east on Dundas from the corner at University. Lots of traffic, but it's noontime, so it's not really too bad.  It's much worse at rush hour, as many people try to use University as a conduit to the northern reaches of the city.  Of course, the more that people use it, the more crowded, and slow, it gets.



Trying to get off the rocks on Lake Ontario.  Taken at Beaches Park in Toronto, on a beautiful, sunny day.

Lunch and Pigeons at Union Station

Lunch and Pigeons at Union Station.jpg

Sharing her lunch with the pigeons out front of Union Station.

49 McCaul

49 McCaul copy.jpg

Different choices, different worlds, passing each other by on McCaul street.

Eglinton West Platform

Eglinton West Platform.jpg

Southbound platform of the Eglinton West subway station. 

Into the Light

Into the Light copy.jpg

Walking into the spring sunshine on Queen West.  Thank god that the weather is changing, and we're getting more warmth, and no more of the snow and slush.

Walking the Hound

Walking the Hound.jpg

Bounty on Queen

Bounty on Queen.jpg

A pedestrian walks by the windows of a Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen St.  Lately, it seems that Shoppers is carrying more and more groceries.  According to a report I heard on the radio, they're getting a tremendous margin on their groceries, and are refocusing their stores to reflect that margin.  I wonder if they'll eventually morph into a grocery chain with a pharmacy.

After the Skate

After the Skate.jpg
You'd think that the designers of this park expected people to skate on the pond.  The boardwalk that rings the pond is very skate friendly - no need to clip on skateguards to walk across to the benches.  You can see more of the condition of the ice in this picture - it's pretty solid, as far as I could see - and it looks like these two enjoyed themselves, based on the skate ruts and scrapes that I saw.

Skating on the Pond

Winter Pond Skate.jpg

Skating on a pond is a time honoured Canadian tradition.  Skating on the Woodbine Park pond, only a couple of days after temperatures of 9C (48F) is a little bit risky.  However, the ice seemed very solid, and the pond is only waist deep anyways, so I guess it's not much of a risk.  I'll be heading down there more often, now that we have regular cold temperatures and snow, to see if I can get more shots. 

At The Toronto Meridian

At The Toronto Meridian.jpg

On the campus of University of Toronto, this sculpture sits exactly on the Toronto Meridian, and points towards the Magnetic North Pole.  Apparently, this was the official designation of Toronto until 1908, according to the plaque under the sculpture.  Magnetic north was almost coincident with true north in 1840, but by 1898 it had drifted westward by 5 degrees.  This sculpture commemorates the designation, and shows how long the Univeristy of Toronto has been around. 

Falafel at City Hall

Falafel at City Hall.jpg

Stopping to grab a quick bite before heading off to complete their Christmas shopping, no doubt.  I love that the city now allows more choices than hot dogs, sausages and such at city food carts.  I wish they'd administer the program a little better, and allow even more choices, but it's a good beginning.  

Safety First

Safety First 2010.jpg

Backlit Biker

Backlit Biker.jpg

Sometimes, it's surprising what turns up in your camera.  I remember taking this shot, and I remember actually trying to get a shot of the skateboarder coming up behind her.  But this one turned out better, so there you go. 

Waiting at Dundas

Waiting at Dundas.jpg

I saw him waiting to cross, and all I could think was - what a great album cover that would make. 

Do Not Venture

Do Not Venture.jpg

Waiting to cross the street at Queen and John.  They're renovating at Much Music, and it looks like the last vestiges of Speakers' Corner are going away - too bad. 

Barbie Magic at Much Music

Barbie Magic at Much Music.jpg

It's always interesting to walk by Much Music on weekday mornings - you never know what you'll see. 

New Graffiti on Dupont

Graffiti on Dupont.jpg

Baby's first tag!

Okay, so that's probably not why they're taking their own pictures in front of this new mural.  But it definitely makes the garage look a lot better.  And, coincidentally, it's likely that having the garage painted like this will make it less likely to be tagged by something stupid or lame.  I like the mix of colours on this one - it reallly livens up a boring section of Dupont.

Waiting for Customers

Waiting for Customers.jpg

Ah well, another summer has come to an end.  It's a tradition, in Toronto, that the end of the Canadian National Exhibition marks the end of summer.  We went on Saturday, and had a great time - lots of food, cool buildings, fun games and rides on the Midway. 

