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Grooving the Tunes

Grooving the Tunes BW.jpg

Well, after a four year (!) absence, it seems that I'm back posting here.  I'm taking pictures again, after several years of life getting in the way.  This is a picture that I've had queued to go out for four years, but now I've finally gotten back into the groove of taking pictures, THEN processing them.  Soon, I'll be posting new pictures, and we'll see if I can't get this blog back into a place where I have regular postings again.

Dog in a Truck on Queen West

Dog in a Truck on Queen West.jpg

Into the Light

Into the Light copy.jpg

Walking into the spring sunshine on Queen West.  Thank god that the weather is changing, and we're getting more warmth, and no more of the snow and slush.

Waiting to Merge

Waiting to Merge.jpg

A driver waits to pull around a stopped car on Queen Street, as Justin Bieber performs at Much Music.  Traffic was pretty heavy while Justin was performing, but I don't really think that too many drivers were trying to catch a glimpse of him as they zoomed past.  It's always interesting to stand at the bus stop at Queen and John and wait for a streetcar while one act or another performs there.  Inevitably, the performances are going on at 5pm, when everyone is leaving.  That's part of the charm of the city, though.

Holdup at Broadview

Holdup at Broadview2.jpg

This lineup of streetcars on Queen was a result of an incident on a Queen streetcar at Broadview.  The police were interviewing passengers on a streetcar just past Broadview, in front of The Opera House.  I was able to get off a streetcar at the end of this line, walk up and do some errands, and get on one of the streetcars at the front of the line, at which point, the police let traffic go again.  It was amazing, however, to see so many streetcars lined up at this corner.

Do Not Venture

Do Not Venture.jpg

Waiting to cross the street at Queen and John.  They're renovating at Much Music, and it looks like the last vestiges of Speakers' Corner are going away - too bad. 

Waiting at the Black Market

Waiting at the Black Market.jpg

Waiting outside the Black Market clothing store on Queen West.  Somehow, I don't think that he's in the typical demographic profile for the store - but I love how he's wearing complementary colors for the signage behind him. 

Lighting Up on Queen

Lighting up on Queen.jpg

Do you think that he feels more real when he lights up?  More solid?  I never smoked, but I imagine that taking that first puff on a newly lit cigarette makes you feel more solid, more you. 

Family Lunch

Family Lunch.jpg

Taking a break on Queen Street at University Ave.  I have to admit, I periodically get a craving for "street meat" and head out to the seller near my work.  It's terrible for me, I know, but there's something very "downtown" about this meal to me.  Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks that.  They do seem to be enjoying their meal, don't they? 

Walking the Dog on Queen East

Walking the Dog on Queen East.jpg

The new neighbhourhood is definitely growing on me.  There are so many dogs in the area, of all kinds and breeds, and there's a strong pedestrian component too.  Even if there are some more obviously car-centric locations within the area - like the place I go to get the streetcar.  There's a theater, and off track betting location, and a Blockbuster Video and LCBO combined parking lot.  That's a lot of space devoted to very few businesses, and lots of parking as well.  It kind of jars with the whole "let's be pedestrians" feel of some of the other areas around here, and I find myself wondering which is the anomaly.

Hart's River

Hart's River.jpg

For several years now, I've seen this monument, rising above University Avenue, just north of Queen Street. I never really paid too much attention to it, but I liked the light on this day. 

Taking His Place in Traffic

Taking His Place In Traffic.jpg

Another example of why it's not easy being a bike commuter - making legal left turns isn't easy when you're the smallest thing on the road.  Kudos to this guy for taking his legal place.  Maybe if more riders did this, cars and trucks would start looking for them on the road, instead of not paying attention to them.  However, I do understand the reluctance on the part of bikers to take the risk - it's way too easy to lose out to a much larger vehicle that just didn't see you.

Looking Back

Looking Back.jpg

Waiting for the traffic lights to change at Queen and John.  In the background, you can see St. Patrick's Market, where extensive renovations are underway, now that all the tenants have vacated. 

Off the Rack

Off the Rack.jpg

Taken at the Black Market on Queen West.  It's a fantastic place to look for vintage clothing and accessories - my wife loves going in there and my daughter always finds something that she wants to get.  I love the variety of jackets all for sale on the rack together. 

