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Liberty Village - Light in the Snow

Liberty Village 3-1.jpg

And here is another of the photos taken on my birthday photowalk.  Liberty Village is a wonderful part of the city, very interesting to see, and I'll be certain to head back there again - preferably in the warmer weather.  As you can see, it was snowing by the time we left to go home.  What you can't see is that it was annoyingly cold.  It's a wonderful tradition we have, of taking the day off for our birthdays, and going around the city taking pictures.  But there are times when I wish that our birthdays weren't both in the winter. 

Strange Doings at the Dome

Strange Doings at the Dome.jpg

It looks like the site of some mysterious government conspiracy - like there's aliens being autopsied underneath the dome.  It's actually a dome over an outdoor stadium, but it really got our imaginations going.

Traffic and Snow

Traffic and Snow.jpg

Winter, winter, winter - and along with the cold, we get snow.  It was only flurries, but it is a precursor of times to come.  I love the way the headlights catch the snowflakes - with the slow shutter speed, the individual flakes become streaks of light.  It can be challenging to take pictures in a snowstorm.  The camera tends to get wet, and electronics and moisture don't always play well together.  The best thing that I've found is to rest my hands on top of the camera when I'm not taking shots, but when it's bad enough, I put the camera away, or put the body into a ziploc bag to protect it.  (Put the camera in the bag, with the lens poking out - the plastic protects the electronics, and the lens is free and clear.)

Night Tunnel

Night Tunnel.jpg

Ever pass by a tunnel at night and wonder where it goes?  Does it go to a simple parking garage, or does it lead somewhere different?  And are different parking garages connected together?  I know - in most cases, the tunnels lead to simple, self-contained parking garages, but wouldn't it be cool if you could go into one and end up somewhere else?  Like in the underground PATH system in downtown Toronto, which lets you travel from Union Station down by the lake all the way up to to Dundas Street, and from Yonge, all the way over to Simcoe.  

Bounty on Queen

Bounty on Queen.jpg

A pedestrian walks by the windows of a Shoppers Drug Mart on Queen St.  Lately, it seems that Shoppers is carrying more and more groceries.  According to a report I heard on the radio, they're getting a tremendous margin on their groceries, and are refocusing their stores to reflect that margin.  I wonder if they'll eventually morph into a grocery chain with a pharmacy.

Beach Light

Beach Light.jpg

The patio at The Boardwalk Pub, down at Ashbridges Bay Park, is probably not used much in the winter.  But during the summer, it's open and usually full.  One of the things I love about living down here is that it's just a short walk down to the beach.  This past summer was really busy, but I'm sure that we'll get down here in 2011 to sample the fare and enjoy the atmosphere.  Somehow, I don't think that the patio would be nearly as enjoyable in January, though.

Falafel at City Hall

Falafel at City Hall.jpg

Stopping to grab a quick bite before heading off to complete their Christmas shopping, no doubt.  I love that the city now allows more choices than hot dogs, sausages and such at city food carts.  I wish they'd administer the program a little better, and allow even more choices, but it's a good beginning.  

TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF Bell Lightbox.jpg

The new home of the Toronto International Film Festival, located at King St and John St.  It's a beautiful building, and I have to remember to get down there next year during TIFF to see what's going on.  On a side note, it was VERY cold waiting for the streetcar at this intersection - so cold that I decided to walk to University Ave.  Why is it that in the winter, you so often see huge delays between streetcars, followed by a rash of them, one after another.  It happens with buses too, and it's really annoying.  (Especially when the first streetcar to go by is totally stuffed with people and won't let anyone else on.)

End of Day

End of Day.jpg

Walking away from work at the end of the day.

Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Where the Rubber Meets the Road.jpg

I don't know that I'd be comfortable, riding to work on a motorcycle.  It's not that I think that they're unsafe - I just think that motorists tend not to see them as well as they see cars. 

Phone Call

Phone Call.jpg

Making a phone call in the Eaton Center, after Earth Hour.  It's creepy inside the Eaton Center at night, when the power's mostly off, and all the stores - and bathrooms - are closed. 

Biker in Silhouette

Biker in Silhouette.jpg

There's lots more sunshine in the city these days, and I keep seeing interesing ways to capture the light.  This shot was supposed to be of the bike rider, but somehow, it became about light and shadow. 

