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Mirrored BMW Building

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Mirrored BMW Building.jpg

This is the BMW Dealership at the foot of Broadview Ave - or, as I called it when I drove by with my kids, the Hot Wheels Building.  From the front, when it's all lit up at night, the dealership reminds me of the cases you used to get for your Hot Wheels.  This picture was taken during our walk down to Cherry Beach.

On the Phone

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On The Phone.jpg

Checking messages outside the City TV building at Queen and John.

Funky Bridge

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Funky Bridge.jpg

I love the look of this bridge - on Cherry Street, south of Polson Street.  It crosses a channel that leads to where there used to be warehouses on Commissioner Road.  I couldn't see for certain, but I'd imagine that the huge concrete weights are to help the bridge when it opens for shipping traffic to come into the channel and unload.  Unfortunately, the warehouses are mostly gone, as the area is being rezoned for retail, so I probably won't be able to see a ship go under the bridge.  Too bad.


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Taken from the bike path beside the Don Valley Parkway. As it goes underneath the railroad tracks along the lakeshore, you can stand underneath the bridge, and take shots of the trains going by. 

Dock at Cherry Beach

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Dock at Cherry Beach.jpg

It was the last day of summer, so we walked down to Cherry Beach in the sunshine and warmth of Sunday. 

The Conversation

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The Conversation.jpg

I don't know what they were talking about, but he seems to really be trying to make his point, doesn' t he?  Taken by the Umbra Store on John Street.

The Warmup

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The Warmup.jpg

Warming up for his gig at the Opera House.  There's always something going on there - it's right at the end of my street, and I either see the prelude, or the aftermath.  I'm just glad I don't live next door to them - I wouldn't be able to take the noise.  (Gawd - I'm turning into an old fart - sigh. )

Taking a Break

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Taking a Break copy.jpg

Outside St. Michael's Hospital. 

Yonge and Adelaide

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Yonge and Adelaide.jpg
I love the look of this building - it's like the outer skin has been peeled away, leaving the connectors and fastenings exposed to view for the first time.  

The Doorway

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I wonder what lies behind this door.  Taken at Dupont and Spadina.

The Protester

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The Protester.jpg
I saw this guy from the streetcar at Queen and Bay.  From what I can tell, he's protesting about something that Bill Gates is doing.  Good luck with that, buddy.

In the Bubbles

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In The Bubbles.jpg
Okay - last CNE picture for the year, I promise.  After finishing a pyrotechnical acrobatics show, they turned on a foam machine and let the kids in the audience go wild - they ran around, threw suds at each other, and had a great time.

Back to School?

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Back to School.jpg

Ah, yes - the ever important fake guitar, just what every student needs to start school with. Who needs this paper stuff? Looks like he's going to have fun, though, doesn't it? :-)

CNE Midway

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CNE Midway.jpg

The CNE is gone for another year - but I'm still processing pictures from it! :-)


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Taken at the CNE in the Better Living Center. 


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Summer is officially over - the CNE has closed.  It was a busy, busy summer, and now we get to see the leaves turn, the kids going back to school, and the weather starting to get cooler.

Construction, Construction

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Construction Construction.jpg

You'd never know that the real estate sector is starting to cool off.  One one corner of Jarvis, I found not one, not two, but three separate condo buildings going up at the same time.  Ah, the forces of gentrification are hard at work.  I wonder what the street is going to be like AFTER the new buildings go up.