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Waiting Outside Shoppers

Waiting Outside Shoppers copy.jpg

Another cold day, another dog left tied up outside of a store.  It's really simple, people - if you have to go out to get something from the store, leave your poor dog at home, where it's warm.  Especially if he's a shorthaired breed, like this poor guy. 

Walking the Hound

Walking the Hound.jpg

Chicago - New Flyer

New Flyer.jpg

Heather and the Woods

Heather and the Woods.jpg

Chicago - Navy Pier Marker

Chicago - Navy Pier Marker.jpg

Looking out at Lake Michigan from the end of the Navy Pier in Chicago

Chicago - From Above

Chicago - From Above.jpg

Taken from the observation deck in the Sears Tower.

Chicago - View From Navy Pier

Chicago - View from Navy Pier.jpg

Navy Pier is wonderful to walk on.  There's so much to see, and do, on this structure sticking way out into the lake.  And looking back on the city from the pier gives such great views.  As you can see, we were lucky enough to visit the city during a warm spell in February.  Only a week before, weather was bad enough that people ended up trapped on the highway because of the snow.  The evidence of that snowfall was all over the city when we arrived, but it quickly started to melt as the temperatures rose to almost 10C.

Chicago - Skyline from Navy Pier

Chicago - Skyline from Navy Pier.jpg

I love Chicago's skyline - especially the view from Navy Pier.  It juts out into the lake for a really long distance, and it's covered with attractions and rides.  There's even a Shakespearean theater on the pier!  The tall black building that looks like a giant taser is the John Hancock building - the second highest building in the city, I think.  We stood at the bottom of that later on in our visit.  

Chicago - Streetscape 1

Chicago Streetscape 1.jpg

One of the more interesting features of Chicago is the mix of lower and upper streets.  It gives you an opportunity to take interesting streetscapes, like this one, from the bridges spanning the lower streets.  I loved the canyon effect brought on by the tall buildings on both sides, but I imagine that it could be oppressive if you don't like city living.  As for me, I'm a big fan of living in cities, so I just find it to be exciting.  

Chicago - River View 1

Chicago - River View 1.jpg

The Chicago River runs through downtown Chicago, and it's spanned by a number of different bridges.  Each of these is a drawbridge, and they go up when large ships travel up river.  The view through the buildings is fantastic, and I'd love to see these up sometime.  Once again, you can see the different styles of building in the downtown Chicago core from this photo.

Chicago - Trump Tower

Chicago - Trump Tower.jpg

I loved the concentration of fantastic architecture in Chicago's downtown.  There were more tall buildings clustered around the downtown than you could shake a stick at.  Not surprising, as Chicago is widely cited as the birthplace of the modern skyscraper.  The Trump Tower is an example of the modern practice of glass and steel exteriors, and it's an impressive sight, as you walk down the street.  But as you can see from the other buildings in the shot, there are a wide variety of different structural styles in the city.  The steel and glass looks clean, and is impressive on one hand, but I think I prefer the more ornate and organic looking buildings that I saw elsewhere.

Winter Cars

Winter Cars.jpg

At least this winter FEELS like a winter.  Last year didn't feel like winter very often - more like an extended, depressing fall.  I like it when we get snow.  I even like the cold, believe it or not, it makes me feel like there's a reason to spend time indoors.  

Cold Hydrant

Cold Hydrant copy.jpg

Okay, I know it's been cold in Toronto, but I don't think it's been THIS cold. 

Waiting to Merge

Waiting to Merge.jpg

A driver waits to pull around a stopped car on Queen Street, as Justin Bieber performs at Much Music.  Traffic was pretty heavy while Justin was performing, but I don't really think that too many drivers were trying to catch a glimpse of him as they zoomed past.  It's always interesting to stand at the bus stop at Queen and John and wait for a streetcar while one act or another performs there.  Inevitably, the performances are going on at 5pm, when everyone is leaving.  That's part of the charm of the city, though.

University, South of Queen

University, South of Queen.jpg

As you can see, we had some sunshine recently.  It was wonderful to get out of the office and walk over to City Hall under clear skies.  

