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What are YOU looking at?

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Post.jpgI took my daughter to a horse ranch for a day as a birthday present.  She was thrilled, as you would expect.  

Bus Lights

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Bus Lights.jpg
School's almost over, now, so it seemed appropriate to take a picture of the brake lights on a school bus.  Any day now, the streets will be filled with the sound of kids complaining that they're bored, and wanna go to the mall.  Ahh, the sweet sounds of summer.

Mini on Queen

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Mini on Queen.jpg
Looks like the small car is pulling away from the pack.  As gas prices continue to rise, I bet more and more people are going to be looking at smaller cars to replace the behemoths they drive now.


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Gotta love the summer.  Sunny skies, warm weather, bikes on the road.  Of course, this week we've had cold weather, and rain, but I'm sure it will get better. :-)

Manga on the TTC

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Manga on the TTC.jpg... and in German, too.  Taken on the eastbound Queen Street streetcar.  You never know what you're going to see in this city.  That's one of the reasons I love it.

Eaton Center Tower

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Eaton Center Tower.jpg

Safety First

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Safety First.jpgI saw this guy driving his inflatable Carlsberg pool around on his scooter.  I'm thinking "That can't be safe."  Why didn't he just deflate it?  How did he figure that this was a better solution than reinflating it at his destination?  I will never understand people.

Be the Pigeon!

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Be the Pigeon!.jpg
Getting right into the shot at Queen and Church. 

Les Bleus

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Les Bleus.jpg

I loved the stance, waiting for the streetcar at Queen and John.

Garden Walk

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Garden Walk.jpgI love the Union Jack bag this guy is carrying.  They always have so much foliage outside the Gardenview Convenience at Queen and John.  It's so nice to walk past it on a hot day - it gives a bit of a break from the urbanity of Queen Street West.  

The Huddle

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The Huddle.jpgObviously, they're trying to figure out where they have to go next.  Taken at the corner of Queen and John.

Don't Have the Fish

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Dont have the fish.jpgWhatever he ate, it doesn't look like it agreed with him.

Old Soldiers

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Old Soldiers.jpg
It's barbecue season again - and we just got a new barbecue.  So, when I saw these two tanks sitting on a neighbour's front steps, I was reminded of what will happen to the shiny new tank that I bought with mine. These two are waiting to be taken off and retired, having served, faithfully, for a long time, judging by the battle scars they display so proudly.

Catching a Breather

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Catching a Breather.jpg
Looks like someone is enjoying the warmer weather.  Note the distinct lack of shoes.  I love that Umbra has these tables out front to encourage people to stop and enjoy the weather.  It's nice to see a company being smart about the ways that they can add to the ambiance of the neighbourhood, and benefit themselves at the same time.

Waiting and Smoking

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Waiting and Smoking.jpg
Through most of my life, people around me have smoked while they waited.  But ever since smoking has dropped out of fashion, I've noticed more and more people using other things to keep their minds occupied while they wait.  Some people read, some people play video games.  What do you do?