Downtown Commuter

Downtown Commuter.jpg

The weather is definitely improving - you are starting to see more and more "alternative means of commuting" in the city.  The long boards are out, and I see a surprising variety of people using them to get around. 

Biker in Silhouette

Biker in Silhouette.jpg

There's lots more sunshine in the city these days, and I keep seeing interesing ways to capture the light.  This shot was supposed to be of the bike rider, but somehow, it became about light and shadow. 

Board, Cup and Traffic

Board, Cup and Traffic.jpg

Crossing Queen Street in the sunshine.  I wonder why he didn't ride - maybe he didn't want to spill his Starbucks.

Golden Queen II

Golden Queen II.jpg

Another shot of Queen Street at sunset. 

Golden Queen

Golden Queen.jpg

From Queen and John - straight out of camera. 

Vets Don't Forget

Vets Don't Forget.jpg

Spotted on Queen Street East, near Broadview. 

Headphones, Cigarettes and Graffiti

Headphones Cigarettes and Graffiti.jpg

He's got everything he needs for the commute home. 

Waiting on Queen III

Waiting on Queen III.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive in the morning can take some time.  Sometimes, there seems to be fifteen minutes between them, and it's easy to sit there and be bored. 

Scooter and Sitter

Scooter and Sitter.jpg

Contrasts on Queen Street. 

Painting the Queen Mother


Ready to paint the Queen Mother pub on Queen Street.

The Story

The Story.jpg

Obviously, he's enjoying telling his story.  He's either talking about a HUGE fish that he almost caught, or he's describing his HUGE headache.



An artist gets some advice about his latest work.  Taken at Queen St East and Saulter St. What's he drawing, you ask?  The library at Queen and Saulter, as shown here and here

Mural on Queen

Graffiti on Queen.jpg

This mural covers the doorway on Queen Street, east of Spadina.  I think the doorway goes up to an apartment over the stores, but I'm not sure.  Love the artwork, though.

At the Corner

At the Corner.jpg

Waiting for the light to change at Queen and John. It's always busy after work, and you see such a huge variety of people at that corner.  Usually, they're busy, heading from one place to another, but occasionally, they stop long enough to be captured in a picture.

Rickshaw Driver

The Name Is Rick - Rick Shaw.jpg

It's got to be a great workout - walking around downtown all day long, hauling tourists behind you in the rickshaw.  But it's not the safest thing to do, and I don't imagine that they get to work when it's raining out. 

Ironic Signage

Ironic Signage.jpg

Is he coming from the clinic, or going to it?  Does he realize how ironic it is that he's standing in front of that sign?  And, most importantly, DO his feet hurt?

Aloha Dude

Aloha Dude.jpg

Just hanging out, listening to some tunes at Queen and John. 

Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel.jpg

I had no idea there was actually a Heartbreak Hotel in Toronto.  Taken at the corner of Queen Street West and Palmerston Ave.  Looks like it has seen better days though - I wonder if the sign lights up at night

Rain and Traffic

Rain and Traffic.jpg

Oh, but it poured that day.  The skies opened up, and a torrent came down upon us.  I was happily dry, taking pictures underneath my umbrella, while this poor guy struggled across the street in the rain.

Monkey Che

Monkey Che.jpg

Another great T-shirt spotted on Queen West. 

Ponytail on Queen

Ponytail on Queen.jpg

Waiting at Starbucks III

Waiting At Starbucks III.jpg

Waiting at the Starbucks at Queen and John, again.  I'm always by there, so I tend to see interesting people waiting for someone or something.  In this case, I just loved his hat.

Waiting on Queen Again

Waiting on Queen Again.jpg

Looks like this guy is prepared for a long wait. 

Exploding Skull Posse

Exploding Skull Posse.jpg

I wonder if they make these with other skulls that have exploded, or if this is the only one.

Riverside Biker

Riverside Biker.jpg

Seen at Broadview and Queen.  I love the lock around his neck - looks like really macho jewellery.

The Eighties are Back

The Eighties are Back.jpg

I remember neon pink leg warmers from the first time round.  I wonder what else is coming back?  I've seen the sunglasses with the venetian blinds on them already.  But I haven't seen anyone with shoulderpads yet.

