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Exploring the Spit

Exploring the Spit.jpg

Okay - so it's been a while since I posted here.  It's been a busy, busy summer.  My wonderful, amazing daughter has come to live with us, so we've been just a *tad* busy - adapting to life with a resident teenager is occassionally challenging, shall we say.  But I still have all these photos that I want to share, and there's so much I want to see and capture. 

Patience and Blue Sky

Patience and Blue Sky.jpg

Malcolm, standing and waiting for us to finish our photowalk. 

At the Water

At the Water.jpg
Another shot from the Leslie Street Spit.  The lake was gorgeous that day, and if it hadn't been so cold, it would have been peaceful to stand there contemplating it.  As it was, we kept moving to stay warm. What can I expect from Canada in the winter, eh?

On the Hill

On the Hill.jpg

More from the Leslie Street Spit. 

Winter at the Spit

Winter at the Spit.jpg

It was cold, down on the Leslie Street Spit, but it was beautiful, too.  This particular cove is always busy during the warmer months, but it's quiet now. 

Fuzzy Milk Dud

Fuzzy Milk Dud.jpg

Taken with my fiance's 100mm Macro/f2.8 Canon lens.  I have to start borrowing it from her more often - look at that gorgeous bokeh in the background.  Look at the wonderful detail on the rush.  I wonder what else I can take pictures of with it. Stay tuned!



She's thirteen now, and there's so much ahead of her.  Heather pauses to contemplate the lake down on the Leslie Street Spit.  So much potential, so many adventures.

On the Spit

On the Spit.jpg

Our recent trip to the Leslie Street Spit had the kids exploring the rocky shore.  The geese didn't seem to mind them.  The kids loved seeing all the eroded material on the shoreline.

Inukshuk and Sails

Inukshuk and Sails.jpg

More from the Leslie Street Spit - this time, someone seems to have made an attempt at an inukshuk out of cinder blocks.  That seems appropriate, since the spit is mostly made of building waste from the 50's when the TTC dug the Yonge Street subway line. 

Photo Walk I

Photo Walk I.jpg

When we took our photowalk on the Leslie Street Spit the other day, I was constantly seeing other photographers on our walk.  This couple were obviously enjoying themselves, and I so wanted the lens on his camera.  Looks like a 200mm lens at least - drool! 



Another shot from the photowalk on the Leslie Street Spit.  This cyclist seemed to be tinking, sitting on an improvised bench at the water's edge. 

Drums on the Spit

Drum Practice.jpg

Now, why do I think that their neighbours are very glad that they practice on the Leslie Street Spit?  We went for a photowalk on the spit on Sunday, and kept hearing the sound of drums from somewhere.  Eventually, we came across these folks practicing waaaayyyy out on the spit. 

Red and White


I loved seeing the red stems of the plants peeking up out of the snow cover.

Winter Weeds


Weeds are less hearty than the trees, but they burst forth every year, regardless.  Seeing them with snow on them is a reminder, to me, that although things end, they also renew, in time.  Also taken on the Leslie Street Spit.

Winter Tree


There's something interesting about a tree in winter.  It sits and waits - to all intents and purposes, dead.  But in spring, it bursts forth with new growth, leaves, and buds.  Taken on the  Leslie Street Spit on New Year's day

Nanook on Photo Safari


Somewhere, deep inside that warm, warm coat is my darling fiance.   We went on a photowalk at the Leslie Street Spit (aka Tommy Thompson Park) on New Year's day, after dropping off the rugrats with their mother.  It was cold, and I'd forgotten my gloves, but we got some great shots, nonetheless.


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