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Chicago - Navy Pier Marker

Chicago - Navy Pier Marker.jpg

Looking out at Lake Michigan from the end of the Navy Pier in Chicago


Pastoral I.jpg

I cannot imagine living this far away from other people.  I can see the advantages of it - privacy, quiet, independence, etc.  But I would miss so much of city life - the hustle and bustle, the conveniences, the variety.  But it certainly looks beautiful through the lens of my camera.

Grotto Wall

Grotto Wall.jpg

Looking out onto Georgian Bay from "The Grotto".  I'd love to come back here in the middle of summer and do more hiking on the trail.  It was beautiful there, but we didn't get nearly enough time to hike.  After the preparations for the wedding, we didn't have too much energy, either.

Angel at the Water

angel at the water.jpg

Angie looks out onto Georgian Bay. 

We went for a hike on one of the easier trails on the Bruce Peninsula.  The trail through the woods was interesting - mostly cedar and other evergreen woods, lots of paved trail, etc. - and it ended at something they called the Grotto.  It was gorgeous, and it gave a spectacular view of the water and the islands. 

Texaco Throwback

Texaco Throwback.jpg

This vintage Texaco station is found in Prince Edward County. Looks like someone did a really good job of restoring it. 



Ducks fly past seagulls standing on the the frozen bay down at Cherry Beach. 

Lights at the Beach

Lights at the Beach.jpg

I don't know why there are only four lights like this down at Cherry Beach.  Maybe they only need to light part of the area.  I haven't been down there at night, so I don't know how much of the area is lit by them.  But seeing them, for some reason, reminds me of the song "Cherry Beach Express".  Talk about your flashbacks. :-)

Cherry Beach In Winter

Cherry Beach In Winter.jpg

Bright sunlight and clear skies brought a fair number of people out to Cherry Beach.  I wanted to get a look at what it's like in the winter, so we went for a photowalk down by the beach.  The ice was melting, and these folks were getting a good look at it from the beach, but we saw a few brave souls out on some of the ice.

Forest and Sculpture


I have no idea who the sculptor is, but we found this on our walk through High Park.  I'd never been to High Park before, and it was wonderful to tramp around through the woods on a warm winter day.  Of course, the very next day, it dropped to -18 Celsius, plus wind chill, and I wanted to spend the whole day indoors.

Winter at the Spit

Winter at the Spit.jpg

It was cold, down on the Leslie Street Spit, but it was beautiful, too.  This particular cove is always busy during the warmer months, but it's quiet now. 

Autumn Decay


Summer is long gone, and the weather is getting nippy.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  At least we have Christmas to look forward to! (or is it too early to talk about that?)

Niagara Falls I

Niagara Falls I.jpg
On our trip to Niagara, I managed to get some great shots of the falls.  This is the American Falls - you can see that the tourists get to actually go up to the falls themselves, via a series of scaffolding and stairways.

Misty Morning II

Misty Morning II.jpg

Another shot from the last morning at the bed and breakfast. 

Misty Morning

Misty Morning.jpg

We woke up early on the morning we were checking out of the bed and breakfast in Huntsville, and found the mist.  So we had to go down to the horse pond and get some shots.  I love seeing the mist rising off the water.

Inukshuk and Sails

Inukshuk and Sails.jpg

More from the Leslie Street Spit - this time, someone seems to have made an attempt at an inukshuk out of cinder blocks.  That seems appropriate, since the spit is mostly made of building waste from the 50's when the TTC dug the Yonge Street subway line. 

Sunset at Ashbridges Bay I

Sunset at Ashbridges Bay I.jpg

We took the kids to Ashbridges Bay the other night, and we got some great shots of the beach as the sun went down.  I'm really looking forward to going back there when we have a little more time to shoot.

Photo Walk I

Photo Walk I.jpg

When we took our photowalk on the Leslie Street Spit the other day, I was constantly seeing other photographers on our walk.  This couple were obviously enjoying themselves, and I so wanted the lens on his camera.  Looks like a 200mm lens at least - drool! 



Another shot from the photowalk on the Leslie Street Spit.  This cyclist seemed to be tinking, sitting on an improvised bench at the water's edge. 

Cottage Country I

Cottage Country I.jpg
The Muskokas are beautiful all year round, and they have a special magic at sunset.  One clear, still evening, we went sunset hunting.  We drove from the bed and breakfast we stayed at to Algonquin Park, scouting locations. Then, as the sun set, we drove back towards Huntsville, stopping at the locations and taking shots. 

Is it summer yet?


The view from my sundeck.  I'm done with the snow now - can we have summer?


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