Elvis - Is That You?

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Elvis - is that You.jpg

It's been YEARS since I saw an Elvis bust.  My in-laws used to have booze in ceramic Elvis bottles, and I used to see them when I was frequenting the flea markets around Toronto.  But I didn't expect to see one on the edge of someone's driveway, that's for sure.  Oh Elvis - what have they done to you?


That is eerie. He matches the two-tone green foliage. A blue spruce and cedar.

Were his eyes really blue? :)

Chris I like looking at your photos and browse when I have time. I am not from Toronto but it looks like you have done a good job of capturing the city. A photographer from an earlier err captured Oshawa and his collection is kept in the McLaughlin Art Gallery in Oshawa. You might find his pictures interesting if you have a chance to view them. They were made into three books and are now out of print but are now at a preimium.
Thanks Don Mastin

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