Downtown 2011

Downtown 2011.jpg

Some of the bank towers of Toronto's Financial District, as seen from John Street.  These towers loom over the city, much like the related institutions loom over the economy.  

Liberty Village - Light in the Snow

Liberty Village 3-1.jpg

And here is another of the photos taken on my birthday photowalk.  Liberty Village is a wonderful part of the city, very interesting to see, and I'll be certain to head back there again - preferably in the warmer weather.  As you can see, it was snowing by the time we left to go home.  What you can't see is that it was annoyingly cold.  It's a wonderful tradition we have, of taking the day off for our birthdays, and going around the city taking pictures.  But there are times when I wish that our birthdays weren't both in the winter. 

Strange Doings at the Dome

Strange Doings at the Dome.jpg

It looks like the site of some mysterious government conspiracy - like there's aliens being autopsied underneath the dome.  It's actually a dome over an outdoor stadium, but it really got our imaginations going.

Liberty Village - 72 Fraser Ave

72 Fraser Avenue.jpg

The address is part of a former carpet factory turned into hip loft office space.  I love the look of the whole neighbourhood that's sprung up around the former factory.  I'd love to get a look inside - I bet it looks wild.

Liberty Village - Kuda Buddha

Buddha in the Snow.jpg

I love the multicultural nature of Toronto.  You never know what culture you're going to run into when you walk through the city.  This, for example, was nestled into a neighbourhood that looks no different than some of the suburbia that I grew up in.  Down the street, the neighbourhood switched from residential to industrial.  However, doesn't he look cold, sitting in the snow like that?

Liberty Village - Vogue Supperclub

Liberty Village 1-1.jpg

Every year, for my birthday, we go on a photowalk.  Usually, we end up going somewhere around the city that I've never gone.  This year, we headed down to Liberty Village to see what's there. It's a formerly industrial area now turned into offices, restaurants and such.  The building in the middle of the shot is called the Vogue Supperclub.  I have no idea if they still need the tall smokestack, but it's definitely a distinctive part of the neighbourhood. 

Berries in Winter

Berries in Winter.jpg

Frozen berries wait for the spring.  The bush was lush and full in the summer, but in winter, the bare branches and hanging berries hold only the promise of greenery.  Everything seems so grey and dull in the winter, but spring is just around the corner. 

Traffic and Snow

Traffic and Snow.jpg

Winter, winter, winter - and along with the cold, we get snow.  It was only flurries, but it is a precursor of times to come.  I love the way the headlights catch the snowflakes - with the slow shutter speed, the individual flakes become streaks of light.  It can be challenging to take pictures in a snowstorm.  The camera tends to get wet, and electronics and moisture don't always play well together.  The best thing that I've found is to rest my hands on top of the camera when I'm not taking shots, but when it's bad enough, I put the camera away, or put the body into a ziploc bag to protect it.  (Put the camera in the bag, with the lens poking out - the plastic protects the electronics, and the lens is free and clear.)

Quarter to Six

Quarter to Six.jpg

Closeup of the clock tower on Toronto's Old City Hall.  I hate the amount of darkness that we end up with through the winter. When it's dark on my way to work, and dark on my way home, it gets tremendously depressing, and makes me not want to go out of the house.  As you can see from this picture, at a quarter to six in the evening, it's pretty much fully dark out.  I can't wait for summer to come, with it's long hours of sunlight, and warm weather, so that I can go out taking pictures in the evenings again.

Crystal Growth


The ROM Crystal seems to be growing on top of the old museum structure like some sort of mineral deposit.  My wife hates the Crystal, but I like it.  I like that it doesn't look like a traditional building.  I like that it takes chances with architecture.  God save us from boring boxes of glass and steel - give me something that challenges my perceptions of what a building can be. It doesn't have to be outrageous, like the Crystal, or like the OCAD building, but at least make it visually interesting.  

More Winter Weeds

Winter Weeds 2011.jpg

More weeds waiting for the snow at Ashbridges Bay.  

After the Skate

After the Skate.jpg
You'd think that the designers of this park expected people to skate on the pond.  The boardwalk that rings the pond is very skate friendly - no need to clip on skateguards to walk across to the benches.  You can see more of the condition of the ice in this picture - it's pretty solid, as far as I could see - and it looks like these two enjoyed themselves, based on the skate ruts and scrapes that I saw.