Accordion at Much Music

Accordion At Much Music.jpg

Busking outside of Much Music in Toronto.  I do, however, love the spikes on his shoulder strap.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo.jpg

Conversation on a Bike

Conversation on a Bike.jpg

You know, it can't be easy to talk to the driver when you're on a bike.  All that wind, the noise of the bike, and the helmets getting in the way.  I'd imagine that it's easier to talk at a stoplight than just about anywhere on the way.  It must make long road trips on a bike rather uncomfortable for the passenger.



I wonder what they were looking at?

Goth Squad

Goth Squad.jpg

It's always nice to have friends with the same interests as you.  There was actually a fourth girl, but she didn't fit into the frame for this shot.  You never know what you'll see on Queen Street West, though - that's why I love shooting there.

Hippo, Bull, and EcoCabs

Hippo, Bull, and Eco Cabs.jpg

Wonderful combination of colors just outside of the Black Bull pub on Queen Street.  The Hippo Tourist Bus is a frequent sight downtown, and the EcoCabs are now more regularly seen. 

Can Am Trike

Can Am Trike.jpg

I spotted this interesting vehicle on Queen Street at Broadview.  It certainly looks cool - sort of a cross between a motorcycle and a small car - but I wonder what it's like to drive.

Waiting at Starbucks

Waiting At Starbucks.jpg

Waiting for the return of his master, I guess, outside of the Starbucks at Queen and John. 

Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes.jpg

Taking a smoke break on Queen Street. 



Accidental urban camouflage - I love it. 

Another Yellow

Another Yellow.jpg

I like how she blends into her background.  More urban camouflage - yay! 

As a side note, I thoroughly recommend trying out the restaurant behind her - The Real Jerk.  Excellent Caribbean food, great prices, and a really pleasant staff. 

Commuting in the City

Commuting In The City.jpg

Getting around the city is much easier with smaller vehicles.  Every day, I see people using skateboards, roller blades, bicycles and bikes zipping around, while cars, SUVs and trucks keep getting blocked by traffic.  Why, exactly, would you drive an H3 or a Land Cruiser through downtown Toronto traffic, in rush hour?

Caddy on Queen

Caddy on Queen.jpg

While I was waiting for the streetcar, this beautiful car pulled up beside me at the light.  You know, as environmentally incorrect as these behemoths were, there's something that pulls me towards them when I see them.  The warm, sunny weather has arrived, and now we're starting to see more and more vintage cars coming out of winter storage.  I can't wait to get pictures of more of them.

Standing Out in a Crowd

Standing Out in a Crowd.jpg

I love all the different things that you can see on Queen West.  She's certainly well accessorized.

Bike and Streetcar

Bike and Streetcar.jpg

So many questions:
What's in the buggy?
Why is he riding in the middle of the street?
What would happen if the cart got caught on the streetcar tracks?
How far does he have to ride holding on to that buggy?

Psycho Teddies

Psycho Teddies.jpg

At last, we have the answer to the question "What do you get if you turn teddy bears inside out?".

Wait -what do you mean, no one is asking that question?

Cool Glasses

Cool Glasses.jpg

Pointed out by my daughter, while we were heading home from Contact.  She liked his glasses. 



In spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love...  It's definitely spring, and they're definitely thinking thoughts of love.  On the other hand, I was thinking that her socks looked awesome.

Third Floor Walkup

Third Floor Walkup.jpg

I love the warm glow of the lights on these balconies.  I also love the look of the balconies themselves.  Something about the exterior staircase appeals to me - at least in the spring.  I don't know that I'd still feel the same about it in the winter

Emergency Response

Emergency Response.jpg

Another photo from the Queen Street Pizza Pizza fire.  Here, you see two emergency responders, and three different video cameras. It's the first time I was actually at an emerging news event, and I was surprised at how much media attention it got.  In all, I think I counted seven different video cameras, and at least one correspondent reporting in by cell phone.

Smart City Smart Car

Smart City Smart Car.jpg

It's such a smart idea for the city to have these small, efficient cars for staff to use to get around.  We live in a city with over two and a half million other people - it doesn't make sense for city staff to tool around in huge cars.  Yay city council.

