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Contemplating the Drop

Contemplating the Drop.jpg



There were a huge variety of kites in the sky this fall at Ashbridges Bay Kite Festival.  It was rather spectacular to see, and most of these were anchored in the beach, and were remarkably stable up in the sky. 

Chicago - Navy Pier Marker

Chicago - Navy Pier Marker.jpg

Looking out at Lake Michigan from the end of the Navy Pier in Chicago

Chicago - Skyline from Navy Pier

Chicago - Skyline from Navy Pier.jpg

I love Chicago's skyline - especially the view from Navy Pier.  It juts out into the lake for a really long distance, and it's covered with attractions and rides.  There's even a Shakespearean theater on the pier!  The tall black building that looks like a giant taser is the John Hancock building - the second highest building in the city, I think.  We stood at the bottom of that later on in our visit.  

Bravo and Steam

Bravo and Steam.jpg

I love the way the sign looks when the steam is billowing around it.  Bravo used to be one of the stations I watched a lot - their studios are located just south of my work, at the intersection of Queen and John.  I haven't watched too much on there lately, though - there just doesn't seem to be as many programs on there that I want to see.

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves.jpg

We took a nice walk around what will become our new neighbourhood, and stopped in at a local park to shoot the foliage.  This weekend has been particularly good for fall colours and falling leaves, and it's a chilly reminder that winter is coming. 

Working in the Clouds

Working in the Clouds.jpg

I wonder what kind of adjustment period the guys that work on cellphone towers have to go through before they're comfortable working on these things?  I don't think it would bother me too much, but I know that there are people out there that would totally freeze being this high up, with that little around them. 

Skyscraper and Clouds

Skyscraper and Clouds.jpg

Walking along Queens Quay yesterday, I looked up at the construction, and spotted some wonderful cloud formations above this building.  It was gorgeous down by the water, and a welcome antidote to the craziness of the day. 

MMVA Teardown

MMVA Teardown.jpg

They've started tearing down the stage on John Street south of Queen after the Much Music Video Awards.  These guys are at the top of the structure, disassembling it piece by piece.

Scotia Tower

Scotia Tower.jpg

The Scotiabank Tower on King Street stands out from its neighbours, shining in the sun.  Hmmm - a metaphor for the strength of the Canadian banking sector maybe?  We had a lot of fun walking around downtown on Sunday for Doors Open, and I took this shot as we were about to head into Commerce Court, across the street.

Painting a New Mural

Painting a New Mural.jpg

They are changing the mural at Queen Street and John Street again.  Looks like they paint it white, then put a grid on it, then paint the mural.  I always wondered how they managed to paint such huge works and still have them come out looking right. 

AGO Stairs

AGO Stairs.jpg

There always seems to be maintenance happening to these stairs.  They look cool, but media reports say that they leak all ready.  Maybe they were a little too ambitious?



She's thirteen now, and there's so much ahead of her.  Heather pauses to contemplate the lake down on the Leslie Street Spit.  So much potential, so many adventures.

City in Silhouette

City in Silhouette.jpg

Have I mentioned that I love the view from my balcony?



Taken from the bike path beside the Don Valley Parkway. As it goes underneath the railroad tracks along the lakeshore, you can stand underneath the bridge, and take shots of the trains going by. 

Sunset at Ashbridges Bay I

Sunset at Ashbridges Bay I.jpg

We took the kids to Ashbridges Bay the other night, and we got some great shots of the beach as the sun went down.  I'm really looking forward to going back there when we have a little more time to shoot.

Cottage Country I

Cottage Country I.jpg
The Muskokas are beautiful all year round, and they have a special magic at sunset.  One clear, still evening, we went sunset hunting.  We drove from the bed and breakfast we stayed at to Algonquin Park, scouting locations. Then, as the sun set, we drove back towards Huntsville, stopping at the locations and taking shots. 


Post.jpgI took my daughter to a horse ranch for a day as a birthday present.  She was thrilled, as you would expect.  

Whose Shoes?


I keep seeing these things all over. I never understood the appeal - even when I was only sixteen. These shoes have been on the wire across the street from my work for months, and I wonder who threw them. Was it the owner? Was it one of his "friends"? Or was it someone else?

Roof and Sky


I loved the contrast of the dark roof and the clear blue sky behind it.


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