Skating on the Pond

Winter Pond Skate.jpg

Skating on a pond is a time honoured Canadian tradition.  Skating on the Woodbine Park pond, only a couple of days after temperatures of 9C (48F) is a little bit risky.  However, the ice seemed very solid, and the pond is only waist deep anyways, so I guess it's not much of a risk.  I'll be heading down there more often, now that we have regular cold temperatures and snow, to see if I can get more shots. 

Beach Light

Beach Light.jpg

The patio at The Boardwalk Pub, down at Ashbridges Bay Park, is probably not used much in the winter.  But during the summer, it's open and usually full.  One of the things I love about living down here is that it's just a short walk down to the beach.  This past summer was really busy, but I'm sure that we'll get down here in 2011 to sample the fare and enjoy the atmosphere.  Somehow, I don't think that the patio would be nearly as enjoyable in January, though.

Ducks on Ice

Ducks on Ice.jpg

These guys seem to hang around all winter long.  I often wonder what makes one bird decide not to fly south with the rest of them.  Is it that they are smarter, and know that they'll find food all year long?  Is it that they're injured, so will have to expend too much energy or effort?  Or are they lazy, and would rather take the chance on finding food in the northern climes?  It's definitely got to have something to do with the climate effects of the cities - heat islands, more food, etc.

Winter Weeds 2011

Winter Weeds 2010.jpg

There hadn't been much snow so far this winter when I took this picture.  It's been really strange, actually, how little snow there has been.  However, as of today, there's plenty of snow on the ground, and more falling.  The entire landscape has been transformed, so it's good to actually have a record of what the plants looked like before the snow got dumped on them. 

Can't Wait for Spring II

Waiting for Spring II.jpg

More summer playground equipment waiting for spring to arrive.  Could you play baseball in the winter?  Probably not.  I remember a few times playing in late fall where the crack of the bat was followed by a curse as the vibrations stung cold hands.  And at this point of the year, the infield would not be fun to slide on.  I guess we're better off sticking to games like hockey, and sports like skiing. 

Can't Wait For Spring

Can't Wait for Spring.jpg

Winter in the park can be very lonely.  It's a long, cold, dark season, and there are few, if any, people around in the park.  This year, I want to get out and enjoy the season more, rather than do the usual hibernating that happens all to often.  I want more fresh air, and sunshine even if it's cold air. 

Winter at the Track

Winter at the Track.jpg

There's something lonely about a stadium in winter.  The warm weather is gone, and the stadium sits there, unused until spring, waiting for people to visit.  And with such bright colors on the track, too.  It's got that nice inflatable dome over the field, but there's not much going on all winter.  I wonder if the stadium hibernates...

Street Light and Leaves

Street Light and Leaves.jpg

More from the University of Toronto.  I have to go back there in the summer to take pictures.  We got tons of great shots, but - OMG it was cold.  We were not the only people wandering around taking pictures, though.  I saw at least three other people wandering around with their cameras out, braving the chills.

TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF Bell Lightbox.jpg

The new home of the Toronto International Film Festival, located at King St and John St.  It's a beautiful building, and I have to remember to get down there next year during TIFF to see what's going on.  On a side note, it was VERY cold waiting for the streetcar at this intersection - so cold that I decided to walk to University Ave.  Why is it that in the winter, you so often see huge delays between streetcars, followed by a rash of them, one after another.  It happens with buses too, and it's really annoying.  (Especially when the first streetcar to go by is totally stuffed with people and won't let anyone else on.)

Alien in the Distillery

Alien in the Distillery.jpg

It was cold when the aliens landed - their vehicles were large, and found their way into the city.  Their appearance provoked cries of awe and terror that quickly faded to annoyance, as the glacial pace made them more road hazard than invading force.  In fact, some of the vehicles stood in place long enough that buildings were erected around them, turning them into art pieces like this one.

Seriously, though, this is a really neat sculpture down in the Toronto Distillery district.  I went down to Pikto  to pick up some prints for my daughter, and had to take a shot of this.  Of course, with no tripod, or monopod, I had to improvise for the 2 1/2 second exposure.  Walls are handy, though, so I managed to get a pretty good shot. 

