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New Graffiti on Dupont

Graffiti on Dupont.jpg

Baby's first tag!

Okay, so that's probably not why they're taking their own pictures in front of this new mural.  But it definitely makes the garage look a lot better.  And, coincidentally, it's likely that having the garage painted like this will make it less likely to be tagged by something stupid or lame.  I like the mix of colours on this one - it reallly livens up a boring section of Dupont.

Angry Sun

Angry Sun and Balcony.jpg

I love spotting graffiti, it's a sign of a dynamic neighbourhood.  (Of course, I've never owned anything that got tagged, so my perspective is likely to be more benign than some others...) I like it even better when it's got some artistic merit.  This one amuses me, because of the contrast between the tag, and the phrase "sunny disposition".

Windows and Colour

Windows and Colour.jpg

I love the splashes of colour on this building. And I especially love that the colour seems to be trying to escape from the window wells and onto the side of the building, in the form of graffiti.  Or maybe the graffiti was there first, and it's starting to infect the staid, grey exterior of the building with bright and lively colour.  Wouldn't that be a weird world if that was possible. 

I'd Like a Third Choice...

Can I Have A Third Choice.jpg

Watching the City

Watching the City.jpg

Watching both the city, and the City TV building from the roof on John Street.  I'm not sure if it's graffiti, or if it's a mural - it could go either way.

Headphones, Cigarettes and Graffiti

Headphones Cigarettes and Graffiti.jpg

He's got everything he needs for the commute home. 

Bow Me

Bow Me.jpg

All I can think of is some fluffy white bunny with a really bad attitude.

Found on Queen Street West.

Scooter and Sitter

Scooter and Sitter.jpg

Contrasts on Queen Street. 

Wall Mural

Wall Mural.jpg

This mural graces the wall of an auto repair shop on Broadview Ave, north of Queen.

World of Comfort

World of Comfort.jpg

What exactly is IN a "World of Comfort"?  Are there fleece lined slippers?  Velvet lined underwear?  Fur lined braces?  Air conditioned saunas?  How far, exactly, are the proprietors of this "World of Comfort" willing to go to accomodate my comfort needs?  These are very important questions, don't you think?

Graffiti Alley I

Graffiti Alley I.jpg

There's an alleyway off of Queen Street where artists are welcome to paint, and I love capturing some of the results.

Graffiti on Renfrew

Graffiti on Renfrew.jpg

Looks like a new tag has been added to the wall beside the parking lot at Renfrew and McCaul.  I wonder how many layers of paint are on these walls?

Music Man

Music Man.jpg

It's not every day that you find someone playing the accordion for tips on Queen Street West.  More power to him, I say.

Art on the Wall

Art on the Wall.jpg
I don't know who put the art up on the wall of this building, but I'm intrigued by the subject.  I wish that I'd paid attention to it when it was still intact.  The building is slated to be turned into a condominium tower, as part of what seems to be a real revitalization of  the Queen and Sherbourne area.  There's tons of new development going into that area, and it'll be interesting to see what happens as gentrification rolls its way through there.



This is the alleyway behind my work.  There's always graffiti, but not as creative as some of the stuff further along Queen St.  Maybe because opposite the laneway is a residential area.

Effective Sign II

Effective Sign II.jpg
Yet another tremendously effective parking sign.  Of course, I don't expect everyone to follow every sign - I'm just amused when I see something done so blatantly. 

Skull and Shoes

Skull and Shoes.jpg

Awesome skull graffiti on the side of a building at Queen Street W and Beverly St. I don't know who did it, but they did great work.  (Apparently, I've lately been noticing skulls on clothign and buildings much more - maybe I'm turning into a closet goth - heh.) I also like the shoes, hanging off the telephone wires.

Just Around The Corner...

Just Around The Corner.jpg

You never know what's just around the corner. 

The Doorway


I wonder what lies behind this door.  Taken at Dupont and Spadina.

Smoking in the Alley

Smoking in the Alley.jpg

Taken along Adelaide, west of Spadina.  I see smokers, huddled in doorways, trying to keep out of the wind, the snow, and the rain, all year long.  It's got to be a relief when the weather is nice, and sunny, and warm.  But wouldn't it just be easier to quit?

Sonic vs Disco


I never knew that Sonic the Hedgehog hated disco so much.  I took this one at Queen and Church, just south of Henry's.  I have to say, it's nice work, for graffiti.

Graffiti II


More graffiti from my photo-expedition the other day. This one is part of a larger mural, spread across the back of a convenience store on Queen West. I wonder if the artist went to school at OCAD, just up the street? Also posted to my Flickr account

Graffiti I


This is the first of a series of graffiti shots that I've taken around my work. Graffiti is vandalism, I get that. But some of the artwork created by these guys just blows me away. A lot of it is tons better than the blank, industrial walls that they cover, and adds something to the neighborhood. Maybe I'm just jealous of the ability of these guys to create art, quickly, using such simple, even crude implements. Naahhhh - that can't be it. Also shown on Flickr


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