These guys are waiting for players to try the Crown and Anchor wheel, late at night.  Things thinned out substantially once the buildings started closing at 10pm, and these guys seemed to enjoy the break.  Next year, we have to go earlier, so that we can see all the exhibits and buildings, not just half of them. 

Waiting at the Black Market

Waiting at the Black Market.jpg

Waiting outside the Black Market clothing store on Queen West.  Somehow, I don't think that he's in the typical demographic profile for the store - but I love how he's wearing complementary colors for the signage behind him. 

Lighting Up on Queen

Lighting up on Queen.jpg

Do you think that he feels more real when he lights up?  More solid?  I never smoked, but I imagine that taking that first puff on a newly lit cigarette makes you feel more solid, more you. 

Family Lunch

Family Lunch.jpg

Taking a break on Queen Street at University Ave.  I have to admit, I periodically get a craving for "street meat" and head out to the seller near my work.  It's terrible for me, I know, but there's something very "downtown" about this meal to me.  Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks that.  They do seem to be enjoying their meal, don't they? 

Eating at Dundas and University

Eating At Dundas and University.jpg

They are there, every sunny day in the summer.  Eating around the memorial at Univeristy and Dundas.  It's a nice little spot of green and shade in the middle of the road, and it's got to be an interesting eating experience, to be sitting there, watching people go by, watching the cars go by on either side.  It's not the most unusual place to eat, I'm sure, but it's a little weird.

Woods, Back and Trees

Woods, Back and Trees.jpg

On the Phone at the Wall

On the Phone at the Wall.jpg

Talking on the phone in public - it's become ubiquitous.  Everybody does it, everywhere.  When did we decide that it was okay to inflict our conversations on everybody else?  And when will people decide that they don't want others to hear their conversations?

In the last week, I've heard people cussing each other out on the phone, arranging medical care, arranging social gatherings, and just catching up with each other - all on cellphones, on the streetcar.  I have to admit, I have done it too - I get phone calls and talk, not paying attention to what's going on around me, who is listening, who is trying not to listen.  It's a different social dynamic now, and I'm sure that it's going to keep changing. 

Walking the Dog on Queen East

Walking the Dog on Queen East.jpg

The new neighbhourhood is definitely growing on me.  There are so many dogs in the area, of all kinds and breeds, and there's a strong pedestrian component too.  Even if there are some more obviously car-centric locations within the area - like the place I go to get the streetcar.  There's a theater, and off track betting location, and a Blockbuster Video and LCBO combined parking lot.  That's a lot of space devoted to very few businesses, and lots of parking as well.  It kind of jars with the whole "let's be pedestrians" feel of some of the other areas around here, and I find myself wondering which is the anomaly.

Angry Cat and Yellow Crocs

Angry Cat and Yellow Crocs.jpg

Is he angry *because* there are yellow crocs behind him?
Is he angry at all, or is he just a sourpuss?

Feeding Pigeons

Feeding Pigeons.jpg

Gotta say this for them - pigeons ALWAYS know where there's a free meal.  Although, for some reason, Tom Lehrer is playing in the back of my mind...

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain 2010.jpg

The rain wasn't hard, just annoying enough warrant a sudden profusion of umbrellas, popping up like mushrooms, filling the sidewalks and making people dodge each other as they passed.  You have to wonder about the people that brought their bikes, though - were they prepared for the rain? Was it a surprise? Are they going to get that annoying streak of wet up their backs from the ride home?  And is it possible to use an umbrella while you ride a bike?

Merging on the Yellow

Merging on the Yellow.jpg

Traffic along Queen Street can be very congested in front of City TV.  And those staffers that take scooters to work (and there are a few of them parked in front of the studios every day) don't always have an easy time of it trying to get into traffic.  I have to say that I loved the combination of the bright yellow scooter and the high heels, though.

Taking His Place in Traffic

Taking His Place In Traffic.jpg

Another example of why it's not easy being a bike commuter - making legal left turns isn't easy when you're the smallest thing on the road.  Kudos to this guy for taking his legal place.  Maybe if more riders did this, cars and trucks would start looking for them on the road, instead of not paying attention to them.  However, I do understand the reluctance on the part of bikers to take the risk - it's way too easy to lose out to a much larger vehicle that just didn't see you.

