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The Story

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The Story.jpg

Obviously, he's enjoying telling his story.  He's either talking about a HUGE fish that he almost caught, or he's describing his HUGE headache.


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A Harley rider takes the evening commute across Queen West - heading off into the sunset, I guess.

Elvis is IN the Building

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Elvis is In The Building.jpg

He's outside the Eaton Center periodically.  As far as I can tell, he doesn't do anything other than look like a rhinestone statue of Elvis.  But he always seems to draw a crowd. 

Fixing Her Hair

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Fixing Her Hair.jpg

It really is a huge advertisement for the upcoming Guess store on Queen Street.

Alleyway 2

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Alleyway 2.jpg

The city is full of hidden places, some beautiful, some not. I love the look of this alleyway that I found on one of my photowalks around the downtown core of Toronto. I mean - an alleyway that has trees on either side?  How great is that?

Riding Into the Sun

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Riding into the Sun.jpg

I hate driving into the sun.  I hate the glare off the windshield, and the way I have to squint - even with my sunglasses on - to see the traffic and signs.  It's gotta be just as bad when  you're on a bike.

Smoke Break on Richmond

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Smoke Break on Richmond.jpg

One of the most common sights around Toronto is the folks standing outside a building, smoking.  You see them out there, no matter what the weather, no matter what time of year it is - getting their nicotine fix.  I never smoked, but I can only imagine what kind of hold it would have had on me if I did. 


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An artist gets some advice about his latest work.  Taken at Queen St East and Saulter St. What's he drawing, you ask?  The library at Queen and Saulter, as shown here and here