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Bravo and Steam

Bravo and Steam.jpg

I love the way the sign looks when the steam is billowing around it.  Bravo used to be one of the stations I watched a lot - their studios are located just south of my work, at the intersection of Queen and John.  I haven't watched too much on there lately, though - there just doesn't seem to be as many programs on there that I want to see.

Liberty Village - 72 Fraser Ave

72 Fraser Avenue.jpg

The address is part of a former carpet factory turned into hip loft office space.  I love the look of the whole neighbourhood that's sprung up around the former factory.  I'd love to get a look inside - I bet it looks wild.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale Sign.jpg

I love a good yard sales.  You never know what you're going to find.  It could be the one book in a series that you don't have, and it costs you a quarter.  Sometimes, it's a great, kitschy piece that will look awesome on your desk.  But they can be sad too.  Yard sales happen for many reasons - kids grow out of toys, people downsize to save money, and I always find myself trying to figure out why the sale is happening. 

But the bargain hunting is seriously fun.

Waiting at the Black Market

Waiting at the Black Market.jpg

Waiting outside the Black Market clothing store on Queen West.  Somehow, I don't think that he's in the typical demographic profile for the store - but I love how he's wearing complementary colors for the signage behind him. 

Battenberg Avenue

Battenberg Ave.jpg

I love the rust around the edges of the sign. 

Eastwood Manor

Eastwood Manor.jpg

Part of our photo-walk on Sunday took us by this place, on Gerrard, east of Coxwell - and the signage is awesomely retro - complete with grime and rust stains.  I love old signs, especially when they show their age.

Ironic Signage

Ironic Signage.jpg

Is he coming from the clinic, or going to it?  Does he realize how ironic it is that he's standing in front of that sign?  And, most importantly, DO his feet hurt?

Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel.jpg

I had no idea there was actually a Heartbreak Hotel in Toronto.  Taken at the corner of Queen Street West and Palmerston Ave.  Looks like it has seen better days though - I wonder if the sign lights up at night

World of Comfort

World of Comfort.jpg

What exactly is IN a "World of Comfort"?  Are there fleece lined slippers?  Velvet lined underwear?  Fur lined braces?  Air conditioned saunas?  How far, exactly, are the proprietors of this "World of Comfort" willing to go to accomodate my comfort needs?  These are very important questions, don't you think?

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times.jpg

Special rates for smaller cars.  What a concept - and what a smart marketing move by the owners of the parking lot.  Does this mean that oversized vehicles will start having to pay extra?

Begin What?


The hardest part of any project is the beginning.  Overcoming the inertia that keeps me sitting on the couch, watching the flickering lights on the screen is the hardest part for me.  Once I get started, everything else seems to flow. 

Hooters and Bud

Hooters and Bud.jpg

Somehow, they seem to go together pretty well, don't you think? 

Crossing Guard

Crossing Guard.jpg

Taking a break while she waits.  It's gotta be boring, waiting for kids to come along to cross the street.

Not Your Typical High School

Not Your Typical High School.jpg

I can't tell you how much I loved seeing that sign in the classroom at Inglenook Community High School.  I wish I'd had more teachers that believed in that sign.  I only had two that came anywhere close to that, but at least I had both of them for multiple classes. 

School is not a place to teach you facts.  Facts are a way to teach you to think. 

Edgewater Hotel Sign

Edgewater Hotel Sign.jpg

Inspired by the article here, I decided to get a shot of the hotel sign at the corner of Queen and Roncesvalles.  I love old signage.  I think it makes the city more interesting to have these signs.  And it's a shame that they're being removed, one by one, as they age. 

Still Waiting to Win

Still Waiting to Win.jpg

I know the odds of winning the Lotto 649 - 1 in over 13 million.  But I still play when the prize gets big enough.  This sign reminds me that people have been playing this thing for a long time, and lots of them never, ever win.

Fire on Queen

Fire on Queen I.jpg

There was a fire at the Pizza Pizza across the street from CP24 studios on Queen yesterday.  I was fortunate enough to spot the smoke coming from the roof of the building when I went out for my lunchtime photowalk, and managed to get a bunch of photos of the emergency response.  Here, firefighters climb a ladder to get to the roof, where they find a burning airduct.  The fire was quickly extinguished, but not before the entire block of Queen Street was closed to traffic.

Garden Gate

Garden Gate.jpg

We found another old diner sign on Queen Street - this time out in the Beach area.  I have to remember to go back in the evening, and get a shot of it when it's lit up.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen.jpg

I just love this sign over an empty storefront on Queen Street.  I'm sure (unfortunately) that whoever rents it next won't be a restaurant, and they'll take down the sign.

3 Min Idle Limit

3 Min Idle Limit.jpg

Waiting in front of the CP24 studio down on Queen Street.  Do you think he knows he's waiting in a no-idle zone? 

Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell.jpg

At Dundas and Yonge, this guy was trying - really hard - to get his point across.  The folks around him didn't seem to be listening, much, though.  I often wonder what makes people like this want to do that - go out and be a solitary voice, preaching their message to the uncaring crowd.  You'd think they'd come up with a better way to do it. 

Effective Sign II

Effective Sign II.jpg
Yet another tremendously effective parking sign.  Of course, I don't expect everyone to follow every sign - I'm just amused when I see something done so blatantly. 

High Park Station

High Park Station.jpg

The Protester

The Protester.jpg
I saw this guy from the streetcar at Queen and Bay.  From what I can tell, he's protesting about something that Bill Gates is doing.  Good luck with that, buddy.

Galley Food Market

Galley Food Market.jpg
I took this on our trip on Saturday from the Junction down to Queen and Roncesvalles.  I love the feel of the neighborhood on Roncesvalles Ave, in Toronto's west end.  It's a wonderful mix of shops, mostly local, without too many big name stores.  I keep hoping that Leslieville will develop some more of the same spirit.

Northbound Trains

Northbound Trains.jpg
I loved the lighting in Osgoode Station when I took this shot.  You'd think, it being underground and all, that the lighting would be consistent.  But some days, it just strikes me as more interesting than others. 

Modern Mummy

Modern Mummy.jpg
I love this sign at Dupont Station.  It must have been designed and put up in the sixties, but it's still there.  And the sign for the deli is almost as funny.  I wonder if they serve your coffee wrapped in bandages.  Or is it coffee made from mummies?  

Parent Management

Parent Management.jpg
Unintentionally (?) ironic sign found during a walk recently.  


Anybody seen Ray Bradbury anywhere?  


I love the texture of the numerals here.  It's impossible to duplicate the look of an aging steel sign.  Something about how it looks, about how it slowly decays back to iron oxide, appeals to me.



I love the rust and texture on the surface of this nightclub sign.

Chocolate Inside


I'm going to have to go around this part of town one evening, to see what the area looks like after dark.  During the day, it's an interesting building.

Waiting at Dupont


Everybody finds themselves waiting for the subway from time to time.  I was stuck at Dupont, and decided to see what kind of shot I could get of the signage there.

Not So Rich Anymore


I found this sign on Eastern Avenue, just east of the railway bridge near our house.  From across the street, I wasn't able to read it, but up close, you can see what it used to say.


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