Picnic Discussion

Picnic Discussion.jpg

Gotta love the warm weather - I'm so glad that summer's almost here.  Picnic benches are a staple of the summer, and discussions like this one are common while the sun is out.  Sunshine, summer, friends and discussions...

Plant Rider

Plant Rider.jpg

I wonder if plants have the same reaction to being taken for a ride as dogs do.  After all, they get this fantastical rush of air, blowing across their leaves, and that's got to increase the CO2 available to them.  Do they sense the increased airflow and grow more?

Tasty Chinese Food

Tasty Chinese Food.jpg

The Village by the Grange is a popular student destination for lunch.  There are all kinds of places to get food, and at pretty good prices.  Fortunately for me, it's just around the corner, so it's easy to get to at lunchtime.

End of Day

End of Day.jpg

Walking away from work at the end of the day.

Turning Right on McCaul

Turning Right on McCaul.jpg

They're ripping up Queen Street at McCaul, and this guy was coming out of Renfrew, behind the stores on Queen Street.  I love the look of construction equipment, but I haven't quite figured out how to shoot it. 

Hanging Out

Hanging Out.jpg

Waiting for something outside the convenience store.  I was surprised to see the bag of garbage hanging on the fire hydrant - I haven't seen that since sometime around the garbage strike this summer.

Vets Don't Forget

Vets Don't Forget.jpg

Spotted on Queen Street East, near Broadview. 

Headphones, Cigarettes and Graffiti

Headphones Cigarettes and Graffiti.jpg

He's got everything he needs for the commute home. 

Waiting on Queen III

Waiting on Queen III.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive in the morning can take some time.  Sometimes, there seems to be fifteen minutes between them, and it's easy to sit there and be bored. 

Queen and Spadina

Queen and Spadina.jpg

This is always a busy intersection.  On a good day,  you can see all kinds of different modes of transportation - from feet to streetcars and everything in between. And it's an interesting street to walk down, too.  In the course of a few blocks, you can see the fashion district, Chinatown, and all the computer parts you could ever want - and that's just from King to College. 

Scooter and Sitter

Scooter and Sitter.jpg

Contrasts on Queen Street. 

Now Playing at Much Music

Now Playing at Much Music.jpg

Live music at the corner of Queen and John!

The Story

The Story.jpg

Obviously, he's enjoying telling his story.  He's either talking about a HUGE fish that he almost caught, or he's describing his HUGE headache.



A Harley rider takes the evening commute across Queen West - heading off into the sunset, I guess.

Elvis is IN the Building

Elvis is In The Building.jpg

He's outside the Eaton Center periodically.  As far as I can tell, he doesn't do anything other than look like a rhinestone statue of Elvis.  But he always seems to draw a crowd. 

Riding Into the Sun

Riding into the Sun.jpg

I hate driving into the sun.  I hate the glare off the windshield, and the way I have to squint - even with my sunglasses on - to see the traffic and signs.  It's gotta be just as bad when  you're on a bike.

Smoke Break on Richmond

Smoke Break on Richmond.jpg

One of the most common sights around Toronto is the folks standing outside a building, smoking.  You see them out there, no matter what the weather, no matter what time of year it is - getting their nicotine fix.  I never smoked, but I can only imagine what kind of hold it would have had on me if I did. 



An artist gets some advice about his latest work.  Taken at Queen St East and Saulter St. What's he drawing, you ask?  The library at Queen and Saulter, as shown here and here


Is he on his way to a gig? Is he coming from an audition?  Where is he headed to? 

At the Shop

At the Shop.jpg

Staring into the auto shop at Queen and Lewis. 

Gourmet to Go

Gourmet to Go.jpg

Okay - I admit it.  I head to hot dog stands from time to time, when I'm working downtown.  Some of my fondest memories are of coming to the city to work, and having these vendors on (it seemed) every other corner selling sausages.  It was such a change for me, having previously grown up in a small town, and having worked in the suburbs. Even today, I get cravings for a hot Polish or Italian sausage with all the fixings on top, and I have to go indulge.

At the Corner

At the Corner.jpg

Waiting for the light to change at Queen and John. It's always busy after work, and you see such a huge variety of people at that corner.  Usually, they're busy, heading from one place to another, but occasionally, they stop long enough to be captured in a picture.