Ex Bank

Ex Bank.jpg

It's not a bank any more - now it's home to a fashion designer.  But doesn't the architecture just scream permanence and stability?  The Canadian Bank of Commerce doesn't exist any more - it merged with the Imperial Bank of Canada to become the CIBC that we all know and love.

Man and Traffic

Man and Traffic.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive.  Sometimes its there quickly, sometimes, it feels like it takes forever.  One of the most frustrating things I see every day is the people in the center lane of Queen Street, waiting for a break in the traffic so that they can turn left, with one or more streetcars stuck behind them.  Why would you ever try to turn left on Queen Street in rush hour?  Go to an intersection with a light, and turn left there, instead.  You'll get to the same streets. 

Garden Gate

Garden Gate.jpg

We found another old diner sign on Queen Street - this time out in the Beach area.  I have to remember to go back in the evening, and get a shot of it when it's lit up.

Beach Mural

Beach Mural.jpg
I loved this mural on the side of an IGA in The Beach at Queen and Lee.  It's a gorgeous example of the sort of thing that makes a city seem vital and alive.  I like seeing street art on the sides of buildings, rather than have them be just plain.  However, I hate seeing art like this defaced by someone tagging over top of it.

Fixing the Bike

Fixing the Bike.jpg

I think he'd taken the seat off while he got a coffee, and now he's trying to put the seat back on.  It can't be easy to keep your bike from being stolen in this city, although I imagine that it's easier now that the most popular place to (allegedly) sell stolen bikes seems to be shut down.  I wonder what this summer is going to be like for bikers.

Recumbent Trike

Recumbent Trike.jpg

Braving traffic in one of these would not be my cup of tea.  It looks like a lot of fun to ride, but I'd want to be taller and more visible in the busy Queen Street traffic that this guy was braving.



I dunno what they were so intent on, but these two were deep in conversation as I passed by.



Spring is normally a gray, rainy affair, so it was nice to have a warm, sunny day in the middle of it.  These two broke out the shades to cope with the unaccustomed light.



Taken on Queen Street at Yonge.  How does this make you feel?

Music Man

Music Man.jpg

It's not every day that you find someone playing the accordion for tips on Queen Street West.  More power to him, I say.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen.jpg

I just love this sign over an empty storefront on Queen Street.  I'm sure (unfortunately) that whoever rents it next won't be a restaurant, and they'll take down the sign.



Taken during a night-time photowalk along Queen Street.  Always sad, always staring. 

Art on the Wall

Art on the Wall.jpg
I don't know who put the art up on the wall of this building, but I'm intrigued by the subject.  I wish that I'd paid attention to it when it was still intact.  The building is slated to be turned into a condominium tower, as part of what seems to be a real revitalization of  the Queen and Sherbourne area.  There's tons of new development going into that area, and it'll be interesting to see what happens as gentrification rolls its way through there.

Red Coat and Wheels

Red Coat and Wheels.jpg
I've never seen this before.  He whipped along Queen Street, balancing on the one skate, until he came to the red light.  It does look like it would be fun to do, though. 

3 Min Idle Limit

3 Min Idle Limit.jpg

Waiting in front of the CP24 studio down on Queen Street.  Do you think he knows he's waiting in a no-idle zone? 

Top Hat

Top Hat.jpg

Taken on a Friday night on Queen Street

Family Portrait

Family Portrait.jpg

They're creepy, and weird, and they make me laugh.  Seen in a store window on Queen Street.  I have no idea why they're both wearing masks.

Bikers on Queen

Bikers on Queen.jpg
More and more people are taking their bikes.  You see all kinds - with headgear ranging from full on helmets to bare heads.  When I was a kid, nobody wore a helmet while they biked.  Now, about three quarters of the riders I see wear them.  



It was just a little bit breezy as I passed the Eaton Center today. 

Four Seasons on Queen

Four Seasons on Queen.jpg
Another view of the Four Seasons Center on Queen Street. 

Entering Traffic

Entering Traffic.jpg
Always a scary moment, this rider enters traffic on Queen Street. 

Enduring Winter

Enduring Winter.jpg
There are times when I think that this winter will never end.  We get warm spells, then it all freezes again.  We lose all the snow, then get dumped on again.  Spring is only 17 days away.  Well, the spring equinox, anyways, when the day is as long as the night.  Till then, all we can do is bundle up like this young lady, and endure the ongoing winter.

