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King Street Traffic

King Street Traffic.jpg

Into the Light

Into the Light copy.jpg

Walking into the spring sunshine on Queen West.  Thank god that the weather is changing, and we're getting more warmth, and no more of the snow and slush.

Barbie Magic at Much Music

Barbie Magic at Much Music.jpg

It's always interesting to walk by Much Music on weekday mornings - you never know what you'll see. 

The In Crowd

The In Crowd.jpg



Spring is normally a gray, rainy affair, so it was nice to have a warm, sunny day in the middle of it.  These two broke out the shades to cope with the unaccustomed light.

Waiting for the Streetcar

Waiting for the Streetcar.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar can be a very frustrating part of the morning for me.  However, not driving, once the streetcar arrives, makes up for it.

Winter Walks

Winter Walks.jpg

Oh, but it was cold that day.  The water was frozen over the small bay at Cherry Beach, but it didn't stop people from walking their dogs down there.  With spring coming soon, consider this a little reminder of what we're saying goodbye to for a year.

Rusty Schwinn

Rusty Schwinn.jpg

I always see bikes locked up and rusting.  Do people lock them up and forget where they parked?  Are these always stolen bikes, that have been ridden to their destination and abandoned? Or is this just a way of getting rid of a bike you don't want, without having to pay to have it hauled away?  I just don't get it.  In this case, it's such a shame, because it's a gorgeous old bike, and it's literally rusting away as it sits there.

Cherry Beach In Winter

Cherry Beach In Winter.jpg

Bright sunlight and clear skies brought a fair number of people out to Cherry Beach.  I wanted to get a look at what it's like in the winter, so we went for a photowalk down by the beach.  The ice was melting, and these folks were getting a good look at it from the beach, but we saw a few brave souls out on some of the ice.

Four Seasons in the Sun

Through The Opera House.jpg

I love the glass foyer on the Four Seasons Center, home of the Canadian Opera Company.  Opera isn't my thing, but this is a beautiful building to look at. 

On the Bench II

On the Bench II.jpg

A nice sunny day in Toronto, on Queen Street East - in black and white.  Looks like he's been there for a while. I wonder if he's waiting for someone, or just hanging out. 

Covering His Tracks

Covering His Tracks.jpg
I know - he's actually just removing some debris left over after he cut his trees - but doesn't it look like he's trying to cover his footprints? 

Backlit Maple Leaf

Backlit Maple Leaf.jpg
Went out for a stroll this weekend, visiting some of the Contact photography installations around the west end of the city.  It was the first time I stopped in the Trinity Bellwoods park in a long time, and I found this maple leaf hanging at just the right height to be easily snapped.

Smoking in the Alley

Smoking in the Alley.jpg

Taken along Adelaide, west of Spadina.  I see smokers, huddled in doorways, trying to keep out of the wind, the snow, and the rain, all year long.  It's got to be a relief when the weather is nice, and sunny, and warm.  But wouldn't it just be easier to quit?

Morning Light

Morning Light.jpg
I loved the way the light separated the foreground and background here.  It's nice to see a shot of a sunny day, especially when it's so grey and cloudy outside right now.  It'll be spring, soon, and the snow will all go away - and then we can start bitching about how muddy it is.  


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