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Queen and Coxwell - Fog

Queen and Coxwell - Fog.jpg

East on Dundas

East on Dundas.jpg

Looking east on Dundas from the corner at University. Lots of traffic, but it's noontime, so it's not really too bad.  It's much worse at rush hour, as many people try to use University as a conduit to the northern reaches of the city.  Of course, the more that people use it, the more crowded, and slow, it gets.

King Street Traffic

King Street Traffic.jpg

Chicago - Streetscape 1

Chicago Streetscape 1.jpg

One of the more interesting features of Chicago is the mix of lower and upper streets.  It gives you an opportunity to take interesting streetscapes, like this one, from the bridges spanning the lower streets.  I loved the canyon effect brought on by the tall buildings on both sides, but I imagine that it could be oppressive if you don't like city living.  As for me, I'm a big fan of living in cities, so I just find it to be exciting.  

Waiting to Merge

Waiting to Merge.jpg

A driver waits to pull around a stopped car on Queen Street, as Justin Bieber performs at Much Music.  Traffic was pretty heavy while Justin was performing, but I don't really think that too many drivers were trying to catch a glimpse of him as they zoomed past.  It's always interesting to stand at the bus stop at Queen and John and wait for a streetcar while one act or another performs there.  Inevitably, the performances are going on at 5pm, when everyone is leaving.  That's part of the charm of the city, though.

University, South of Queen

University, South of Queen.jpg

As you can see, we had some sunshine recently.  It was wonderful to get out of the office and walk over to City Hall under clear skies.  

Backlit Biker

Backlit Biker.jpg

Sometimes, it's surprising what turns up in your camera.  I remember taking this shot, and I remember actually trying to get a shot of the skateboarder coming up behind her.  But this one turned out better, so there you go. 

Merging on the Yellow

Merging on the Yellow.jpg

Traffic along Queen Street can be very congested in front of City TV.  And those staffers that take scooters to work (and there are a few of them parked in front of the studios every day) don't always have an easy time of it trying to get into traffic.  I have to say that I loved the combination of the bright yellow scooter and the high heels, though.

Taking His Place in Traffic

Taking His Place In Traffic.jpg

Another example of why it's not easy being a bike commuter - making legal left turns isn't easy when you're the smallest thing on the road.  Kudos to this guy for taking his legal place.  Maybe if more riders did this, cars and trucks would start looking for them on the road, instead of not paying attention to them.  However, I do understand the reluctance on the part of bikers to take the risk - it's way too easy to lose out to a much larger vehicle that just didn't see you.

Looking Back

Looking Back.jpg

Waiting for the traffic lights to change at Queen and John.  In the background, you can see St. Patrick's Market, where extensive renovations are underway, now that all the tenants have vacated. 

Spring Commute

Spring Commute.jpg

Many commuters in Toronto never travel any way but by car, according to a recent Spacing Magazine survey.  There are bike lanes on Dundas, out where I live, and every morning, I see a parade of people using them to get to work by bicycle, skateboard and scooter.  We need more bike lanes in Toronto.

Where The Rubber Meets the Road

Where the Rubber Meets the Road.jpg

I don't know that I'd be comfortable, riding to work on a motorcycle.  It's not that I think that they're unsafe - I just think that motorists tend not to see them as well as they see cars. 

Biker in Silhouette

Biker in Silhouette.jpg

There's lots more sunshine in the city these days, and I keep seeing interesing ways to capture the light.  This shot was supposed to be of the bike rider, but somehow, it became about light and shadow. 

Board, Cup and Traffic

Board, Cup and Traffic.jpg

Crossing Queen Street in the sunshine.  I wonder why he didn't ride - maybe he didn't want to spill his Starbucks.

Golden Queen II

Golden Queen II.jpg

Another shot of Queen Street at sunset. 

Golden Queen

Golden Queen.jpg

From Queen and John - straight out of camera. 

Simcoe Street

Simcoe Street copy.jpg

Morning rush hour on Simcoe Street.  I think that's steam, not smoke, coming out of the smokestack in the background.  A large proportion of the downtown buildings are actually heated by steam, according to the information found here.

Queen and Bay II

Queen and Bay II.jpg

Early evening at Queen and Bay - now (seemingly) the slowest part of the 501-E streetcar route.  Every time I get on the streetcar these days, it seems to take forever to go from here past Yonge Street. 

Queen and Bay

Queen and Bay.jpg

It's always such a busy intersection.  Even on a Tuesday afternoon, in late fall, there's always a lineup of cars going through Queen Street.  I love the rows of flags by City Hall, and the cavern of buildings going up Bay Street.

Queen and Spadina

Queen and Spadina.jpg

This is always a busy intersection.  On a good day,  you can see all kinds of different modes of transportation - from feet to streetcars and everything in between. And it's an interesting street to walk down, too.  In the course of a few blocks, you can see the fashion district, Chinatown, and all the computer parts you could ever want - and that's just from King to College. 



A Harley rider takes the evening commute across Queen West - heading off into the sunset, I guess.

Is the Strike Over Yet?

Is the Strike Over Yet.jpg

He certainly looks bored, as he sits and waits at Queen and University.

Rain and Traffic

Rain and Traffic.jpg

Oh, but it poured that day.  The skies opened up, and a torrent came down upon us.  I was happily dry, taking pictures underneath my umbrella, while this poor guy struggled across the street in the rain.

Bike and Streetcar

Bike and Streetcar.jpg

So many questions:
What's in the buggy?
Why is he riding in the middle of the street?
What would happen if the cart got caught on the streetcar tracks?
How far does he have to ride holding on to that buggy?

Eco Cab On Queen

Eco Cab On Queen.jpg

These things are all over the place downtown.  I like seeing them - they give a little bit more character to the area.

Man and Traffic

Man and Traffic.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive.  Sometimes its there quickly, sometimes, it feels like it takes forever.  One of the most frustrating things I see every day is the people in the center lane of Queen Street, waiting for a break in the traffic so that they can turn left, with one or more streetcars stuck behind them.  Why would you ever try to turn left on Queen Street in rush hour?  Go to an intersection with a light, and turn left there, instead.  You'll get to the same streets. 

Best Seat In The House

Best Seat In The House.jpg

I used to have one of these stools.  The steps swung down from under the seat, and you had a mini-ladder for getting stuff off the top shelves in the kitchen.  This one looks like it's set up so that the owner can watch traffic flow by, up Broadview. 

Bikers on Queen

Bikers on Queen.jpg
More and more people are taking their bikes.  You see all kinds - with headgear ranging from full on helmets to bare heads.  When I was a kid, nobody wore a helmet while they biked.  Now, about three quarters of the riders I see wear them.  


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