Rickshaw Driver

The Name Is Rick - Rick Shaw.jpg

It's got to be a great workout - walking around downtown all day long, hauling tourists behind you in the rickshaw.  But it's not the safest thing to do, and I don't imagine that they get to work when it's raining out. 



Another urban camouflage shot.  Taken outside the CHUM-FM studios at Richmond and Duncan St.

Crane Operator

Crane Operator.jpg

There are certain shots that are just easier to get with my 75-300mm zoom lens.  This is one of them. I don't think I've ever seen an operator working in a crane before. 

Ironic Signage

Ironic Signage.jpg

Is he coming from the clinic, or going to it?  Does he realize how ironic it is that he's standing in front of that sign?  And, most importantly, DO his feet hurt?

Waiting for a Table

Waiting for a Table.jpg

Waiting for a table at a restaurant on Queen Street.  Looks relaxed, doesn't he - leaning on the doorway, checking his phone.

Aloha Dude

Aloha Dude.jpg

Just hanging out, listening to some tunes at Queen and John. 

Origins and Reflections

Origins and Reflections.jpg

I wonder - is the reflection the secret identity of this scooter?  Is it better to be a totally fuel efficient form of transportation, or a more fuel efficient form? 

Beach Sand and Grass

Beach Sand And Grass.jpg

Believe it or not, this is supposed to be a beach.  There's not supposed to be any grass here - it's surrounded on all sides by sand.  He looks he's well prepared for his trip to the beach, though, doesn't he?

Working in the Clouds

Working in the Clouds.jpg

I wonder what kind of adjustment period the guys that work on cellphone towers have to go through before they're comfortable working on these things?  I don't think it would bother me too much, but I know that there are people out there that would totally freeze being this high up, with that little around them. 

Beautiful Plumage

Beautiful Plumage.jpg

This peacock startled me by wandering past, outside of any cage or enclosure, at the Toronto Zoo.  It wandered by, put a show on for the crowd just by walking, and then jumped to the top of a six foot wall to continue it's journey.  As they say in Monty Python, though, beautiful plumage.

The Semi Glare

The Semi Glare.jpg

My delightful daughter, giving me a long suffering glare, sort of.  You'd think, with a shutterbug like my fiance in her life, she'd be used to having a camera shoved in her face every time she looked around.  But I still get glared at when I take too many pictures of her.

Boogie Board

Boogie Board.jpg

Okay, so what do you get when you have a beach, and you have a LOT of rain over a few day period?  You get ponding on the beach.  And where there is ponding, there are folks with boogie boards.  They run through the water, throw the board, and jump on it, riding it across the calm surface, doing tricks and spins.  Looks like a lot of fun, but somehow I can picture my self not quite managing the "jump on the board" phase, and ending up on my butt in the water. 

Fun at the Beach

Fun on the Beach.jpg

Who do you think is having more fun - the kid on the beach with his toys, or the folks in the sailboat on the water?  My money's on the kid.

Taken at Ashbridge's Bay on a hot, sunny day. 

Broadview and Gerrard

Broadview and Gerrard.jpg

It was a warm, clear night, and we decided to take a walk up Broadview.  I was struck by the combination of the empty street and the bright lights of the store on the corner.  The street is never empty during the day, and the market is always busy.  But that night, a strange sort of peace settled over the neighbourhood.

The Hole Picture

The Hole Picture.jpg

The sculpture is outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen tourists/visitors/whatever taking this picture.  It's cute, but I'm not sure why so many people seem to be drawn take it. 

Lighting Up Again

Lighting Up Again.jpg

Lighting up another cigarette while waiting at Queen and Victoria. 

Is the Strike Over Yet?

Is the Strike Over Yet.jpg

He certainly looks bored, as he sits and waits at Queen and University.

Rain and Traffic

Rain and Traffic.jpg

Oh, but it poured that day.  The skies opened up, and a torrent came down upon us.  I was happily dry, taking pictures underneath my umbrella, while this poor guy struggled across the street in the rain.

Monkey Che

Monkey Che.jpg

Another great T-shirt spotted on Queen West. 

Ponytail on Queen

Ponytail on Queen.jpg

Crane and Window Work

Crane and Window Work.jpg

You don't usually see anyone on top of these cranes, so when I saw the guy in orange, I had to get the shot.  Then, I noticed the window washer, and I started thinking about which job would be more nerve wracking. 