Church Tower

Church Tower.jpg

This church, St. George the Martyr Anglican, was built in 1844, and suffered a disastrous fire in 1955, according to this webpage.  The only part that survived was this tower - the rest of the church was severely damaged, and much was rebuilt.  The church is around the corner from my work, so I get to walk by this periodically on my trips out at lunchtime. 

Sunrise on Coxwell

Sunrise on Coxwell.jpg

New neighbourhood, new things to see.  Of course, it'll be easier to see them when I'm not going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark.  Oh - and can it be warm again?  I find that it's harder to focus on things around you when it's so cold that you can feel your nose hairs freezing together every time you breathe in.  Still, the houses on Coxwell look warm and cozy, especially when the sun hits them in the morning.

Lights and Rain

Lights and Rain.jpg

Rain transforms the mundane lights along the sidewalk on Queen East at Broadview.

Alleyway 2

Alleyway 2.jpg

The city is full of hidden places, some beautiful, some not. I love the look of this alleyway that I found on one of my photowalks around the downtown core of Toronto. I mean - an alleyway that has trees on either side?  How great is that?

At the Shop

At the Shop.jpg

Staring into the auto shop at Queen and Lewis. 

Commerce Court Ceiling

Commerce Court Ceiling.jpg

This chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the CIBC building down on King Street.  We were allowed in to take pictures during Doors Open, and it was an amazing sight.  It's certainly evidence of the old style of bank buildings - solid, rich, and stable. 

Conference Room at Osgoode

Conference Room at Osgoode.jpg

More from the Doors Open event on the weekend. 

Painting a New Mural

Painting a New Mural.jpg

They are changing the mural at Queen Street and John Street again.  Looks like they paint it white, then put a grid on it, then paint the mural.  I always wondered how they managed to paint such huge works and still have them come out looking right. 

Paper Windows and Biker

Paper Windows and Biker.jpg



Taken on Queen Street at Yonge.  How does this make you feel?

Promise of Summer

Promise of Summer.jpg

Summer is coming.  I know it is.  We just have to get through the wet, sloppy, mercurial spring to get to the lovely warmth of summer.  And then we can have barbecue whenever we want.  I'm so looking forward to getting my grill out of storage and setting it up.

Bird on a Bistro

Bird on a Bistro.jpg
We went for a photowalk on Sunday night.  This is a detail from the mural on the side of Joy Bistro, on Queen Street.  The food is great, the atmosphere is wonderful, and the building is cool.  What more could you want?

The Skater and the Bahamas

The Skater and The Bahamas.jpg

The signs of spring are everywhere.  The bikers, the skaters, and the ads for trips to warm locales.  I'm so happy that it's light later on in the evening - it gives me that much more opportunity to take pictures.  

Shiny Bell

Shiny Bell.jpg
Makes a nice contrast with this picture, don't you think?



This is the alleyway behind my work.  There's always graffiti, but not as creative as some of the stuff further along Queen St.  Maybe because opposite the laneway is a residential area.

Enduring Winter

Enduring Winter.jpg
There are times when I think that this winter will never end.  We get warm spells, then it all freezes again.  We lose all the snow, then get dumped on again.  Spring is only 17 days away.  Well, the spring equinox, anyways, when the day is as long as the night.  Till then, all we can do is bundle up like this young lady, and endure the ongoing winter.

Treasures of Value Village

Treasures of Value Village.jpg
Interesting metal goblets at the Value Village near me.  We went in, looking for bargains, and came out with some.  There's always such a weird collection of stuff there - we actually saw a set of Atari 2600 game cartridges, including the horribly bad ET game that I remember playing while working at a Compucentre back in the 80s. 

Heads Up

Heads Up.jpg

I often take my camera with me when I'm wandering from store to store.  Sometimes, like this, I see something that I want to share with someone else, because I know they're looking for it.  In this case, my son is looking for a new hat - so I snapped this shot to show him what I'd found. 

Skating on Family Day

Skating on Family Day.jpg

It was a wonderfully bright day, and it seems like everyone was down at Nathan Philips Square, skating on the outdoor rink.  When we arrived, the ice was in the process of getting resurfaced, so by the time this young lady got to skate, it was a pretty clean surface.

