Sitting Room I

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Sitting Room I.jpg

This is the sitting room in the bed and breakfast that we stayed in out in Huntsville.  I loved the way the light came in to the room the day before we left, so I took a few shots. 


This looks really nice.

Lorne & I just booked a night at a new B&B that friends of ours just opened in Vineland (in the Niagara region) called Chez Reves (something like that; it's French for Sweet Dreams). They're having an open house August 2-3 but we're going next weekend, July 26. We'll be in the "zen room". :)

Hello Chris: I came to your site via the mossy forest pic and then found this one ( & the cocktail glass and the train scene).
There is something very appealing about this composition. when I look at it I feel comforted. bye now from Oz. g.

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