On the one hand, you're sitting high above the city, swinging large loads around on the end of a long boom.  Getting up and down involves a long climb on a minimal structure. 

On the other hand, you're hanging off the side of a building, by a couple of ropes, swinging yourself back and forth to clean dirt off the outside of a building.

I still don't know which job I'd like least.

Waiting on Queen Again

Waiting on Queen Again.jpg

Looks like this guy is prepared for a long wait. 


Setting up a camera outside the CP24 studios on Queen.  Looks like he's ready to go.  I was going to call this "City Cameraman", but it's not City TV any more.  I miss the old City TV vibe.  This mix of Rogers and CTV ownership just doesn't have the same connection - now the individual channels come across as just-another-conglomerate-station.  Ah well - life is change.

Riverside Biker

Riverside Biker.jpg

Seen at Broadview and Queen.  I love the lock around his neck - looks like really macho jewellery.



Contemplation II

Contemplation II.jpg

The Eighties are Back

The Eighties are Back.jpg

I remember neon pink leg warmers from the first time round.  I wonder what else is coming back?  I've seen the sunglasses with the venetian blinds on them already.  But I haven't seen anyone with shoulderpads yet.

Accordion at Much Music

Accordion At Much Music.jpg

Busking outside of Much Music in Toronto.  I do, however, love the spikes on his shoulder strap.



Flash patrols his front porch as we walk by.  Every day, he sits and guards the approach to the house, greeting dogs and humans alike. 



Enjoying the sunshine on Canada Day at Riverdale Park.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo.jpg

Conversation on a Bike

Conversation on a Bike.jpg

You know, it can't be easy to talk to the driver when you're on a bike.  All that wind, the noise of the bike, and the helmets getting in the way.  I'd imagine that it's easier to talk at a stoplight than just about anywhere on the way.  It must make long road trips on a bike rather uncomfortable for the passenger.



I wonder what they were looking at?

Goth Squad

Goth Squad.jpg

It's always nice to have friends with the same interests as you.  There was actually a fourth girl, but she didn't fit into the frame for this shot.  You never know what you'll see on Queen Street West, though - that's why I love shooting there.

Tunnel Biker

Tunnel Biker.jpg

I spotted this guy while we were walking up from the waterfront.  I normally don't like seeing bikes up on the sidewalk, but I kinda understand his reasoning in this case.

Hooters Promo Shoot

Hooters Promo.jpg

I caught a glimpse of a promotional shoot going on at the Hooters on John Street.  She's standing in front of a big treetop, which should give them a nice green leafy background in their shot. 

MMVA Teardown

MMVA Teardown.jpg

They've started tearing down the stage on John Street south of Queen after the Much Music Video Awards.  These guys are at the top of the structure, disassembling it piece by piece.


Alexisonfire practices on the John Street stage at the Much Music Video Awards.  They were practicing on Friday as I came out of work, and it was pretty loud.  I took a series of shots from across the street with my 75-300mm zoom, and I got a couple of good ones.

MMVA Setup II.jpg

MMVA Setup III.jpg

MMVA Setup I

MMVA Setup.jpg

Event staff were busy setting up the stages at the Much Music Video Awards this week.  Here you can see part of the setup for the secondary stage on John Street.  The street was blocked off from Queen down to Richmond for most of the week, as they set up the stage.

The Pour

The Pour.jpg

Waiting for concrete to pour - you have to be patient.  You can speed it up by adding water, but then the mix is too runny.  If you don't have enough water, it won't pour, it'll roll out of the mixer.  These guys seem to have it pretty much right. 

Stretching in the Park

Stretching in the Park.jpg

Proper stretching is tremendously important.  With the sunshine we had the other day, lots of people were out in the park near my work.  Some were playing frisbee, some were enjoying their lunch.  This guy seemed to be doing yoga.  I have to say that I love the summer, and I can't wait for more consistently warm weather to arrive. 

Waiting at Starbucks

Waiting At Starbucks.jpg

Waiting for the return of his master, I guess, outside of the Starbucks at Queen and John. 

Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes.jpg

Taking a smoke break on Queen Street. 



Accidental urban camouflage - I love it. 



These two were having a conversation as they ran by me at lunchtime.  I can't do that - when I run, I don't have enough breath to talk.  Of course, if I ran more often, I would. 


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