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Empty Streetcar

Empty Streetcar.jpg

Empty streetcar on Spadina.  I occasionally have to run up to Spadina and College on my lunch hour, and it's rare that I get onto a streetcar without anyone else on it.  But this time, I managed to find one that nobody else needed.  Of course, it came just after and just before another one, proving that when you don't want streetcars to arrive, they're always there. 

Commerce Court Ceiling

Commerce Court Ceiling.jpg

This chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the CIBC building down on King Street.  We were allowed in to take pictures during Doors Open, and it was an amazing sight.  It's certainly evidence of the old style of bank buildings - solid, rich, and stable. 

Now - THIS is a Library

Now This Is A Library.jpg

This is the library at Osgoode Hall, where we went during Doors Open.  There are law books there going back over a hundred years.  Now, I've spent huge chunks of my life in libraries.  I was always searching through books for interesting nuggets of information, just enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by so much knowledge.  Do you think that the next generation will ever understand that feeling, given that they're surrounded by so much more knowledge through the internet?

The Round Room

Round Room.jpg

I loved the light in this room.  The walls are covered with windows, and you get light in from every direction.  And since it's a round room, it has no dark corners. 

The Oak Room II

Oak Room II.jpg
Doesn't this look like an awesome room to spend Christmas morning in? 

The Windsor Room

Windsor Room.jpg
Another picture from the Casa Loma trip.  This guest bedroom was lit with the late afternoon sun by the time we got to it. 

The Oak Room

Oak Room.jpg
I took my fiance to Casa Loma for her birthday.  She hadn't been there since she was in grade school, and I'd never been there.  We started out on the first floor, and this was the first room we really looked at.  The entire room is panelled in oak, and the carving took two men three years to complete.  The results are gorgeous, though, aren't they?

Sitting Room I

Sitting Room I.jpg

This is the sitting room in the bed and breakfast that we stayed in out in Huntsville.  I loved the way the light came in to the room the day before we left, so I took a few shots. 

Office View

Office View.jpg
I love the view from this office.  

Lunch at the Black Camel


I recommend trying the sandwiches at the Black Camel, just across the street from the Rosedale subway station.  I had the pulled brisket, and it's amazingly good.

Industrial Lighting


The lighting in my office is all like this.  It's very industrial feeling in the hallways.  I was curious, the first time that I came to the office, to find out if the feel was intentional, or if it was serendipitous.  The space used to be a studio, with tons of animators, and computers all over the place.

Christmas Present


My sister gave this lovely decoration to my fiance for Christmas. Thanks, Jenn - it's gorgeous, and it'll look great next year at Christmas.  I love the single red ball in the mass of silver ones.

Examination Room


While waiting at the vet's the other day, for my sweetie's pug to get her eyes checked, I noticed something interesting about the examination room.  I don't quite know what it was that caught my eye, but I just kept looking at the room.

After the Party


We had a Christmas gathering this year - all of my family, plus her parents. Thirteen people sitting down for dinner, all at once. And on the morning after, this is what we faced - the dirty dishes of the night before. It was a fun party, and it was wonderful to have everyone together. I hope that all of you reading this have a Merry Christmas.

Eaton Center Tree


I love the Swarovski Christmas tree that they set up in the Eaton Center every year.  It sparkles, glitters, and spins.  Tourists and shoppers love it too, as evidenced by the large numbers that are always around taking pictures.

Lotsa Nutella


Still in the crepes place - apparently, Nutella is quite the favourite spread to put on (in?) crepes.  I can't stand the taste of the stuff, myself, but it was amusing to see all the bottles lined up in the restaurant.

Crepes on Queen


I had crepes today for lunch.  I never used to know how they made crepes - then I watched one of the guys here make them.  They pour the batter and spread it out in a circular motion, then separate it from the pan and flip it.  Bang - there's your crepe.

Searching the Surplus

I love Active Surplus.  I don't do nearly as much mucking about with junk as I used to, but it's still fun to wander through the aisles there, looking at all the bits and pieces that ended up in the bins.  You never know what you'll find there.


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