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Exploring the Spit

Exploring the Spit.jpg

Okay - so it's been a while since I posted here.  It's been a busy, busy summer.  My wonderful, amazing daughter has come to live with us, so we've been just a *tad* busy - adapting to life with a resident teenager is occassionally challenging, shall we say.  But I still have all these photos that I want to share, and there's so much I want to see and capture. 

Spring Mushrooms

Spring Mushrooms.jpg

My neighbour has a whole host of these growing on the hill in front of his house.  I have no idea what kind of mushrooms these are, but they grow into huge colonies like this, then disintegate into a black goo, only to come back again.  It's cool, and it's the only house on the street to have this happen.  I'm sure that once he starts mowing his lawn, these will appear less frequently.

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain 2010.jpg

The rain wasn't hard, just annoying enough warrant a sudden profusion of umbrellas, popping up like mushrooms, filling the sidewalks and making people dodge each other as they passed.  You have to wonder about the people that brought their bikes, though - were they prepared for the rain? Was it a surprise? Are they going to get that annoying streak of wet up their backs from the ride home?  And is it possible to use an umbrella while you ride a bike?

Robin's Egg Blues

Robin's Egg Blues.jpg

A broken eggshell on the sidewalk is such an ambiguous thing, really.  Did the chick hatch, and the eggshell get pushed out of the nest?  Did the egg itself break, dooming the chick?  Questions, questions, questions ...

Cutting the Sidewalk

Cutting the Sidewalk.jpg

Sidewalks are under assault as the maintenance season (aka summer) approaches.  Every year, the harsh weather of winter and the thaw of spring do a serious number on the roads, pipes, and wires around the city.  And every summer, workers and machinery pop up like mushrooms, clustered around the most damaged parts of the city.  And every fall, the workers and machinery disappear, revealing a healed city, ready to face the ravages of winter once again.  I can't decide if this is comforting, or frustrating....

Morning in the Park

Morning in the Park.jpg

Morning sunlight shines through the trees of Orchard Park.  I'm so glad that spring is here, and that the sunshine is being accompanied by some warmth.  The snow is gone, the trees and grass are green, and I find myself looking forward to the coming summer. 

I got this picture because I decided to take a different route from home to the streetcar - through the park instead of down Coxwell Avenue.  It's a little bit more visual than the street route, although it's a bit longer to walk.  Hopefully it will be an inspiration as the weather continues to improve.

Leading the Band

It's not often that it climbs above 21C in Toronto in April (that's 70F, for those still using the imperial system).  But on Sunday, that's exactly what we had, for the third day in a row.  It was a fantastic weekend, and the crowds came out in full force for the Beaches Easter Parade.  There were bands, there were jugglers, there were vintage vehicles, and there were politicians.  Much candy was handed out to the kids in the crowd, and it was a lot of fun. 

I got this shot as a pipe band marched by.  I have to confess, I love the sound of a pipe band.  There's something about the bagpipes that just makes me happy, so when this band showed up, I really enjoyed listening.  But I can't decide - do I like the colour version or the black and white?  Both are wonderful, but for different reasons.  What do you think, folks?

Leading the Band BW.jpg

Leading the Band.jpg

Stretching in the Park

Stretching in the Park.jpg

Proper stretching is tremendously important.  With the sunshine we had the other day, lots of people were out in the park near my work.  Some were playing frisbee, some were enjoying their lunch.  This guy seemed to be doing yoga.  I have to say that I love the summer, and I can't wait for more consistently warm weather to arrive. 


Lupins I.jpg

The lupins are blooming in our front yard.  I wish there was some way to have them bloom more than once, but they're a June flower - they'll be fading by the middle of July, if I recall correctly.  But they're cool, the way their flowers appear on the stem.  They start out like you see at the top, and then the colours appear, and the individual flowers bloom.

Blossoms in June




In spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love...  It's definitely spring, and they're definitely thinking thoughts of love.  On the other hand, I was thinking that her socks looked awesome.

Fading Spring

Fading Spring.jpg

Oh dear, the blossoms are already fading and wilting.  Spring is racing past us, as we enjoy the warmer weather.  Summer will be here soon, and I'm looking forward to long walks after work, watching the city life in the evenings. 

Tulip Lawn

Tulip Lawn.jpg

One of my neighbours seems to have missed the garden when planting these.  They've sprouted up all over his front lawn, and I have to say that the effect is wonderful. 

Spring 2009

Spring 2009.jpg

Warm weather has arrived, and the magnolia trees on our street are starting to blossom.  Yay!

Balancing Act II

Balancing Act II.jpg

Is he playing basketball, or soccer? I wonder what a combination of both would look like.  Regardless, it's wonderful to have warm weather again.

Window Washer

Window Cleaner.jpg

A window washer at work on John Street, cleaning the windows on a sunny spring day. Oh, I'm looking forward to warmer weather and less rain.

Relaxing in the Park

Relaxing in the Park.jpg
Still at Trinity-Bellwoods Park.  It was gorgeous on Saturday - a truly wonderful day to be out in the sunshine.  

Spring is Springing!

Spring is Springing.jpg
Saw these sprouting up through the leaves of last fall the other day.  I love the bright colours against the brown and grey of the winter.  Who knows - maybe the winter is finally ending,  and we aren't going to get any more snow.  I know I have my fingers crossed.


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