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Devil on McCaul

Devil on McCaul.jpg

I had to stop her for a picture when I saw the devil horns/cat ears that she was wearing.  Taken outside of OCAD.

Messy Face

Messy Face.jpg

He likes his muffin - so much so that he's decided to wear it on his face. 

Top Hat

Top Hat.jpg

Taken on a Friday night on Queen Street



It was just a little bit breezy as I passed the Eaton Center today. 

Into the Sun

Into The Sun.jpg

The sunset was gorgeous, especially in the gloomy dead of winter.  Fortunately, it predicted a wonderfully warm (if wet) weekend.  I love it when we get sunny days in the winter.  They're too rare by far, though.

Reading on the Streetcar

Reading on the Streetcar.jpg

I get so much more reading done, now that I'm on the streetcar instead of driving to work.  I'd forgotten, before I started taking the TTC to work again, how much I enjoyed that aspect of the commute.

In Chapters

In Chapters.jpg

Heather's picture watches over a customer in the local Chapters. 

Patience and Blue Sky

Patience and Blue Sky.jpg

Malcolm, standing and waiting for us to finish our photowalk. 

At the Water

At the Water.jpg
Another shot from the Leslie Street Spit.  The lake was gorgeous that day, and if it hadn't been so cold, it would have been peaceful to stand there contemplating it.  As it was, we kept moving to stay warm. What can I expect from Canada in the winter, eh?

On the Hill

On the Hill.jpg

More from the Leslie Street Spit. 



She's thirteen now, and there's so much ahead of her.  Heather pauses to contemplate the lake down on the Leslie Street Spit.  So much potential, so many adventures.

Guitar in the Door

Guitar in the Door.jpg

I saw this guy while I was doing last minute Christmas shopping, on his way somewhere else.  I hope that everyone reading had a wonderful holiday, and a happy New Year. 

Note: There has been an ongoing problem with the comments and entry links here for some time, and that has now been resolved.  Feel free to comment on the photos again - it should be doable now.

Drums on the Spit

Drum Practice.jpg

Now, why do I think that their neighbours are very glad that they practice on the Leslie Street Spit?  We went for a photowalk on the spit on Sunday, and kept hearing the sound of drums from somewhere.  Eventually, we came across these folks practicing waaaayyyy out on the spit. 


Heather Profile.jpg
She's growing up.  Taken while we waited for the streetcar to take us to the subway, so we could get errands done.   She's changing every day - growing into the woman she's going to be.  Hopefully, I can survive her growing up - she's already a brat.  

Laughing Girl

Laughing Girl.jpg
I love to see her laugh.  Ever since she was a baby, I've been trying to make her laugh.  She's growing up so fast, now.  Taken at the Toronto Zoo on Easter Friday.  Somehow, I don't think she's seeing much through the binoculars - especially when I wouldn't give her money for them.

Dad and Shirley

Dad and Shirley.jpg
I can't believe they've been together for almost 15 years now - or is it over 15 years? I never seem to be able to remember how long it's been.  But it's more than a decade together - which is wonderful.  She's so good for him, and he hassles her almost as much as he hassled me when I was growing up - she gives as good as she gets, though. 

Dad at 70

Dad at 70.jpg

He'll probably never see this - the grumpy old man refuses to even consider getting the internet - but this is my dad at 70 years and two weeks.  His birthday was two weeks ago, and we planned to have a big family gathering to celebrate.  I guess the idea that he was going to be celebrated was too much for him - he had a heart attack, and had to undergo emergency angioplasty.  He's fine now - just bored and tired and wanting to get back to normal life.  But today was the first chance I had, since the accident, to get lots of pictures of him. Look for more in the near future.

Crazy Ivan


This is my son.  No - he's not Russian.  No - he's not homicidal.  He is, however, a wonderful goof that I love dearly.  He's chopping vegetables for dinner, after buying himself a new (old) Soviet era helmet liner.

Nanook on Photo Safari


Somewhere, deep inside that warm, warm coat is my darling fiance.   We went on a photowalk at the Leslie Street Spit (aka Tommy Thompson Park) on New Year's day, after dropping off the rugrats with their mother.  It was cold, and I'd forgotten my gloves, but we got some great shots, nonetheless.

Happy Bulldog


This bulldog met us on our morning walk.  He was very happy to see us, and even more happy to see Merry, our pug.  As we were leaving, he flipped on his back and wriggled his way across the grass to greet us and to get his tummy rubbed.

The Divine Miss M


Mookie, right after she woke up. She's 18 years old this year. That's very old for a cat - according to this, she's equivalent to 88 years of age in a human.  She's cranky most of the time, but I like her anyways.

Cafe Guitarist


I was walking by the cafe when I saw this guy through the window. He was nice enough to let me take a picture of him when I went in and asked. Taken at Gerrard and Broadview. Also seen in my Flickr photostream


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