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King Street Traffic

King Street Traffic.jpg

Chicago - Streetscape 1

Chicago Streetscape 1.jpg

One of the more interesting features of Chicago is the mix of lower and upper streets.  It gives you an opportunity to take interesting streetscapes, like this one, from the bridges spanning the lower streets.  I loved the canyon effect brought on by the tall buildings on both sides, but I imagine that it could be oppressive if you don't like city living.  As for me, I'm a big fan of living in cities, so I just find it to be exciting.  

Winter Cars

Winter Cars.jpg

At least this winter FEELS like a winter.  Last year didn't feel like winter very often - more like an extended, depressing fall.  I like it when we get snow.  I even like the cold, believe it or not, it makes me feel like there's a reason to spend time indoors.  

Waiting to Merge

Waiting to Merge.jpg

A driver waits to pull around a stopped car on Queen Street, as Justin Bieber performs at Much Music.  Traffic was pretty heavy while Justin was performing, but I don't really think that too many drivers were trying to catch a glimpse of him as they zoomed past.  It's always interesting to stand at the bus stop at Queen and John and wait for a streetcar while one act or another performs there.  Inevitably, the performances are going on at 5pm, when everyone is leaving.  That's part of the charm of the city, though.

Looking Back

Looking Back.jpg

Waiting for the traffic lights to change at Queen and John.  In the background, you can see St. Patrick's Market, where extensive renovations are underway, now that all the tenants have vacated. 

Golden Alley 2010

Golden Alley 2010.jpg

I'm loving the whole "out of the office and into the sunlight" aspects of the lengthening days.  More daylight means more chances to walk around and shoot.  I saw this as we walked up Spadina from Queen, on our way to dinner. 

Beetle Convertible

Beetle Convertible.jpg

The old Beetles were pretty near indestructable - and cheap to repair when they did break.  Sure, they didn't have all the safety systems that are mandated now, and their engines sounded and drove like sewing machines.  But there's something wonderful about them anyways.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo.jpg

Hooters and Bud

Hooters and Bud.jpg

Somehow, they seem to go together pretty well, don't you think? 

Fixing a Flat

Fixing a Flat.jpg

I betcha that the seagull is happier than the taxi driver right now. 

Belair on King

Belair on King.jpg

Another vintage auto - this time on King Street.  They're all coming out of the woodwork, now that the warm, drier weather is here. 

Caddy on Queen

Caddy on Queen.jpg

While I was waiting for the streetcar, this beautiful car pulled up beside me at the light.  You know, as environmentally incorrect as these behemoths were, there's something that pulls me towards them when I see them.  The warm, sunny weather has arrived, and now we're starting to see more and more vintage cars coming out of winter storage.  I can't wait to get pictures of more of them.


Getting directions on John Street.  No - seriously - the dude was getting directions.  That's all.

Smart City Smart Car

Smart City Smart Car.jpg

It's such a smart idea for the city to have these small, efficient cars for staff to use to get around.  We live in a city with over two and a half million other people - it doesn't make sense for city staff to tool around in huge cars.  Yay city council.

Graffiti on Renfrew

Graffiti on Renfrew.jpg

Looks like a new tag has been added to the wall beside the parking lot at Renfrew and McCaul.  I wonder how many layers of paint are on these walls?

Best Seat In The House

Best Seat In The House.jpg

I used to have one of these stools.  The steps swung down from under the seat, and you had a mini-ladder for getting stuff off the top shelves in the kitchen.  This one looks like it's set up so that the owner can watch traffic flow by, up Broadview. 

Bee on a Pole

Bee on a Pole.jpg
The bee, like Prometheus, was chained to a rock for all eternity, as punishment for it's sin of bringing honey to mortals.  Or maybe it was just put there so that whoever lost it could find it again.  One or the other.

Effective Sign II

Effective Sign II.jpg
Yet another tremendously effective parking sign.  Of course, I don't expect everyone to follow every sign - I'm just amused when I see something done so blatantly. 

Zombie Taxi

Zombie Taxi.jpg

It wouldn't stop picking up fares.  Even when it started falling to pieces....  It was relentless, moaning and crying "Fares,  faaaarrrrreeesssss"  It was - The Taxi of the Living Dead!

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Mini on Queen

Mini on Queen.jpg
Looks like the small car is pulling away from the pack.  As gas prices continue to rise, I bet more and more people are going to be looking at smaller cars to replace the behemoths they drive now.



'51 Studebaker, parked across the street from my place.  I love the look of old cars.  They had style - no fuel efficiency and terrible aerodynamics, but lots of style.


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