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Dumpster and Windows

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Dumpster and Windows.jpg
Do you see the face in this picture?

Spadina Bridge

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Spadina Bridge.jpg
This rail bridge passes over Spadina Road, just north of Dupont.  Spadina actually dips below it, to be accurate.  I loved the play of light and dark in the original image, and it turned out great in black and white.

Waiting for the Redhead

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Waiting for the Redhead.jpg
He didn't look too happy, as he waited for a streetcar at Queen and University.  I love the look of the building a the corner of Queen and University.  I just have to keep shooting it.

Northbound Trains

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Northbound Trains.jpg
I loved the lighting in Osgoode Station when I took this shot.  You'd think, it being underground and all, that the lighting would be consistent.  But some days, it just strikes me as more interesting than others. 

Rocking Out

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Rocking Out.jpg
Rocking out at University Ave. and Queen St.  I love the warmer weather, and I love seeing the different buskers and performers coming out around my work.  


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It's been a busy week for me - I can't believe I let postings slip for a full seven days.  Argh.  Needless to say, I'm going to try to make up for it.  This woman was taking in the sights on Queen Street the other day. I loved the combination of the parasol and the sunglasses.  

Rap at Pages

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Rap at Pages.jpg
These guys either joined, or crashed, some buskers who had set up outside of Pages, on Queen Street.  They were pretty good - they rapped for a good 10 minutes while I waited for the streetcar across the street. I love working on Queen West - you never know what you're going to see on the way home.  Sometimes, it's rappers in front of a bookstore, sometimes, it's a cluster of harajuku girls giggling as they walk past Much Music.  It's always interesting.


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Commuters.jpgEvery morning, I take the streetcar to work.  And, every morning, I try to get one of the single seats.  These folks managed to get there first.  

Modes of Transportation

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Modes of Transportation.jpg

I keep seeing recumbent bikes around the city.  I don't know if I'd ever have the guts to ride one on the streets.  I think you'd be almost invisible in traffic - and I'd be afraid of getting bugs up my shorts.

Modern Mummy

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Modern Mummy.jpg
I love this sign at Dupont Station.  It must have been designed and put up in the sixties, but it's still there.  And the sign for the deli is almost as funny.  I wonder if they serve your coffee wrapped in bandages.  Or is it coffee made from mummies?  

Flotation Device

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Flotation Device.jpg

I have no idea what these kids were doing with this thing, or what it is.  At first glance, it appears to be a chew toy for a VERY large dog.  Or maybe it's a giant life preserver.  Either way, they were taking it for a walk on Queen Street East, and they seemed to be having a ton of fun with it.

Mantel Clock

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Mantel Clock.jpg
I loved this old clock we found in an antique shop on Queen Street.  I love the ornate face, and the decorative fixtures.  I have absolutely no desire to have the thing - I'd hate to have to read the time off of it - but it amuses me nonetheless.

Waiting at the Corner

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Waiting at the Corner.jpg
Watching the streetcar trundle past on Queen.

Smoking in the Alley

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Smoking in the Alley.jpg

Taken along Adelaide, west of Spadina.  I see smokers, huddled in doorways, trying to keep out of the wind, the snow, and the rain, all year long.  It's got to be a relief when the weather is nice, and sunny, and warm.  But wouldn't it just be easier to quit?

Parent Management

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Parent Management.jpg
Unintentionally (?) ironic sign found during a walk recently.  


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Heather Profile.jpg
She's growing up.  Taken while we waited for the streetcar to take us to the subway, so we could get errands done.   She's changing every day - growing into the woman she's going to be.  Hopefully, I can survive her growing up - she's already a brat.  


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Anybody seen Ray Bradbury anywhere?