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Waiting Outside Shoppers

Waiting Outside Shoppers copy.jpg

Another cold day, another dog left tied up outside of a store.  It's really simple, people - if you have to go out to get something from the store, leave your poor dog at home, where it's warm.  Especially if he's a shorthaired breed, like this poor guy. 

Dog in a Truck on Queen West

Dog in a Truck on Queen West.jpg

Walking the Hound

Walking the Hound.jpg

Walking the Dog on Queen East

Walking the Dog on Queen East.jpg

The new neighbhourhood is definitely growing on me.  There are so many dogs in the area, of all kinds and breeds, and there's a strong pedestrian component too.  Even if there are some more obviously car-centric locations within the area - like the place I go to get the streetcar.  There's a theater, and off track betting location, and a Blockbuster Video and LCBO combined parking lot.  That's a lot of space devoted to very few businesses, and lots of parking as well.  It kind of jars with the whole "let's be pedestrians" feel of some of the other areas around here, and I find myself wondering which is the anomaly.

Waiting at Starbucks

Waiting At Starbucks.jpg

Why do people do this? 

This cute little guy was tied to the patio railing outside a Starbucks.  It's not the first time that I've seen him there, and it wasn't the last.  But every time I see him there, I have to wonder about the owner - why do people take their dogs out and then leave them tied up outside a store? 

It's not so bad in this case, but I frequently see dogs tied up in the middle of winter, while their owner goes in to get something.  Or I'll see a dog tied up outside of a pub, waiting for his owner to have beer or something. Or dogs barking for their owners, tied up outside of a store.  Dogs get cold too, you know. 

If you're going to shop, if you're going somewhere for a beer, leave the dog at home - be nice to them.  If you're going to take the dog out, focus on that.  Remember - most dogs are companion animals - they feel better when they're with their human. 



Flash patrols his front porch as we walk by.  Every day, he sits and guards the approach to the house, greeting dogs and humans alike. 



I wonder what they were looking at?

Waiting at Starbucks

Waiting At Starbucks.jpg

Waiting for the return of his master, I guess, outside of the Starbucks at Queen and John. 

Here's the Ball!

Here's the Ball!.jpg

Merry having fun in the park. 

Good Dog!

Good Dog!.jpg

Happy dog at Queen and Shuter.

Winter Walks

Winter Walks.jpg

Oh, but it was cold that day.  The water was frozen over the small bay at Cherry Beach, but it didn't stop people from walking their dogs down there.  With spring coming soon, consider this a little reminder of what we're saying goodbye to for a year.

Walking the Dog

Walking The Dog.jpg

Taking the dog for a walk in Dundas Square. 

Dog Walking

Dog Walking.jpg

Walking dogs through High Park.

Relaxing in the Park

Relaxing in the Park.jpg
Still at Trinity-Bellwoods Park.  It was gorgeous on Saturday - a truly wonderful day to be out in the sunshine.  

Happy Bulldog


This bulldog met us on our morning walk.  He was very happy to see us, and even more happy to see Merry, our pug.  As we were leaving, he flipped on his back and wriggled his way across the grass to greet us and to get his tummy rubbed.

Best Friends


You can tell that they spend a lot of time playing together.  Both are bundled up against the cold - the dog by its fur, the little girl by her clothes.  I bet they have a lot of fun.


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