Honeymoon Cottage

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Honeymoon Cottage.jpg

I'm actually surprised at how long it's been since I posted a picture here.  Things got a little bit busy around here around the early part of September, but I have an excuse ;-)   I got married.

My angel and I tied the knot on the 18th of September, and we spent a week recuperating from the wedding.  It was the second time around for both of us, so it was a simpler affair - city hall wedding, reception in our home, week at a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula for a honeymoon.  Simpler, yes, but still tremendous number of things to get done on a daily basis as the big day approached.  Then the day itself was a wonderful mix of getting things done, enjoying what was happening, and being tremendously happy.

Coming back to work was - difficult.  It was tremendously relaxing, hanging out by the water, listening to the silence, and I wish it could have lasted longer.  So - I'm back in Toronto now, and hopefully we'll start to see more pictures going up on a regular basis. 

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