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Is he on his way to a gig? Is he coming from an audition?  Where is he headed to? 

Mural on Queen

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Graffiti on Queen.jpg

This mural covers the doorway on Queen Street, east of Spadina.  I think the doorway goes up to an apartment over the stores, but I'm not sure.  Love the artwork, though.

At the Shop

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At the Shop.jpg

Staring into the auto shop at Queen and Lewis. 

Gourmet to Go

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Gourmet to Go.jpg

Okay - I admit it.  I head to hot dog stands from time to time, when I'm working downtown.  Some of my fondest memories are of coming to the city to work, and having these vendors on (it seemed) every other corner selling sausages.  It was such a change for me, having previously grown up in a small town, and having worked in the suburbs. Even today, I get cravings for a hot Polish or Italian sausage with all the fixings on top, and I have to go indulge.

At the Corner

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At the Corner.jpg

Waiting for the light to change at Queen and John. It's always busy after work, and you see such a huge variety of people at that corner.  Usually, they're busy, heading from one place to another, but occasionally, they stop long enough to be captured in a picture.

Rickshaw Driver

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The Name Is Rick - Rick Shaw.jpg

It's got to be a great workout - walking around downtown all day long, hauling tourists behind you in the rickshaw.  But it's not the safest thing to do, and I don't imagine that they get to work when it's raining out. 


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Another urban camouflage shot.  Taken outside the CHUM-FM studios at Richmond and Duncan St.

Crane Operator

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Crane Operator.jpg

There are certain shots that are just easier to get with my 75-300mm zoom lens.  This is one of them. I don't think I've ever seen an operator working in a crane before. 

Ironic Signage

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Ironic Signage.jpg

Is he coming from the clinic, or going to it?  Does he realize how ironic it is that he's standing in front of that sign?  And, most importantly, DO his feet hurt?

Waiting for a Table

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Waiting for a Table.jpg

Waiting for a table at a restaurant on Queen Street.  Looks relaxed, doesn't he - leaning on the doorway, checking his phone.

Wall Mural

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Wall Mural.jpg

This mural graces the wall of an auto repair shop on Broadview Ave, north of Queen.

Is Somebody Calling Me?

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Is Someone Calling Me.jpg

Standing and waiting at Much Music. 

Texaco Throwback

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Texaco Throwback.jpg

This vintage Texaco station is found in Prince Edward County. Looks like someone did a really good job of restoring it. 

Aloha Dude

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Aloha Dude.jpg

Just hanging out, listening to some tunes at Queen and John. 

Bike Culture

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Bike Culture.jpg

Wouldn't it be nice if more areas of the city were like this?  Don't get me wrong - I see a need for cars in a lot of instances.  But the city needs fewer cars, and more alternative transit.  We need buses, streetcars, more subways, and more bikes.  I mean, seriously, who takes an SUV downtown to shop for clothes?  Get out of your cars, and actually experience the city instead of driving through it like it was a suburban strip mall.

Angel and Fish

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Angel and Fish.jpg

Love this statue displayed on the south west side of the AGO. 

Origins and Reflections

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Origins and Reflections.jpg

I wonder - is the reflection the secret identity of this scooter?  Is it better to be a totally fuel efficient form of transportation, or a more fuel efficient form? 

In For A Landing

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In For A Landing.jpg

Coming in for a landing on one of the many rainwater ponds down at Ashbridge's Bay.  Do you ever get the idea that it's been a wet summer?  Or is it just me?

Beach Sand and Grass

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Beach Sand And Grass.jpg

Believe it or not, this is supposed to be a beach.  There's not supposed to be any grass here - it's surrounded on all sides by sand.  He looks he's well prepared for his trip to the beach, though, doesn't he?

Working in the Clouds

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Working in the Clouds.jpg

I wonder what kind of adjustment period the guys that work on cellphone towers have to go through before they're comfortable working on these things?  I don't think it would bother me too much, but I know that there are people out there that would totally freeze being this high up, with that little around them. 

Beautiful Plumage

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Beautiful Plumage.jpg

This peacock startled me by wandering past, outside of any cage or enclosure, at the Toronto Zoo.  It wandered by, put a show on for the crowd just by walking, and then jumped to the top of a six foot wall to continue it's journey.  As they say in Monty Python, though, beautiful plumage.

The Semi Glare

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The Semi Glare.jpg

My delightful daughter, giving me a long suffering glare, sort of.  You'd think, with a shutterbug like my fiance in her life, she'd be used to having a camera shoved in her face every time she looked around.  But I still get glared at when I take too many pictures of her.

Thanks, Norm!

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Thanks Norm.jpg

We got a tour of a greenhouse from a friend of mine.  It's amazing what kinds of flowers will bloom in a greenhouse - things you wouldn't expect to see growing in Ontario.  Once again - thanks for the tour, Norm.


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Naptime at the zoo.  It was hot that day, but we managed to get through two or three sections of the Toronto Zoo.  Thanks, Norm!

Heartbreak Hotel

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Heartbreak Hotel.jpg

I had no idea there was actually a Heartbreak Hotel in Toronto.  Taken at the corner of Queen Street West and Palmerston Ave.  Looks like it has seen better days though - I wonder if the sign lights up at night

Boogie Board

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Boogie Board.jpg

Okay, so what do you get when you have a beach, and you have a LOT of rain over a few day period?  You get ponding on the beach.  And where there is ponding, there are folks with boogie boards.  They run through the water, throw the board, and jump on it, riding it across the calm surface, doing tricks and spins.  Looks like a lot of fun, but somehow I can picture my self not quite managing the "jump on the board" phase, and ending up on my butt in the water. 

Boy in a Tree

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Boy in a Tree.jpg

Okay, so he's not really a boy any more.  He's not quite a man, either.  And somehow, he looks completely at home in that tree. 

Fun at the Beach

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Fun on the Beach.jpg

Who do you think is having more fun - the kid on the beach with his toys, or the folks in the sailboat on the water?  My money's on the kid.

Taken at Ashbridge's Bay on a hot, sunny day. 

Waiting at Linda and Archie's

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Waiting at Linda and Archie's.jpg

Another empty storefront, late at night.  This one seemed best in black and white. 

Broadview and Gerrard

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Broadview and Gerrard.jpg

It was a warm, clear night, and we decided to take a walk up Broadview.  I was struck by the combination of the empty street and the bright lights of the store on the corner.  The street is never empty during the day, and the market is always busy.  But that night, a strange sort of peace settled over the neighbourhood.

World of Comfort

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World of Comfort.jpg

What exactly is IN a "World of Comfort"?  Are there fleece lined slippers?  Velvet lined underwear?  Fur lined braces?  Air conditioned saunas?  How far, exactly, are the proprietors of this "World of Comfort" willing to go to accomodate my comfort needs?  These are very important questions, don't you think?