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505 Parliament

505 Parliament.jpg

Always nice to see the streetcars.  I know - they get in the way of cars.  But here's the thing.  They're efficient, they hold tons of people, and you KNOW where they're going to be.  So how come cars can't just go on roads where streetcars aren't?  Seriously.  Who wants to drive downtown ANYWAYS?  

TTC Supervisor On Duty

TTC Supervisor On Duty.jpg

Waiting for the next streetcar to pass, I guess.  I see the supervisors hanging out on the street from time to time, but I never know exactly what they're doing there.  Don't they have radios in the buses and streetcars?  Or are they there to do spot checks, making sure that the streetcar drivers dont' take their cars off the rails and go wandering through the city?

Empty Streetcar

Empty Streetcar.jpg

Empty streetcar on Spadina.  I occasionally have to run up to Spadina and College on my lunch hour, and it's rare that I get onto a streetcar without anyone else on it.  But this time, I managed to find one that nobody else needed.  Of course, it came just after and just before another one, proving that when you don't want streetcars to arrive, they're always there. 

Marilyn Shelter

Marilyn Shelter.jpg

It's kind of creepy to have a giant Marilyn head staring at you as you wait for the next streetcar.  I mean - it feels like she's staring at me when I'm in this shelter.  And she's larger than life size, too.  I suppose it could be worse - it could be Don Cherry. (heh)



Every once in a while, you get an image like this - one where you took a shot from the hip, no focus.  This one looked interesting, though, like something you'd see in a dream.

The Skater and the Bahamas

The Skater and The Bahamas.jpg

The signs of spring are everywhere.  The bikers, the skaters, and the ads for trips to warm locales.  I'm so happy that it's light later on in the evening - it gives me that much more opportunity to take pictures.  

Long Branch Car

Long Branch Car.jpg

When I think about it, I'm always astonished that the Queen Street streetcar goes all the way to Long Branch - that's out by the bottom of Highway 427. When I lived out there, I thought it was the boonies.  Way out in the sticks.  But now, I could hop on the streetcar at the end of my street, and take a ride all the way there, passing through downtown.  Hell, someone from that part of the city could, without changing streetcars, go from Highway 427 all the way to the Beach area of the city.

High Park Station

High Park Station.jpg

Track Maintenance

Track Maintenance.jpg
You know, before I started taking the streetcar to work every day, I never realized that they had to do anything to the tracks in bad weather.  In this picture, you can see one worker pouring antifreeze into the switch, and the other is sweeping slush and crud out of the mechanism. 

Streetcar Sardines

Streetcar Sardines.jpg

It was snowing, really hard, and the city was slowed substantially.  I waited twenty minutes for the streetcar, and when it arrived, empty, it filled up with waiting commuters.  And I mean, it REALLY filled up.  I managed to snag a seat, but it stayed like this from Yonge Street all the way across to Broadview, where I escaped. 

Guitar in the Door

Guitar in the Door.jpg

I saw this guy while I was doing last minute Christmas shopping, on his way somewhere else.  I hope that everyone reading had a wonderful holiday, and a happy New Year. 

Note: There has been an ongoing problem with the comments and entry links here for some time, and that has now been resolved.  Feel free to comment on the photos again - it should be doable now.

Snow and the TTC

Snow and the TTC.jpg

You know, the TTC works remarkably well during snowstorms in Toronto.  It took me about 35 minutes to get home - when it normally takes me about 15 minutes.  But the streetcar kept moving, it was warm, (if crowded), and best of all - I didn't have to do the driving.  Thanks, TTC - keep up the good work.

Morning Commute

Morning Commute.jpg

These two gentlemen ended up sitting next to each other on the Queen streetcar.  Something about the way they sat there just appealed to me.

Car 4131

Car 4131.jpg

Most mornings, I end up on the streetcar, jammed with people.  This morning, I managed to get a mostly empty, short-turn streetcar. 

Waiting for the Train II

Waiting for the Train II.jpg

Waiting for the train at Osgoode Station. 

Manga on the TTC

Manga on the TTC.jpg... and in German, too.  Taken on the eastbound Queen Street streetcar.  You never know what you're going to see in this city.  That's one of the reasons I love it.

Northbound Trains

Northbound Trains.jpg
I loved the lighting in Osgoode Station when I took this shot.  You'd think, it being underground and all, that the lighting would be consistent.  But some days, it just strikes me as more interesting than others. 


Commuters.jpgEvery morning, I take the streetcar to work.  And, every morning, I try to get one of the single seats.  These folks managed to get there first.  

Light and Train


Subway arriving at Osgoode Station, on the northbound platform. Also seen on Flickr

Sun and Streetcar


Taken on King Street, near John, while I was waiting for the ride home. I love that the sun is visible for so much longer - I get more great shots on the way home, now, than I did back in December. Also seen on Flickr

Osgoode Subway


Since I work near Queen and University, I've spent a fair amount of time going through Osgoode Station. If you like this shot, see this one.

Connaught Carhouse


When seen at night, in their carhouse, the streetcars seem much smaller than when you're trying to get around them on Queen.  The carhouse was built in 1913, and serves as a garage for the streetcars in this part of the city.

Waiting at Dupont


Everybody finds themselves waiting for the subway from time to time.  I was stuck at Dupont, and decided to see what kind of shot I could get of the signage there.

Subway Train Arrival

I was amused to see this rider ignoring the arrival of the train, and continuing his reading.  I didn't wait to see if he actually boarded the train, but it looked like he was very involved with his newspaper.  Of course, that's one of the nicer things about living in Toronto - having a subway that runs every few minutes, so that if you miss one, you don't have to wait too long for the next one.

Sunset On Queen


While I was waiting for the streetcar to stop in front of me, this scene was presented to me.  I quickly exposed for the sky, and swung the camera around to point at the streetcar.

The Ride Home


We've all done it.  A late night ride, on a streetcar or bus.  Nothing to do but stare at the back of the person in front of you.  There's something meditative about the ride - the way the traffic flows, starting, stopping, the bumps in the road.  The low hum of conversations around you - ebbing and flowing.  And then you realize it - you're about to miss your stop.



I didn't realize that fish came that big!  I was trying to take a shot of the stores across the street, when suddenly, a giant fish appeared in my view.  Who thought it was a good idea to sell advertising on the side of streetcars?


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