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Sausages and Much Music

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Sausages and Much Music.jpg

Every day, they're open on the corner near my work.  And apparently, every night too.  Since the daylight savings time change, I've started noticing their brightly lit stand on my way home.  I never thought about how late they stay open - I wonder if they're open till all the bars and clubs close.  And I wonder how late into the year they'll be on the corner.


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So much of the city is shades of grey and brown.  It's nice to see a splash of colour from time to time. 

Berries in the Snow

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Berries in the Snow.jpg

Taken at the corner of Queen and Broadview.  Our neighbourhood BIA likes to spruce the streets up a little bit as the holidays approach.  Just after they did that, we got a bit of snow to make everything look just that much prettier.


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One of the best parts of the Santa Claus Parade was the marching bands.  When I was a kid, I liked the floats, but now I find myself liking the bands - maybe I'm just getting old. 

Antlers and Fur

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Furs and Antlers.jpg

Waiting at the Santa Claus Parade.  I think these two ladies are well prepared for the cold, don't you?  I wonder if they wear the antlers all year long, or only at Christmas time.

Clown I

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Clown I.jpg

Morning in Cottage Country?

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Morning in Cottage Country.jpg

Actually, it's a house across the street from mine, in deepest, darkest Toronto. I don't know how old the house is, but it sure looks like a cottage, especially with all the leaves, and the pumpkin on the porch.


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No more cooking for this stove.  I wonder if you could do anything with it, or if it's only use now is for scrap.

97 Kilometers

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97 Kilometers.jpg

I loved the chrome and reflections on the Vespa parked out front of my work, so here it is.  I see these speedy little Vespas everywhere downtown - it's such a switch from when I worked out in the 'burbs, where everyone drove cars, and nobody walked.  I love working downtown, and especially in the Queen and John neighbourhood.  There's always something going on, and something new to see.

Sorry for the gap in postings, btw. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year, so I've been kind of distracted as I try to write my novel.  Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with posting here as well as writing.

Upper Crust at Night

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Upper Crust.jpg

Taken outside the Upper Crust bakery on Queen Street.