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Eglinton West Platform

Eglinton West Platform.jpg

Southbound platform of the Eglinton West subway station. 

Chicago - Subway

Chicago - Subway.jpg

I love the look and the cleanliness of the Chicago Subway trains.  There were a lot of features of the trains that I liked - such as the recorded messages telling you not only which station the train is pulling into, but also which side of the train you'll be exiting by.  I loved that the train travelled along the center median of a major highway, too - such a smart city planning decision. 

Chicago - El Train

Chicago - El Train.jpg

Chicago - State Street, Under the El

Chicago - State Street Under the El.jpg

Some of my most enduring impressions of Chicago come from "The Blues Brothers" - I remember scenes of Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi racing underneath the elevated subway tracks in Chicago.  A little while ago, my wife and I made a pilgrimage to Chicago, and took the time, between fabulous diner eating, to take a bunch of photos of the downtown area.  This particular shot was taken on the first day of our visit.



Every once in a while, you get an image like this - one where you took a shot from the hip, no focus.  This one looked interesting, though, like something you'd see in a dream.

Spadina Hallway

Spadina Hallway copy.jpg

How quintessentially seventies are the tunnels in Spadina Station? It's incredibly evocative of the era, and every time I go through there, I feel like I'm back in high school, exploring the city via the subway system.  Spadina Station was opened in two parts - the first in 1966, servicing the Bloor Line, and the rest in 1978, servicing the Yonge Line.  You can see the different tiles on the left side of the picture, where the moving walkways used to be - according to Wikipedia, these were removed in 2004. 

Last Call

Last Call.jpg

I saw this guy at the top of the stairs to Osgoode Station, making a call before he gets on the subway, I'd guess. 

High Park Station

High Park Station.jpg

Guitar in the Door

Guitar in the Door.jpg

I saw this guy while I was doing last minute Christmas shopping, on his way somewhere else.  I hope that everyone reading had a wonderful holiday, and a happy New Year. 

Note: There has been an ongoing problem with the comments and entry links here for some time, and that has now been resolved.  Feel free to comment on the photos again - it should be doable now.

Subway Arrival

Subway Arrival.jpg

Taken at the Dupont Station, as we waited to take the train home after visiting Casa Loma.

Waiting for the Train II

Waiting for the Train II.jpg

Waiting for the train at Osgoode Station. 

Northbound Trains

Northbound Trains.jpg
I loved the lighting in Osgoode Station when I took this shot.  You'd think, it being underground and all, that the lighting would be consistent.  But some days, it just strikes me as more interesting than others. 

Light and Train


Subway arriving at Osgoode Station, on the northbound platform. Also seen on Flickr

Osgoode Subway


Since I work near Queen and University, I've spent a fair amount of time going through Osgoode Station. If you like this shot, see this one.

Waiting at Dupont


Everybody finds themselves waiting for the subway from time to time.  I was stuck at Dupont, and decided to see what kind of shot I could get of the signage there.

Subway Train Arrival

I was amused to see this rider ignoring the arrival of the train, and continuing his reading.  I didn't wait to see if he actually boarded the train, but it looked like he was very involved with his newspaper.  Of course, that's one of the nicer things about living in Toronto - having a subway that runs every few minutes, so that if you miss one, you don't have to wait too long for the next one.


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