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Wig At Pride 2016

Wig at Pride 2016.jpg

You see all kinds of things at Pride.  You see people celebrating their sexuality, dressing to please themselves, and coming together as a community.  I'm so glad that I finally made it out to Pride this year.  

Contemplating the Drop

Contemplating the Drop.jpg

Looking Back 2

Looking Back 2.jpg

As I get older, I start looking back at my life more and more.  It's natural, but it's also a huge distraction at times.  I am constantly reminding myself that there's no profit in watching yourself make bad decisions, over and over - it's much better to look at where you are now, and focus on making the best decisions that you can.  The past is the past - unchangeable and gone.  The future can still be influenced, if we pay attention to the here and now.

TTC Supervisor On Duty

TTC Supervisor On Duty.jpg

Waiting for the next streetcar to pass, I guess.  I see the supervisors hanging out on the street from time to time, but I never know exactly what they're doing there.  Don't they have radios in the buses and streetcars?  Or are they there to do spot checks, making sure that the streetcar drivers dont' take their cars off the rails and go wandering through the city?

Bruce Canoeing

Bruce Canoeing.jpg

Taking the canoe out for a spin on the lake.  Taken on our way to the Grotto on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

Casa Loma Tower

Casa Loma Tower.jpg

Another shot from our trip to Casa Loma back in August. 

Carousel Lights

Carousel Lights.jpg

Detail from a carousel on the Ex Midway.  I loved the light at that point, especially with the grey clouds in the background. 

Waiting for Customers

Waiting for Customers.jpg

Ah well, another summer has come to an end.  It's a tradition, in Toronto, that the end of the Canadian National Exhibition marks the end of summer.  We went on Saturday, and had a great time - lots of food, cool buildings, fun games and rides on the Midway. 

These guys are waiting for players to try the Crown and Anchor wheel, late at night.  Things thinned out substantially once the buildings started closing at 10pm, and these guys seemed to enjoy the break.  Next year, we have to go earlier, so that we can see all the exhibits and buildings, not just half of them. 

Feeding Pigeons

Feeding Pigeons.jpg

Gotta say this for them - pigeons ALWAYS know where there's a free meal.  Although, for some reason, Tom Lehrer is playing in the back of my mind...

Picnic Discussion

Picnic Discussion.jpg

Gotta love the warm weather - I'm so glad that summer's almost here.  Picnic benches are a staple of the summer, and discussions like this one are common while the sun is out.  Sunshine, summer, friends and discussions...

Aloha Dude

Aloha Dude.jpg

Just hanging out, listening to some tunes at Queen and John. 

Boogie Board

Boogie Board.jpg

Okay, so what do you get when you have a beach, and you have a LOT of rain over a few day period?  You get ponding on the beach.  And where there is ponding, there are folks with boogie boards.  They run through the water, throw the board, and jump on it, riding it across the calm surface, doing tricks and spins.  Looks like a lot of fun, but somehow I can picture my self not quite managing the "jump on the board" phase, and ending up on my butt in the water. 

After The Rain

After the Rain.jpg

Everything is so fresh and clean after the rain. 

Hippo, Bull, and EcoCabs

Hippo, Bull, and Eco Cabs.jpg

Wonderful combination of colors just outside of the Black Bull pub on Queen Street.  The Hippo Tourist Bus is a frequent sight downtown, and the EcoCabs are now more regularly seen. 

One of these things....


... is not like the other. 

Today, I'm going back through my unprocessed images from the summer - just as a break from the winter around us. I love the contrast between the church and the city.  Every time I see it, I'm struck by how the church seems almost out of place, showing us how much the architecture of the city has changed as time has gone by. 

In the Bubbles

In The Bubbles.jpg
Okay - last CNE picture for the year, I promise.  After finishing a pyrotechnical acrobatics show, they turned on a foam machine and let the kids in the audience go wild - they ran around, threw suds at each other, and had a great time.



Summer is officially over - the CNE has closed.  It was a busy, busy summer, and now we get to see the leaves turn, the kids going back to school, and the weather starting to get cooler.

Balloon Busker

Balloon Busker.jpg

It was Busker Fest this weekend in Toronto.  There were all kinds of different performers on the ground, but this young lady had everyone looking to the skies.  It's gotta be a quite a sight to be looking down from this height onto the street, filled with people looking back up at you.

Bus Lights

Bus Lights.jpg
School's almost over, now, so it seemed appropriate to take a picture of the brake lights on a school bus.  Any day now, the streets will be filled with the sound of kids complaining that they're bored, and wanna go to the mall.  Ahh, the sweet sounds of summer.


Gotta love the summer.  Sunny skies, warm weather, bikes on the road.  Of course, this week we've had cold weather, and rain, but I'm sure it will get better. :-)

Catching a Breather

Catching a Breather.jpg
Looks like someone is enjoying the warmer weather.  Note the distinct lack of shoes.  I love that Umbra has these tables out front to encourage people to stop and enjoy the weather.  It's nice to see a company being smart about the ways that they can add to the ambiance of the neighbourhood, and benefit themselves at the same time.


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