In a Flurry


In a Flurry.jpg
I can't wait for the warm weather to return - walking through the snow can be very depressing, don't you think?

Woodbine Bathing Station

Woodbine Bathing Station.jpg

Somehow, I don't think very many people are going to be using the station in the winter.  It was interesting, seeing what happens down at the beach in the winter.  There's more activity than you'd think - at least on on the day we went down there. 

Simcoe Street

Simcoe Street copy.jpg

Morning rush hour on Simcoe Street.  I think that's steam, not smoke, coming out of the smokestack in the background.  A large proportion of the downtown buildings are actually heated by steam, according to the information found here.

Black Creek in the Snow

Black Creek Winter Road.jpg

It started to snow, very lightly, while we were at Black Creek. It made me think about how people would have had to deal with the snow and mud in those days.  No paved roads, no cobblestone, just packed dirt and mud.  But it looks pretty here, doesn't it?

Waiting for the Streetcar

Waiting for the Streetcar.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar can be a very frustrating part of the morning for me.  However, not driving, once the streetcar arrives, makes up for it.

Winter Walks

Winter Walks.jpg

Oh, but it was cold that day.  The water was frozen over the small bay at Cherry Beach, but it didn't stop people from walking their dogs down there.  With spring coming soon, consider this a little reminder of what we're saying goodbye to for a year.

Moon over Toronto

Moon over Toronto.jpg
The full moon sets over downtown Toronto.  God, I love the view from my deck.

Enduring Winter

Enduring Winter.jpg
There are times when I think that this winter will never end.  We get warm spells, then it all freezes again.  We lose all the snow, then get dumped on again.  Spring is only 17 days away.  Well, the spring equinox, anyways, when the day is as long as the night.  Till then, all we can do is bundle up like this young lady, and endure the ongoing winter.

Waiting for the Zamboni

Waiting for the Zamboni.jpg

Do you think that these kids are eager, waiting for the zamboni to finish resurfacing the ice?  Taken at Nathan Philips Square, on Family Day. 

Walking the Dog

Walking The Dog.jpg

Taking the dog for a walk in Dundas Square. 

Skating on Family Day

Skating on Family Day.jpg

It was a wonderfully bright day, and it seems like everyone was down at Nathan Philips Square, skating on the outdoor rink.  When we arrived, the ice was in the process of getting resurfaced, so by the time this young lady got to skate, it was a pretty clean surface.

Track Maintenance

Track Maintenance.jpg
You know, before I started taking the streetcar to work every day, I never realized that they had to do anything to the tracks in bad weather.  In this picture, you can see one worker pouring antifreeze into the switch, and the other is sweeping slush and crud out of the mechanism. 

Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind.jpg

A winter garden blows in the breeze, waiting for spring to arrive. 

Dog Walking

Dog Walking.jpg

Walking dogs through High Park.

Forest and Sculpture


I have no idea who the sculptor is, but we found this on our walk through High Park.  I'd never been to High Park before, and it was wonderful to tramp around through the woods on a warm winter day.  Of course, the very next day, it dropped to -18 Celsius, plus wind chill, and I wanted to spend the whole day indoors.

Winter Flowers

More Weeds.jpg

I took yesterday off of work, and spent a big chunk of the time tramping around High Park.  It was warm, and the snow was "angry" according to my darling fiance, who joined me on my birthday photowalk.  I loved the way that these flowers poked up out of the snow that covered their garden.

The Welder

The Welder.jpg

Fixing a teapot on the sidewalk of John Street, across from my work.  I've been intrigued by welding for a while now, as it seems almost magical - attaching one piece of metal to another, making something new, or fixing something broken. Looks like this guy has a completely pragmatic approach to it, though.  Not a lot of extras involved at all.

Patience and Blue Sky

Patience and Blue Sky.jpg

Malcolm, standing and waiting for us to finish our photowalk. 

On the Hill

On the Hill.jpg

More from the Leslie Street Spit. 



