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Don Jail Building

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Don Jail Building.jpg

They're closing down the Don Jail, and merging it with Bridgepoint Health - the hospital next door.  I was hoping to get in to take pictures before all the renovations, but, unfortunately, by the time we got to the jail, there was a five hour lineup for tours.  So, I had to content myself with exterior shots. 

Commerce Court Ceiling

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Commerce Court Ceiling.jpg

This chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the CIBC building down on King Street.  We were allowed in to take pictures during Doors Open, and it was an amazing sight.  It's certainly evidence of the old style of bank buildings - solid, rich, and stable. 

Conference Room at Osgoode

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Conference Room at Osgoode.jpg

More from the Doors Open event on the weekend. 

Now - THIS is a Library

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Now This Is A Library.jpg

This is the library at Osgoode Hall, where we went during Doors Open.  There are law books there going back over a hundred years.  Now, I've spent huge chunks of my life in libraries.  I was always searching through books for interesting nuggets of information, just enjoying the feeling of being surrounded by so much knowledge.  Do you think that the next generation will ever understand that feeling, given that they're surrounded by so much more knowledge through the internet?

Scotia Tower

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Scotia Tower.jpg

The Scotiabank Tower on King Street stands out from its neighbours, shining in the sun.  Hmmm - a metaphor for the strength of the Canadian banking sector maybe?  We had a lot of fun walking around downtown on Sunday for Doors Open, and I took this shot as we were about to head into Commerce Court, across the street.

Not Your Typical High School

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Not Your Typical High School.jpg

I can't tell you how much I loved seeing that sign in the classroom at Inglenook Community High School.  I wish I'd had more teachers that believed in that sign.  I only had two that came anywhere close to that, but at least I had both of them for multiple classes. 

School is not a place to teach you facts.  Facts are a way to teach you to think. 

Caddy on Queen

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Caddy on Queen.jpg

While I was waiting for the streetcar, this beautiful car pulled up beside me at the light.  You know, as environmentally incorrect as these behemoths were, there's something that pulls me towards them when I see them.  The warm, sunny weather has arrived, and now we're starting to see more and more vintage cars coming out of winter storage.  I can't wait to get pictures of more of them.

Ladder Walk

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Ladder Walking.jpg

Either he's on his way to a jobsite, or he's just taking his ladder out for a bit of exercise. 

Shoes Again

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Shoes Again.jpg

More shoes abandoned outside of someone house.  This time, I'm pretty sure it's the people that live there that left them outside.  They were gone the next day, too. 

Painting a New Mural

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Painting a New Mural.jpg

They are changing the mural at Queen Street and John Street again.  Looks like they paint it white, then put a grid on it, then paint the mural.  I always wondered how they managed to paint such huge works and still have them come out looking right. 

Standing Out in a Crowd

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Standing Out in a Crowd.jpg

I love all the different things that you can see on Queen West.  She's certainly well accessorized.

Bike and Streetcar

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Bike and Streetcar.jpg

So many questions:
What's in the buggy?
Why is he riding in the middle of the street?
What would happen if the cart got caught on the streetcar tracks?
How far does he have to ride holding on to that buggy?

Psycho Teddies

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Psycho Teddies.jpg

At last, we have the answer to the question "What do you get if you turn teddy bears inside out?".

Wait -what do you mean, no one is asking that question?

Edgewater Hotel Sign

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Edgewater Hotel Sign.jpg

Inspired by the article here, I decided to get a shot of the hotel sign at the corner of Queen and Roncesvalles.  I love old signage.  I think it makes the city more interesting to have these signs.  And it's a shame that they're being removed, one by one, as they age. 

Still Waiting to Win

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Still Waiting to Win.jpg

I know the odds of winning the Lotto 649 - 1 in over 13 million.  But I still play when the prize gets big enough.  This sign reminds me that people have been playing this thing for a long time, and lots of them never, ever win.

Cool Glasses

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Cool Glasses.jpg

Pointed out by my daughter, while we were heading home from Contact.  She liked his glasses. 

Eco Cab On Queen

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Eco Cab On Queen.jpg

These things are all over the place downtown.  I like seeing them - they give a little bit more character to the area.

Fireman I

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Fireman I.jpg

Another shot from the day of the Queen Street Pizza Pizza fire. 


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In spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love...  It's definitely spring, and they're definitely thinking thoughts of love.  On the other hand, I was thinking that her socks looked awesome.


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Getting directions on John Street.  No - seriously - the dude was getting directions.  That's all.

Fading Spring

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Fading Spring.jpg

Oh dear, the blossoms are already fading and wilting.  Spring is racing past us, as we enjoy the warmer weather.  Summer will be here soon, and I'm looking forward to long walks after work, watching the city life in the evenings. 

Third Floor Walkup

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Third Floor Walkup.jpg

I love the warm glow of the lights on these balconies.  I also love the look of the balconies themselves.  Something about the exterior staircase appeals to me - at least in the spring.  I don't know that I'd still feel the same about it in the winter

Smoker II

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Smoker II.jpg

Tulip Lawn

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Tulip Lawn.jpg

One of my neighbours seems to have missed the garden when planting these.  They've sprouted up all over his front lawn, and I have to say that the effect is wonderful. 

Emergency Response

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Emergency Response.jpg

Another photo from the Queen Street Pizza Pizza fire.  Here, you see two emergency responders, and three different video cameras. It's the first time I was actually at an emerging news event, and I was surprised at how much media attention it got.  In all, I think I counted seven different video cameras, and at least one correspondent reporting in by cell phone.

Fire on Queen

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Fire on Queen I.jpg

There was a fire at the Pizza Pizza across the street from CP24 studios on Queen yesterday.  I was fortunate enough to spot the smoke coming from the roof of the building when I went out for my lunchtime photowalk, and managed to get a bunch of photos of the emergency response.  Here, firefighters climb a ladder to get to the roof, where they find a burning airduct.  The fire was quickly extinguished, but not before the entire block of Queen Street was closed to traffic.

Lunch Break on Wheels

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Lunch Break on Wheels.jpg

You have to remember to put gas in the tank from time to time.  I'd imagine that hauling tourists around in one of these rickshaws has got to be a good workout. I see them around downtown all the time. I guess it's a good thing that the area is mostly level - I'd hate to have to haul one of them up a hill like in San Francisco.

Smart City Smart Car

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Smart City Smart Car.jpg

It's such a smart idea for the city to have these small, efficient cars for staff to use to get around.  We live in a city with over two and a half million other people - it doesn't make sense for city staff to tool around in huge cars.  Yay city council.

Here's the Ball!

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Here's the Ball!.jpg

Merry having fun in the park. 

Portable Practice

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Portable Practice.jpg

I suppose that's one way of practicing without pissing off your roommates.  He was pretty good, as he passed by me on my walk on Friday.  At least the weather was cooperating with him - it was gorgeous out on Friday

Ex Bank

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Ex Bank.jpg

It's not a bank any more - now it's home to a fashion designer.  But doesn't the architecture just scream permanence and stability?  The Canadian Bank of Commerce doesn't exist any more - it merged with the Imperial Bank of Canada to become the CIBC that we all know and love.