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Bruce Wood Spirit

Bruce Wood Spirit.jpg

When I look at this, I see a wood spirit - you can see a knee, a foot, a torso, and a neck, if you squint the right way.  When we were walking through the woods in the Bruce Peninsula, I was struck, repeatedly, by the incredibly daunting task it must have been to cut a road through the woods from Tobermory down to Wiarton.  It would have been solid, mature forest, hard rock, and it would have taken ages to build. 

Morning in the Park

Morning in the Park.jpg

Morning sunlight shines through the trees of Orchard Park.  I'm so glad that spring is here, and that the sunshine is being accompanied by some warmth.  The snow is gone, the trees and grass are green, and I find myself looking forward to the coming summer. 

I got this picture because I decided to take a different route from home to the streetcar - through the park instead of down Coxwell Avenue.  It's a little bit more visual than the street route, although it's a bit longer to walk.  Hopefully it will be an inspiration as the weather continues to improve.

Boy in a Tree

Boy in a Tree.jpg

Okay, so he's not really a boy any more.  He's not quite a man, either.  And somehow, he looks completely at home in that tree. 

Tree in Prince Edward County

Tree in Prince Edward County.jpg

Lonely dead tree in Prince Edward County.  The whole area is old Loyalist territory, and the villages and towns have been there for over two hundred years now - much longer than this tree has been there. 

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind.jpg

A winter garden blows in the breeze, waiting for spring to arrive. 

Santa IV

Santa IV.jpg

More decorations from our Christmas tree - new pictures next week, I promise!

Santa III

Santa III.jpg

Another closeup of the Christmas tree. 

Ornament II

Ornament II.jpg

Okay - I know, it's the middle of January already - but don't you miss Christmas already?  I know I do. 

Snow on Cedars

Snow on Cedars copy.jpg

It was very peaceful after the snowfall.  If you listened in the silence, you could hear winter settling in like a relative visiting for the holidays.  For a little while, you're glad to see them.  But soon, you just wish they'd frickin' leave already.

Eaton Center at Christmas

Eaton Center At Christmas.jpg

The Eaton Center is always so well decorated for Christmas time.  And it's always so busy.  But, I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done already - just a couple more gifts to get, and I'll be ready to wrap. 

Path to Where?


On the bike path to Cherry Beach.  I love the diversity of scenery in this city - urban canyons on one side, quiet, lush paths like this on on the other. 

Covering His Tracks

Covering His Tracks.jpg
I know - he's actually just removing some debris left over after he cut his trees - but doesn't it look like he's trying to cover his footprints? 

Rolling In The Mud

Rolling in the Mud.jpgOkay - so you're a horse.  The mosquitoes and blackflies are the worst they've been in years, and you're outside in the sun.  What can you do to prevent bites along your back?  That's right!  Roll in the mud, scratching those hard to reach places, and coating yourself in dirt to boot.

Taken at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at over the Canada Day long weekend.

Algonquin II

Algonquin II.jpg
Another shot from our walk around the interior of Algonquin Park.  This tree has wrapped its roots around a rather large boulder, and seems to be crushing it.  Or maybe that's just my imagination

Algonquin I

Algonquin I.jpgOn the long weekend, my sweetheart and I spent some time tramping around Algonquin Park.  We came across this tree, which had fallen over in some storm. It has a very "Lord of the Rings" feel to it when your wandering through the forest - you see all kinds of things that are straight out of the books.

Blooming Trees

Blooming Trees.jpg

Somebody told me it was a cherry tree.  Whatever it is, the flowers are very pretty - it really brightens up the front yard of our house. 


Spring is in full swing, and the trees are blooming everywhere.  There are two of these trees on our street, and the blossoms are all out.



Saw this beaten up light across from the Scotiabank Theater.  Looks like the branches have done a pretty good job of wrecking the light, doesn't it? 

What is it?

What is it.jpg
What is it about this picture that draws me in?  I look at it, and it intrigues me, but I don't understand why....

Fuzzy and Greenish


I don't know what kind of tree this is, but it's had these fuzzy buds on the branches since the leaves fell off.  It's taken me a few tries, but I finally managed to get a decent macro shot of them.

Red and White


I loved seeing the red stems of the plants peeking up out of the snow cover.

Winter Tree


There's something interesting about a tree in winter.  It sits and waits - to all intents and purposes, dead.  But in spring, it bursts forth with new growth, leaves, and buds.  Taken on the  Leslie Street Spit on New Year's day

Cranberries and Christmas Tree


My sweetheart bought me a new camera - a Canon Rebel XTi - for Christmas.  So, of course, I had to try it out.  This is an attempt to do something that she did in one of her shots - here - and it turned out wonderfully.  She spoils me, and I love her to bits.  I'm a very lucky guy.

Merry Christmas I


Some of the many ornaments my lovely wife has put on our tree.  (She actually used 10 strings of 100 lights on the tree - we don't need any other illumination in the living room when it's plugged in!)

Eaton Center Tree


I love the Swarovski Christmas tree that they set up in the Eaton Center every year.  It sparkles, glitters, and spins.  Tourists and shoppers love it too, as evidenced by the large numbers that are always around taking pictures.

Autumn Again


It's autumn again in Toronto.  In previous years, this time of year meant that I'd start hiding inside, meeting with friends at home instead of wandering around downtown.  Not this year - the photography bug has hit, and that means that there's all kinds of new things for me to photograph.  I get out more, I get more exercise, and I get great pictures along the way.

On the bench


It's fall in Ontario - we had a nice, crisp fall day on Sunday and these two were taking a break from their bike ride in  East Riverdale Park.


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