Black Creek at School

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Black Creek Schoolroom.jpg

I imagine that it was quite cold in here in the winter.  The stove looked like it would warm the room a fair bit, but that meant that the staff (and students) had to keep it stocked with coal or wood every day.  The classroom would be very cold in the mornings, no doubt, too.


My Dad went to school in a one-room school house, not unlike this (actually a bit smaller, same depth but less wide) with a wood stove in the back. He had to stoke the fire more than once... and all grades were together (from 1 to 11 - that's all they went to in those days). My Dad actually bought his old schoolhouse but sold it a few years later. I had wanted to buy it myself and I still might one day but it's not really where we'd want a property in NB; it's just for sentimental value. It is positioned next to where my grandparents lived and across from the Canaan River where we used to swim growing up. Ah, the memories. :)

Lorne actually had to start the wood fire at home when he was a kid. That was one of his daily chores and he has said it was very, very cold. His parents still use wood heat.

I like the seasonal touch of the simple Christmas tree in the corner here.

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