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East on Dundas

East on Dundas.jpg

Looking east on Dundas from the corner at University. Lots of traffic, but it's noontime, so it's not really too bad.  It's much worse at rush hour, as many people try to use University as a conduit to the northern reaches of the city.  Of course, the more that people use it, the more crowded, and slow, it gets.

TTC Supervisor On Duty

TTC Supervisor On Duty.jpg

Waiting for the next streetcar to pass, I guess.  I see the supervisors hanging out on the street from time to time, but I never know exactly what they're doing there.  Don't they have radios in the buses and streetcars?  Or are they there to do spot checks, making sure that the streetcar drivers dont' take their cars off the rails and go wandering through the city?

Eglinton West Platform

Eglinton West Platform.jpg

Southbound platform of the Eglinton West subway station. 

Chicago - Subway

Chicago - Subway.jpg

I love the look and the cleanliness of the Chicago Subway trains.  There were a lot of features of the trains that I liked - such as the recorded messages telling you not only which station the train is pulling into, but also which side of the train you'll be exiting by.  I loved that the train travelled along the center median of a major highway, too - such a smart city planning decision. 

Chicago - El Train

Chicago - El Train.jpg

Marilyn Shelter

Marilyn Shelter.jpg

It's kind of creepy to have a giant Marilyn head staring at you as you wait for the next streetcar.  I mean - it feels like she's staring at me when I'm in this shelter.  And she's larger than life size, too.  I suppose it could be worse - it could be Don Cherry. (heh)

Holdup at Broadview

Holdup at Broadview2.jpg

This lineup of streetcars on Queen was a result of an incident on a Queen streetcar at Broadview.  The police were interviewing passengers on a streetcar just past Broadview, in front of The Opera House.  I was able to get off a streetcar at the end of this line, walk up and do some errands, and get on one of the streetcars at the front of the line, at which point, the police let traffic go again.  It was amazing, however, to see so many streetcars lined up at this corner.

Backlit Biker

Backlit Biker.jpg

Sometimes, it's surprising what turns up in your camera.  I remember taking this shot, and I remember actually trying to get a shot of the skateboarder coming up behind her.  But this one turned out better, so there you go. 

Taking His Place in Traffic

Taking His Place In Traffic.jpg

Another example of why it's not easy being a bike commuter - making legal left turns isn't easy when you're the smallest thing on the road.  Kudos to this guy for taking his legal place.  Maybe if more riders did this, cars and trucks would start looking for them on the road, instead of not paying attention to them.  However, I do understand the reluctance on the part of bikers to take the risk - it's way too easy to lose out to a much larger vehicle that just didn't see you.

505 Broadview

505 Broadview copy.jpg

Taken just beside the Village by the Grange.  I always find myself wondering if the street bends like this because it used to be two streets that didn't quite meet, or if there was some geographical feature that it used to have to go around, but now is missing.

Golden Queen II

Golden Queen II.jpg

Another shot of Queen Street at sunset. 

Golden Queen

Golden Queen.jpg

From Queen and John - straight out of camera. 

Commuting in the City

Commuting In The City.jpg

Getting around the city is much easier with smaller vehicles.  Every day, I see people using skateboards, roller blades, bicycles and bikes zipping around, while cars, SUVs and trucks keep getting blocked by traffic.  Why, exactly, would you drive an H3 or a Land Cruiser through downtown Toronto traffic, in rush hour?

Bike and Streetcar

Bike and Streetcar.jpg

So many questions:
What's in the buggy?
Why is he riding in the middle of the street?
What would happen if the cart got caught on the streetcar tracks?
How far does he have to ride holding on to that buggy?

Eco Cab On Queen

Eco Cab On Queen.jpg

These things are all over the place downtown.  I like seeing them - they give a little bit more character to the area.

Man and Traffic

Man and Traffic.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive.  Sometimes its there quickly, sometimes, it feels like it takes forever.  One of the most frustrating things I see every day is the people in the center lane of Queen Street, waiting for a break in the traffic so that they can turn left, with one or more streetcars stuck behind them.  Why would you ever try to turn left on Queen Street in rush hour?  Go to an intersection with a light, and turn left there, instead.  You'll get to the same streets. 

Recumbent Trike

Recumbent Trike.jpg

Braving traffic in one of these would not be my cup of tea.  It looks like a lot of fun to ride, but I'd want to be taller and more visible in the busy Queen Street traffic that this guy was braving.

The Skater and the Bahamas

The Skater and The Bahamas.jpg

The signs of spring are everywhere.  The bikers, the skaters, and the ads for trips to warm locales.  I'm so happy that it's light later on in the evening - it gives me that much more opportunity to take pictures.  

Track Maintenance

Track Maintenance.jpg
You know, before I started taking the streetcar to work every day, I never realized that they had to do anything to the tracks in bad weather.  In this picture, you can see one worker pouring antifreeze into the switch, and the other is sweeping slush and crud out of the mechanism. 

Streetcar on Spadina

Streetcar on Spadina.jpg

I had to run up to College and University at lunchtime the other day.  On my way there, I was waiting for the northbound Spadina streetcar to come by.  This one, heading southbound, caught my eye.  Those things get filthy on a winter day, don't they?  How'd you like the job of washing them on a regular basis?  Somebody's doing it, because there's no way that, on a day like this, something driving through the muck and slush that's all over those tracks is going to stay THAT clean for long.

Reading on the Streetcar

Reading on the Streetcar.jpg

I get so much more reading done, now that I'm on the streetcar instead of driving to work.  I'd forgotten, before I started taking the TTC to work again, how much I enjoyed that aspect of the commute.

Streetcar Sardines

Streetcar Sardines.jpg

It was snowing, really hard, and the city was slowed substantially.  I waited twenty minutes for the streetcar, and when it arrived, empty, it filled up with waiting commuters.  And I mean, it REALLY filled up.  I managed to snag a seat, but it stayed like this from Yonge Street all the way across to Broadview, where I escaped. 

Guitar in the Door

Guitar in the Door.jpg

I saw this guy while I was doing last minute Christmas shopping, on his way somewhere else.  I hope that everyone reading had a wonderful holiday, and a happy New Year. 

Note: There has been an ongoing problem with the comments and entry links here for some time, and that has now been resolved.  Feel free to comment on the photos again - it should be doable now.

Subway Arrival

Subway Arrival.jpg

Taken at the Dupont Station, as we waited to take the train home after visiting Casa Loma.

Morning Commute

Morning Commute.jpg

These two gentlemen ended up sitting next to each other on the Queen streetcar.  Something about the way they sat there just appealed to me.


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