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Clock and Reflection

Clock and Reflection.jpg

Old City Hall stands before the Eaton Center, which reflects the Simpsons Tower across from it.  All three buildings are symbols of how this city keeps moving forward, keeps replacing old institutions with new ones.  Old City Hall was replaced in the seventies, the Simpsons Tower how holds the Hudson's Bay Company stores, which have, in turn, been purchased by an American company.  And the Eaton's Company no longer exists as a retail chain, after dominating Canadian retail for decades.

Taken just before Earth Hour.  Have I mentioned that I love the way we're getting light later and later into the evenings?  Every day now,  there's longer and longer light.  It's wonderful.

Phone Call

Phone Call.jpg

Making a phone call in the Eaton Center, after Earth Hour.  It's creepy inside the Eaton Center at night, when the power's mostly off, and all the stores - and bathrooms - are closed. 

Elvis is IN the Building

Elvis is In The Building.jpg

He's outside the Eaton Center periodically.  As far as I can tell, he doesn't do anything other than look like a rhinestone statue of Elvis.  But he always seems to draw a crowd. 

Lunch Break on Wheels

Lunch Break on Wheels.jpg

You have to remember to put gas in the tank from time to time.  I'd imagine that hauling tourists around in one of these rickshaws has got to be a good workout. I see them around downtown all the time. I guess it's a good thing that the area is mostly level - I'd hate to have to haul one of them up a hill like in San Francisco.

Eaton Center Interior

Eaton Center Interior.jpg



It was just a little bit breezy as I passed the Eaton Center today. 

Speak From The Heart

Speak From The Heart.jpg

Taking a break to read at the bottom of the escalators, in the Eaton Center. 

Looking Into The Distance

Looking Into The Distance.jpg

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I start thinking about how nice it's going to be to relax after all the frenzy.  I love this time of year, but man, is there a lot to do.  Taken at the Eaton Center, shopping for the kids.

Eaton Center at Christmas

Eaton Center At Christmas.jpg

The Eaton Center is always so well decorated for Christmas time.  And it's always so busy.  But, I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done already - just a couple more gifts to get, and I'll be ready to wrap. 

Eaton Center Tower

Eaton Center Tower2.jpg

Taken on Thanksgiving Sunday night - just as we overheard a tourist asking her friend why we were taking a picture of the place they were going to on Monday.  Maybe she thought we were scouting locations for something nefarious.  :-)  Not me - I just thought it looked cool.

Eaton Center Tower

Eaton Center Tower.jpg

Eaton Center West Entrance


Not too many people enter from the west entrance, and it's a shame.  The entryway is gorgeous, and as evening approaches, it glows with a warm light, inviting you into the mall.  Don't forget to bring your cash....

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!


It's my little sister's birthday today.  No - I'm not going to tell you how old she is.  But I will tell you that I'm very glad that I have my sister, and that I've missed her while we've been apart.  Here's hoping that you have a great year, Jennifer, and that we can see each other more often than we've managed in the past.

Fascinated by the Wii


They're rare, but they're not expensive.  They're not the best game system, technically, but they're the best selling.  There's something special about the combination of things that go into making a Wii, but this little boy doesn't care what it is - he just REALLY wants one.  Taken at the Eaton Center on the Saturday before Christmas.

Eaton Center Tree


I love the Swarovski Christmas tree that they set up in the Eaton Center every year.  It sparkles, glitters, and spins.  Tourists and shoppers love it too, as evidenced by the large numbers that are always around taking pictures.


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