Drip by drip, the water fell from the roof onto the plant.  And layer by layer, the ice built up around it.  I found this on Queen Street, on my way to catch the streetcar.  I stopped to catch this image, instead.

Winter at the Spit

Winter at the Spit.jpg

It was cold, down on the Leslie Street Spit, but it was beautiful, too.  This particular cove is always busy during the warmer months, but it's quiet now. 



She's thirteen now, and there's so much ahead of her.  Heather pauses to contemplate the lake down on the Leslie Street Spit.  So much potential, so many adventures.

Winter Biking on Spadina

Winter Biking on Spadina.jpg

It was SUCH a cold day, and yet she was still out there, riding her bike all bundled up.  One of these days, I'll get a bike and join the two wheeled commuter set, but not on cold days like this one.

Crystal in the Snow

Crystal in the Snow.jpg

A lot of people don't like the new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum.  I kinda like it, myself.  It makes the (previously) boring building a little bit different, a bit more unique. 

Snow on Cedars

Snow on Cedars copy.jpg

It was very peaceful after the snowfall.  If you listened in the silence, you could hear winter settling in like a relative visiting for the holidays.  For a little while, you're glad to see them.  But soon, you just wish they'd frickin' leave already.



One of the best parts of the Santa Claus Parade was the marching bands.  When I was a kid, I liked the floats, but now I find myself liking the bands - maybe I'm just getting old. 

Spring is Springing!

Spring is Springing.jpg
Saw these sprouting up through the leaves of last fall the other day.  I love the bright colours against the brown and grey of the winter.  Who knows - maybe the winter is finally ending,  and we aren't going to get any more snow.  I know I have my fingers crossed.

What is it?

What is it.jpg
What is it about this picture that draws me in?  I look at it, and it intrigues me, but I don't understand why....

Sign of Spring?

Sign of Spring.jpg
Well, you can tell that either the winter is coming to a close, or that Torontonians are getting just a bit fed up with the winter.  I spotted this scooter outside a Starbucks (of course).  The sunshine and warm weather can't be too far away, can it?  Please?

Don't Bug Me, I Bite

Dont Bug Me, I Bite.jpg
Arctic wolf at the Toronto Zoo.  He, at least, wasn't cold in the snow.  They weren't very active, however.  And the moose was suspiciously absent.  Wonder why....

Laughing Girl

Laughing Girl.jpg
I love to see her laugh.  Ever since she was a baby, I've been trying to make her laugh.  She's growing up so fast, now.  Taken at the Toronto Zoo on Easter Friday.  Somehow, I don't think she's seeing much through the binoculars - especially when I wouldn't give her money for them.

Walking from St. George

Walking From St George.jpg
Where is this person walking to?  Where are they coming from?  What would I do if I couldn't walk around as easily as I do now?  What will I do when I get older, if I can't take care of myself like I do now?  These are the questions running through my mind when I took this picture.

Tiger and Munchkin

Tiger and Munchkin.jpg
I loved the juxtaposition of the child in the background with the tiger on the hill.  It was a pretty nice afternoon at the Toronto Zoo, and the tigers actually got up out of their den, and walked around for us. 

Lunchtime Stroll

Lunchtime Stroll.jpg

Saw this couple the other day, taking a stroll along John Street.  They're certainly dressed for the cold - although I don't recall that it was particularly cold that day.  Everyone reacts differently to the cold.  I know people that have to bundle up in layer after layer if the temperature drops below 5 degrees C - and I know people that can walk around in the middle of a blizzard with their coats open.  



All three were waiting for a bus.  There was a city crew, cleaning posters and glue, off the bus shelter, and all three of them kept turning to watch the crew at work.  I just had to take the shot...

More Snow

More Snow.jpg
It's been a long, snowy winter so far.  Isn't it almost spring?  So why do we keep getting dumped on?  Snowstorm after snowstorm - I keep shovelling snow, and it keeps coming back, like a bad reality TV show.  I'm ready for some warm temperatures and brown grass - maybe even some green.

Cold Weather Riders

Cold Weather Riders 8x6.jpg
More winter biking - it was bitterly cold this day - we were finding it cold just to walk around.  I can only imagine what it felt like to these two, speeding along in the wind.  Still, they do seem to be properly bundled up, so I guess it can't have been too bad for them.  I love the combination of the bike, and the Chanel purse, though.

