Biker on the Sidewalk

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I don't know if he's a bike courier, or just a guy travelling around on his bike.  When I was growing up, bikes went away once the snow fell.  The longer I live and work in Toronto, the more I realize just how many people ride their bikes all year long.  Sometimes, the gear folks wear to ride in the winter is outlandish.  This guy was obviously taking advantage of the warmer weather we had, just before the snow dumped all over us.  I took this shot on Queen Street, just west of Nathan Phillips Square.


Not a bike courier, it is a little disheartening to see even avid cycling fans demonize those guys every time they see a bike on the sidewalk. They get on the sidewalk to park and that's it.

I know you didn't mean to but you did, yet in toronto they are some of the safest riders around. They even provide a dozen ride marshalls each year to the GIRO TO ride, a new charity ride from little italy. They escort families through a 70 km city ride in live traffic.

And they are the largest population of cyclists in toronto that ride year round including the storm days.

Thanks for all the nice pictures of bikes.

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