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Man and Traffic

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Man and Traffic.jpg

Waiting for the streetcar to arrive.  Sometimes its there quickly, sometimes, it feels like it takes forever.  One of the most frustrating things I see every day is the people in the center lane of Queen Street, waiting for a break in the traffic so that they can turn left, with one or more streetcars stuck behind them.  Why would you ever try to turn left on Queen Street in rush hour?  Go to an intersection with a light, and turn left there, instead.  You'll get to the same streets. 

Spring 2009

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Spring 2009.jpg

Warm weather has arrived, and the magnolia trees on our street are starting to blossom.  Yay!

Balancing Act II

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Balancing Act II.jpg

Is he playing basketball, or soccer? I wonder what a combination of both would look like.  Regardless, it's wonderful to have warm weather again.

Paper Windows and Biker

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Paper Windows and Biker.jpg

Playing at Much Music

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Playing at Much Music.jpg


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I love the customization job.  At least he's wearing a helmet - even if it looks weird.

Window Washer

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Window Cleaner.jpg

A window washer at work on John Street, cleaning the windows on a sunny spring day. Oh, I'm looking forward to warmer weather and less rain.

Garden Gate

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Garden Gate.jpg

We found another old diner sign on Queen Street - this time out in the Beach area.  I have to remember to go back in the evening, and get a shot of it when it's lit up.

Beach Mural

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Beach Mural.jpg
I loved this mural on the side of an IGA in The Beach at Queen and Lee.  It's a gorgeous example of the sort of thing that makes a city seem vital and alive.  I like seeing street art on the sides of buildings, rather than have them be just plain.  However, I hate seeing art like this defaced by someone tagging over top of it.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

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R C Harris Plant.jpg

We took a photowalk in the Beaches this weekend.  The R.C. Harris Water Treatment plant is a gorgeous piece of architecture for a utility building.  The view is amazing - and it would make a fabulous mansion, according to my fiance.  It has a wonderful, turn of the 20th century feel to it.

Balancing Act

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Balancing Act.jpg

This busker came up with a somewhat unique way to attract attention.  He's really quite good at getting things to balance on each other.  We sat and watched him for a few minutes, and it seems to take a lot of his concentration to place each piece. 

Pink Bag

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Pink Bag.jpg

She's in a hurry, but she's got a fabulous bag. 

In The Park

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In The Park.jpg

Fixing the Bike

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Fixing the Bike.jpg

I think he'd taken the seat off while he got a coffee, and now he's trying to put the seat back on.  It can't be easy to keep your bike from being stolen in this city, although I imagine that it's easier now that the most popular place to (allegedly) sell stolen bikes seems to be shut down.  I wonder what this summer is going to be like for bikers.

Eaton Center Interior

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Eaton Center Interior.jpg

Recumbent Trike

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Recumbent Trike.jpg

Braving traffic in one of these would not be my cup of tea.  It looks like a lot of fun to ride, but I'd want to be taller and more visible in the busy Queen Street traffic that this guy was braving.

Last Call

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Last Call.jpg

I saw this guy at the top of the stairs to Osgoode Station, making a call before he gets on the subway, I'd guess. 

Messy Face

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Messy Face.jpg

He likes his muffin - so much so that he's decided to wear it on his face. 

Waiting at the AGO

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Waiting at the AGO.jpg

Wonder what he's waiting for - maybe warmer weather so that it won't be so cold to ride his bike.

Good Dog!

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Good Dog!.jpg

Happy dog at Queen and Shuter.


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I dunno what they were so intent on, but these two were deep in conversation as I passed by.

Graffiti Alley I

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Graffiti Alley I.jpg

There's an alleyway off of Queen Street where artists are welcome to paint, and I love capturing some of the results.

Lunch Break

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Lunch Break.jpg
I loved the contrast between his bright, colourful shirt and the drab sameness of the Army Surplus store he was standing beside.


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Spring is normally a gray, rainy affair, so it was nice to have a warm, sunny day in the middle of it.  These two broke out the shades to cope with the unaccustomed light.

Wheels on Queen

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Wheels on Queen.jpg

Streetcar at Queen and Broadview


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Standing on the ventilation grates at City Hall. 


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Taken on Queen Street at Yonge.  How does this make you feel?

Graffiti on Renfrew

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Graffiti on Renfrew.jpg

Looks like a new tag has been added to the wall beside the parking lot at Renfrew and McCaul.  I wonder how many layers of paint are on these walls?

Music Man

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Music Man.jpg

It's not every day that you find someone playing the accordion for tips on Queen Street West.  More power to him, I say.