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Maintenance Crew

Maintenance Crew.jpg

Taking time to clean up the debris from the previous winter.  I talked to these guys in the summer, and asked why it took so long to clean up the park.  They told me that they were the only crew dedicated to cleanup in the entire city.  I wonder if they'll be back this summer, now that winter is finally here.  



Another mural going up at the corner of Queen and John.  I was actually surprised - I didn't think that they'd be able to paint during the winter months, but there they were, painting in the cold and dark.  I wonder how long it took for the paint to dry in the cold, or if they used different paint.  

Safety First

Safety First 2010.jpg

Cutting the Sidewalk

Cutting the Sidewalk.jpg

Sidewalks are under assault as the maintenance season (aka summer) approaches.  Every year, the harsh weather of winter and the thaw of spring do a serious number on the roads, pipes, and wires around the city.  And every summer, workers and machinery pop up like mushrooms, clustered around the most damaged parts of the city.  And every fall, the workers and machinery disappear, revealing a healed city, ready to face the ravages of winter once again.  I can't decide if this is comforting, or frustrating....

Construction Site I

Construction Site I.jpg

Construction site at King Street West and John Street.  Taken from inside the Tim Horton's across the street.

Painting the Queen Mother


Ready to paint the Queen Mother pub on Queen Street.

Fixing Her Hair

Fixing Her Hair.jpg

It really is a huge advertisement for the upcoming Guess store on Queen Street.

At the Shop

At the Shop.jpg

Staring into the auto shop at Queen and Lewis. 

Crane Operator

Crane Operator.jpg

There are certain shots that are just easier to get with my 75-300mm zoom lens.  This is one of them. I don't think I've ever seen an operator working in a crane before. 

Working in the Clouds

Working in the Clouds.jpg

I wonder what kind of adjustment period the guys that work on cellphone towers have to go through before they're comfortable working on these things?  I don't think it would bother me too much, but I know that there are people out there that would totally freeze being this high up, with that little around them. 

Hooters Promo Shoot

Hooters Promo.jpg

I caught a glimpse of a promotional shoot going on at the Hooters on John Street.  She's standing in front of a big treetop, which should give them a nice green leafy background in their shot. 

MMVA Teardown

MMVA Teardown.jpg

They've started tearing down the stage on John Street south of Queen after the Much Music Video Awards.  These guys are at the top of the structure, disassembling it piece by piece.

The Pour

The Pour.jpg

Waiting for concrete to pour - you have to be patient.  You can speed it up by adding water, but then the mix is too runny.  If you don't have enough water, it won't pour, it'll roll out of the mixer.  These guys seem to have it pretty much right. 

Ladder Walk

Ladder Walking.jpg

Either he's on his way to a jobsite, or he's just taking his ladder out for a bit of exercise. 

Window Washer

Window Cleaner.jpg

A window washer at work on John Street, cleaning the windows on a sunny spring day. Oh, I'm looking forward to warmer weather and less rain.

Track Maintenance

Track Maintenance.jpg
You know, before I started taking the streetcar to work every day, I never realized that they had to do anything to the tracks in bad weather.  In this picture, you can see one worker pouring antifreeze into the switch, and the other is sweeping slush and crud out of the mechanism. 

The Welder

The Welder.jpg

Fixing a teapot on the sidewalk of John Street, across from my work.  I've been intrigued by welding for a while now, as it seems almost magical - attaching one piece of metal to another, making something new, or fixing something broken. Looks like this guy has a completely pragmatic approach to it, though.  Not a lot of extras involved at all.


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