Angel and the Turbine

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Angel and the Turbine.jpg

Another honeymoon picture.  We went for a drive to see what was around, and I discovered something new.  I had known that there was a nuclear plant somewhere on the Bruce Peninsula, but I wasn't aware that there was a baby wind farm as well. 

There are only 3 turbines, but they're massive, and it looks (from the signs protesting their construction) like there will be more.  I think they look great - I don't understand why people don't want more of them.  They generate power from a resource that doesn't pollute, the turbines themselves have a low environmental impact, and I would think that it would be a great way for a farmer to get an additional revenue stream without having to do too much himself.  So why are there so many posters in people's front windows protesting against the turbines?

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