Golden Alley


Isn't it amazing how the sunset can turn an ordinary, dirty alleyway into some gorgeous golden washed pathway?

Speeding Bike




More winter biking. This biker was riding north on Bay Street, just by the Eaton Center. I managed to get a couple of shots with him in focus. I really need more practice tracking moving subjects, but I'm relatively happy with this one. Also seen on Flickr

Sun and Streetcar


Taken on King Street, near John, while I was waiting for the ride home. I love that the sun is visible for so much longer - I get more great shots on the way home, now, than I did back in December. Also seen on Flickr

Ready for Winter


Taken on Queen Street West. Also seen on Flickr

Winter Biking


I just don't think I could do it. I see all kinds of folks biking in the winter, but I don't think I could do it. I hate the way my face feels when the wind chills it, and I hate the way my fingers ache when they get cold. But, damn, it's fascinating to see the things people wear when they're biking. Also seen on Flickr

Snow and a Busted Leg


I'd hate to be hobbling around on crutches in the snow and ice we've got on the ground in Toronto right now. It's probably just a sprained ankle, but that can't make it any easier.

Bucky Cup


Leftovers from someone coffee break - although it looks like they favour tea over coffee.

Fuzzy and Greenish


I don't know what kind of tree this is, but it's had these fuzzy buds on the branches since the leaves fell off.  It's taken me a few tries, but I finally managed to get a decent macro shot of them.



Another flower shot, taken at the Allen Gardens Conservatory on my birthday.

Standing Alone


I spent part of my birthday at the Allan Gardens Conservatory. Very peaceful place, and, even deep into the winter, lots of blooming plants. It's a pretty cool place, all in all.

Wasps in Winter


There are two (TWO!) wasp nests hanging from branches of trees on my street.  I used my 75-300 to get this shot, standing directly underneath the nest.  I always wonder - do the wasps sleep all winter in these?  How many of them survive the winter? Is this one abandoned, or still active?  I guess I'll figure all these things out when the spring arrives.

Pedestrian Traffic on Queen


Taken with the Canon 75-300mm zoom that I picked up to go with my new camera.  It's a great lens for getting candids, even though it feels huge when it's zoomed out to maximum.

Red and White


I loved seeing the red stems of the plants peeking up out of the snow cover.

Winter Weeds


Weeds are less hearty than the trees, but they burst forth every year, regardless.  Seeing them with snow on them is a reminder, to me, that although things end, they also renew, in time.  Also taken on the Leslie Street Spit.

Winter Tree


There's something interesting about a tree in winter.  It sits and waits - to all intents and purposes, dead.  But in spring, it bursts forth with new growth, leaves, and buds.  Taken on the  Leslie Street Spit on New Year's day

Nanook on Photo Safari


Somewhere, deep inside that warm, warm coat is my darling fiance.   We went on a photowalk at the Leslie Street Spit (aka Tommy Thompson Park) on New Year's day, after dropping off the rugrats with their mother.  It was cold, and I'd forgotten my gloves, but we got some great shots, nonetheless.

Is it summer yet?


The view from my sundeck.  I'm done with the snow now - can we have summer?

Snow Removal


Yes, we got dumped on here in Toronto by Mother Nature.  A storm from the US has wandered it's way through the area, and the streets are full of snow.  It must be winter or something.  This poor guy was clearing snow from in front of stores on Queen Street East, and he didn't look too pleased about it.

Help Wanted, Too


It was very cold when I took this picture.  I was wearing gloves, a hat, and a scarf, and STILL, I was cold.  So, it made me think - what do you have to wear, when your job consists of standing in a drafty tent, with an open front, selling hotdogs and sausages for 3 bucks a pop?

Snowstorm and Traffic


Every year, it's the same thing - the first snow falls, and everyone forgets how to drive in it.  Half the people drive as if they're terrified out of their minds, and the other half drive like there's nothing on the road.  Put them together, and you have a guaranteed mess.

Outside, Looking In


Winter has arrived in Toronto. The patio furniture is still out, but it looks so warm inside.


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