City Hall Reflections

City Hall Reflections.jpg
City Hall is such a unique structure - it's recognizable throughout the world, and it's been a stand-in for alien buildings in at least one Star Trek:TNG episode that I can remember.  I love the reflections of the afternoon sun that you can see on the west tower.

Into the Sun

Into The Sun.jpg

The sunset was gorgeous, especially in the gloomy dead of winter.  Fortunately, it predicted a wonderfully warm (if wet) weekend.  I love it when we get sunny days in the winter.  They're too rare by far, though.

Fire Truck On Queen

Fire Truck On Queen.jpg
A fire truck races past as I wait for the streetcar to arrive.  I think it's a pumper truck, but I'm not sure - I never really was one of those kids that wanted to be a fireman when I was young.  (Of course, I'm only 5' 9" tall, so I'm a little bit short for that anyways, so it worked out in the end. )

View from Casa Loma

View from Casa Loma.jpg
We climbed all the way up to the top of the tower in Casa Loma, and a bunch of the windows were streaked with moisture - it made for very distorted pictures.  So - rather than try to work around it, I got this shot of a window overlooking the rest of the castle.

The Round Room

Round Room.jpg

I loved the light in this room.  The walls are covered with windows, and you get light in from every direction.  And since it's a round room, it has no dark corners. 

The Windsor Room

Windsor Room.jpg
Another picture from the Casa Loma trip.  This guest bedroom was lit with the late afternoon sun by the time we got to it. 

The Oak Room

Oak Room.jpg
I took my fiance to Casa Loma for her birthday.  She hadn't been there since she was in grade school, and I'd never been there.  We started out on the first floor, and this was the first room we really looked at.  The entire room is panelled in oak, and the carving took two men three years to complete.  The results are gorgeous, though, aren't they?

Sausages and Much Music

Sausages and Much Music.jpg

Every day, they're open on the corner near my work.  And apparently, every night too.  Since the daylight savings time change, I've started noticing their brightly lit stand on my way home.  I never thought about how late they stay open - I wonder if they're open till all the bars and clubs close.  And I wonder how late into the year they'll be on the corner.

Morning in Cottage Country?

Morning in Cottage Country.jpg

Actually, it's a house across the street from mine, in deepest, darkest Toronto. I don't know how old the house is, but it sure looks like a cottage, especially with all the leaves, and the pumpkin on the porch.

97 Kilometers

97 Kilometers.jpg

I loved the chrome and reflections on the Vespa parked out front of my work, so here it is.  I see these speedy little Vespas everywhere downtown - it's such a switch from when I worked out in the 'burbs, where everyone drove cars, and nobody walked.  I love working downtown, and especially in the Queen and John neighbourhood.  There's always something going on, and something new to see.

Sorry for the gap in postings, btw. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year, so I've been kind of distracted as I try to write my novel.  Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with posting here as well as writing.

Upper Crust at Night

Upper Crust.jpg

Taken outside the Upper Crust bakery on Queen Street. 

Industrialism in the Dark


We went for a photowalk the other night - just wandering around in the dark, taking pictures of interesting things.  I loved the way the top of the towers faded into the dark.  Next time, I'll have to remember to bring a tripod, though.

City in Silhouette

City in Silhouette.jpg

Have I mentioned that I love the view from my balcony?

On Your Bike

On Your Bike.jpg

Waiting for the lights to change on Queen Street. 

Path to Where?


On the bike path to Cherry Beach.  I love the diversity of scenery in this city - urban canyons on one side, quiet, lush paths like this on on the other. 

The Doorway


I wonder what lies behind this door.  Taken at Dupont and Spadina.



Summer is officially over - the CNE has closed.  It was a busy, busy summer, and now we get to see the leaves turn, the kids going back to school, and the weather starting to get cooler.



It seems that somebody's been doing a little front yard gardening.  I liked the light on the two objects, but I got funny looks for taking this particular picture.

Sitting Room I

Sitting Room I.jpg

This is the sitting room in the bed and breakfast that we stayed in out in Huntsville.  I loved the way the light came in to the room the day before we left, so I took a few shots. 

Light Number Seven

Light Number Seven.jpg

Office View

Office View.jpg
I love the view from this office.  



Saw this beaten up light across from the Scotiabank Theater.  Looks like the branches have done a pretty good job of wrecking the light, doesn't it? 


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