Rusty Schwinn

Rusty Schwinn.jpg

I always see bikes locked up and rusting.  Do people lock them up and forget where they parked?  Are these always stolen bikes, that have been ridden to their destination and abandoned? Or is this just a way of getting rid of a bike you don't want, without having to pay to have it hauled away?  I just don't get it.  In this case, it's such a shame, because it's a gorgeous old bike, and it's literally rusting away as it sits there.

Long Branch Car

Long Branch Car.jpg

When I think about it, I'm always astonished that the Queen Street streetcar goes all the way to Long Branch - that's out by the bottom of Highway 427. When I lived out there, I thought it was the boonies.  Way out in the sticks.  But now, I could hop on the streetcar at the end of my street, and take a ride all the way there, passing through downtown.  Hell, someone from that part of the city could, without changing streetcars, go from Highway 427 all the way to the Beach area of the city.

Green on Queen

Green on Queen.jpg

Gothic Clock

Gothic Clock.jpg

This is the clocktower on the library at the corner of Queen St and Saulter.  The building is one of those leftovers from an age where buildings were supposed to convey a feeling, instead of just show how efficient they are.

Tulips on Queen

Tulips on Queen.jpg
It's been a dreary winter so far - too much snow, slush and muck.  So, it was nice to see the flowers outside for Valentine's Day.  Bright colors and green leaves make a nice antidote to the gloom.

Fire Truck On Queen

Fire Truck On Queen.jpg
A fire truck races past as I wait for the streetcar to arrive.  I think it's a pumper truck, but I'm not sure - I never really was one of those kids that wanted to be a fireman when I was young.  (Of course, I'm only 5' 9" tall, so I'm a little bit short for that anyways, so it worked out in the end. )

The Number You Have Reached...

The Number You  Have Reached.jpg

... is not in service.  I wonder how long it will take them to get this fixed.  It's not like many people use pay phones any more anyways.  But this was the first time I'd seen a Bell payphone damaged like this.  (This phone was also featured in this picture, btw.)

Four Seasons in the Sun

Through The Opera House.jpg

I love the glass foyer on the Four Seasons Center, home of the Canadian Opera Company.  Opera isn't my thing, but this is a beautiful building to look at. 

Skull and Shoes

Skull and Shoes.jpg

Awesome skull graffiti on the side of a building at Queen Street W and Beverly St. I don't know who did it, but they did great work.  (Apparently, I've lately been noticing skulls on clothign and buildings much more - maybe I'm turning into a closet goth - heh.) I also like the shoes, hanging off the telephone wires.

Snow and the TTC

Snow and the TTC.jpg

You know, the TTC works remarkably well during snowstorms in Toronto.  It took me about 35 minutes to get home - when it normally takes me about 15 minutes.  But the streetcar kept moving, it was warm, (if crowded), and best of all - I didn't have to do the driving.  Thanks, TTC - keep up the good work.



I wonder how many times you blend into the background without realizing it. It's gotta be pretty common in the city.  I suppose that - in this case - it's what you get for wearing a coat patterened after a predator's pelt. 

Upper Crust at Night

Upper Crust.jpg

Taken outside the Upper Crust bakery on Queen Street. 



Gutting the Best Bargain store on Queen at Broadview.  This little section of Queen Street seems to be undergoing a rather extensive makeover - a lot of the older stores seem to be closing, and being replaced with restaurant after restaurant.  I'm actually hoping that we get a better fruit market in one of these stores.

Alternative Transport

Alternative Transit.jpg

Lots of people ride skateboards to get around downtown.  Most of them are younger than me, like this guy, but there are some surprises out there.  In many ways, the skateboard is an excellent method to get around downtown - not ideal, but useful nonetheless.



I loved his plaid Jays hat.  And the skulls on his jacket - I have to get one of those jackets! Taken at Queen and John, again. :-)

On the Phone

On The Phone.jpg

Checking messages outside the City TV building at Queen and John.

The Protester

The Protester.jpg
I saw this guy from the streetcar at Queen and Bay.  From what I can tell, he's protesting about something that Bill Gates is doing.  Good luck with that, buddy.


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