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Saw this beaten up light across from the Scotiabank Theater.  Looks like the branches have done a pretty good job of wrecking the light, doesn't it? 

Spring is Springing!

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Spring is Springing.jpg
Saw these sprouting up through the leaves of last fall the other day.  I love the bright colours against the brown and grey of the winter.  Who knows - maybe the winter is finally ending,  and we aren't going to get any more snow.  I know I have my fingers crossed.

What is it?

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What is it.jpg
What is it about this picture that draws me in?  I look at it, and it intrigues me, but I don't understand why....

Sign of Spring?

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Sign of Spring.jpg
Well, you can tell that either the winter is coming to a close, or that Torontonians are getting just a bit fed up with the winter.  I spotted this scooter outside a Starbucks (of course).  The sunshine and warm weather can't be too far away, can it?  Please?

Don't Bug Me, I Bite

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Dont Bug Me, I Bite.jpg
Arctic wolf at the Toronto Zoo.  He, at least, wasn't cold in the snow.  They weren't very active, however.  And the moose was suspiciously absent.  Wonder why....

Laughing Girl

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Laughing Girl.jpg
I love to see her laugh.  Ever since she was a baby, I've been trying to make her laugh.  She's growing up so fast, now.  Taken at the Toronto Zoo on Easter Friday.  Somehow, I don't think she's seeing much through the binoculars - especially when I wouldn't give her money for them.

Walking from St. George

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Walking From St George.jpg
Where is this person walking to?  Where are they coming from?  What would I do if I couldn't walk around as easily as I do now?  What will I do when I get older, if I can't take care of myself like I do now?  These are the questions running through my mind when I took this picture.

Tiger and Munchkin

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Tiger and Munchkin.jpg
I loved the juxtaposition of the child in the background with the tiger on the hill.  It was a pretty nice afternoon at the Toronto Zoo, and the tigers actually got up out of their den, and walked around for us. 

Morning Light

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Morning Light.jpg
I loved the way the light separated the foreground and background here.  It's nice to see a shot of a sunny day, especially when it's so grey and cloudy outside right now.  It'll be spring, soon, and the snow will all go away - and then we can start bitching about how muddy it is.  

Dad and Shirley

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Dad and Shirley.jpg
I can't believe they've been together for almost 15 years now - or is it over 15 years? I never seem to be able to remember how long it's been.  But it's more than a decade together - which is wonderful.  She's so good for him, and he hassles her almost as much as he hassled me when I was growing up - she gives as good as she gets, though. 

Lunchtime Stroll

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Lunchtime Stroll.jpg

Saw this couple the other day, taking a stroll along John Street.  They're certainly dressed for the cold - although I don't recall that it was particularly cold that day.  Everyone reacts differently to the cold.  I know people that have to bundle up in layer after layer if the temperature drops below 5 degrees C - and I know people that can walk around in the middle of a blizzard with their coats open.  

Dad at 70

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Dad at 70.jpg

He'll probably never see this - the grumpy old man refuses to even consider getting the internet - but this is my dad at 70 years and two weeks.  His birthday was two weeks ago, and we planned to have a big family gathering to celebrate.  I guess the idea that he was going to be celebrated was too much for him - he had a heart attack, and had to undergo emergency angioplasty.  He's fine now - just bored and tired and wanting to get back to normal life.  But today was the first chance I had, since the accident, to get lots of pictures of him. Look for more in the near future.


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Patiently waiting at Queen and John.  


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All three were waiting for a bus.  There was a city crew, cleaning posters and glue, off the bus shelter, and all three of them kept turning to watch the crew at work.  I just had to take the shot...

Look Ma, No Hands!

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Look Ma- No Hands.jpg

Another winter biker - this time, he's relaxing as he heads across Queen Street during rush hour.  I don't know if I'd be quite so casual on that particular stretch of road - it's more than a bit crazy around there from time to time.

Walking and Smoking

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Walking and Smoking.jpg
At least they haven't banned smoking outside.  This guy was walking along King Street the other day, enjoying a puff on his way home, maybe?  I wonder if he's a music teacher. Or a session musician, maybe?

More Snow

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More Snow.jpg
It's been a long, snowy winter so far.  Isn't it almost spring?  So why do we keep getting dumped on?  Snowstorm after snowstorm - I keep shovelling snow, and it keeps coming back, like a bad reality TV show.  I'm ready for some warm temperatures and brown grass - maybe even some green.

Waiting by the Wall

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Saw this guy, across the street, set down his coffee cup on the bike rack, and wait for someone.  I loved the way he seemed to be the only person in the world, as he waited against the wall.  And when a flock of pigeons started flying around, I had to get a shot.  

Cold Weather Riders

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Cold Weather Riders 8x6.jpg
More winter biking - it was bitterly cold this day - we were finding it cold just to walk around.  I can only imagine what it felt like to these two, speeding along in the wind.  Still, they do seem to be properly bundled up, so I guess it can't have been too bad for them.  I love the combination of the bike, and the Chanel purse, though.


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I love the texture of the numerals here.  It's impossible to duplicate the look of an aging steel sign.  Something about how it looks, about how it slowly decays back to iron oxide, appeals to me.


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I found a derelict building on King Street the other day, and it looks like it's been locked up for quite a while. I have to wonder, though, how effective the lock is going to be, when the door frame is so decayed.

Sonic vs Disco

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I never knew that Sonic the Hedgehog hated disco so much.  I took this one at Queen and Church, just south of Henry's.  I have to say, it's nice work, for graffiti.

Golden Alley

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Isn't it amazing how the sunset can turn an ordinary, dirty alleyway into some gorgeous golden washed pathway?

Surveying the Neighbourhood

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These two seem to be looking over the neighbourhood from the back door of an internet cafe.  The phrase "Someday, this will all be yours" keeps running through my mind, for some reason.