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The Hole Picture

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The Hole Picture.jpg

The sculpture is outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen tourists/visitors/whatever taking this picture.  It's cute, but I'm not sure why so many people seem to be drawn take it. 

Lighting Up Again

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Lighting Up Again.jpg

Lighting up another cigarette while waiting at Queen and Victoria. 

Is the Strike Over Yet?

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Is the Strike Over Yet.jpg

He certainly looks bored, as he sits and waits at Queen and University.

Rain and Traffic

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Rain and Traffic.jpg

Oh, but it poured that day.  The skies opened up, and a torrent came down upon us.  I was happily dry, taking pictures underneath my umbrella, while this poor guy struggled across the street in the rain.

Tree in Prince Edward County

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Tree in Prince Edward County.jpg

Lonely dead tree in Prince Edward County.  The whole area is old Loyalist territory, and the villages and towns have been there for over two hundred years now - much longer than this tree has been there. 

Angie at the Beach

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Angie at the Beach.jpg

We had a lot of fun down at the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant back in April, and I got this shot of Angie on the little beach in front of it.  It was a really fun to wander around there, and I'd like to head back there to get some summer shots - if we ever get a real summer, that is.

Wounded Bike

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Wounded 2.jpg

Leftover from the commuter wars - looks like someone did a serious job on the front wheel.  I can only imagine the reaction to the person that left it there, when they found it like this.

Sign of the Times

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Sign of the Times.jpg

Special rates for smaller cars.  What a concept - and what a smart marketing move by the owners of the parking lot.  Does this mean that oversized vehicles will start having to pay extra?

A Fairy Princess in Toronto

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Fairy Princess.jpg

You never know what you'll find on a photowalk in downtown Toronto. This little girl and her mom were heading down Simcoe Street and were happy to pose for me. 

Monkey Che

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Monkey Che.jpg

Another great T-shirt spotted on Queen West. 

Beetle Convertible

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Beetle Convertible.jpg

The old Beetles were pretty near indestructable - and cheap to repair when they did break.  Sure, they didn't have all the safety systems that are mandated now, and their engines sounded and drove like sewing machines.  But there's something wonderful about them anyways.

Ponytail on Queen

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Ponytail on Queen.jpg

Lonely Red Bike

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Lonely Red Bike.jpg

Nobody around, no one looking out for it - the bike feels lonely to me.  Nice bike, though.

Crane and Window Work

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Crane and Window Work.jpg

You don't usually see anyone on top of these cranes, so when I saw the guy in orange, I had to get the shot.  Then, I noticed the window washer, and I started thinking about which job would be more nerve wracking. 

On the one hand, you're sitting high above the city, swinging large loads around on the end of a long boom.  Getting up and down involves a long climb on a minimal structure. 

On the other hand, you're hanging off the side of a building, by a couple of ropes, swinging yourself back and forth to clean dirt off the outside of a building.

I still don't know which job I'd like least.

Waiting at Starbucks III

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Waiting At Starbucks III.jpg

Waiting at the Starbucks at Queen and John, again.  I'm always by there, so I tend to see interesting people waiting for someone or something.  In this case, I just loved his hat.

Waiting on Queen Again

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Waiting on Queen Again.jpg

Looks like this guy is prepared for a long wait. 

Exploding Skull Posse

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Exploding Skull Posse.jpg

I wonder if they make these with other skulls that have exploded, or if this is the only one.


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Setting up a camera outside the CP24 studios on Queen.  Looks like he's ready to go.  I was going to call this "City Cameraman", but it's not City TV any more.  I miss the old City TV vibe.  This mix of Rogers and CTV ownership just doesn't have the same connection - now the individual channels come across as just-another-conglomerate-station.  Ah well - life is change.

Riverside Biker

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Riverside Biker.jpg

Seen at Broadview and Queen.  I love the lock around his neck - looks like really macho jewellery.


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Contemplation II

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Contemplation II.jpg

The Eighties are Back

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The Eighties are Back.jpg

I remember neon pink leg warmers from the first time round.  I wonder what else is coming back?  I've seen the sunglasses with the venetian blinds on them already.  But I haven't seen anyone with shoulderpads yet.

Accordion at Much Music

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Accordion At Much Music.jpg

Busking outside of Much Music in Toronto.  I do, however, love the spikes on his shoulder strap.


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Flash patrols his front porch as we walk by.  Every day, he sits and guards the approach to the house, greeting dogs and humans alike. 

Begin What?

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The hardest part of any project is the beginning.  Overcoming the inertia that keeps me sitting on the couch, watching the flickering lights on the screen is the hardest part for me.  Once I get started, everything else seems to flow. 

Duck on the Don

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Duck on the Don.jpg

You know - not so long ago, the Don River was an ugly, polluted, stinking mess, unfit for habitation.  There have been a lot of efforts made, and it's really starting to show.  We saw ducks on the water, the water is still muddy, but it's pleasant to walk beside now. It's really encouraging to see this happening.


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Enjoying the sunshine on Canada Day at Riverdale Park.

Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo.jpg

Conversation on a Bike

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Conversation on a Bike.jpg

You know, it can't be easy to talk to the driver when you're on a bike.  All that wind, the noise of the bike, and the helmets getting in the way.  I'd imagine that it's easier to talk at a stoplight than just about anywhere on the way.  It must make long road trips on a bike rather uncomfortable for the passenger.