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Phone Call

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Phone Call.jpg

Making a phone call in the Eaton Center, after Earth Hour.  It's creepy inside the Eaton Center at night, when the power's mostly off, and all the stores - and bathrooms - are closed. 

505 Broadview

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505 Broadview copy.jpg

Taken just beside the Village by the Grange.  I always find myself wondering if the street bends like this because it used to be two streets that didn't quite meet, or if there was some geographical feature that it used to have to go around, but now is missing.

Waiting at Starbucks

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Waiting At Starbucks.jpg

Why do people do this? 

This cute little guy was tied to the patio railing outside a Starbucks.  It's not the first time that I've seen him there, and it wasn't the last.  But every time I see him there, I have to wonder about the owner - why do people take their dogs out and then leave them tied up outside a store? 

It's not so bad in this case, but I frequently see dogs tied up in the middle of winter, while their owner goes in to get something.  Or I'll see a dog tied up outside of a pub, waiting for his owner to have beer or something. Or dogs barking for their owners, tied up outside of a store.  Dogs get cold too, you know. 

If you're going to shop, if you're going somewhere for a beer, leave the dog at home - be nice to them.  If you're going to take the dog out, focus on that.  Remember - most dogs are companion animals - they feel better when they're with their human. 

Downtown Commuter

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Downtown Commuter.jpg

The weather is definitely improving - you are starting to see more and more "alternative means of commuting" in the city.  The long boards are out, and I see a surprising variety of people using them to get around. 

Biker in Silhouette

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Biker in Silhouette.jpg

There's lots more sunshine in the city these days, and I keep seeing interesing ways to capture the light.  This shot was supposed to be of the bike rider, but somehow, it became about light and shadow. 

Turning Right on McCaul

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Turning Right on McCaul.jpg

They're ripping up Queen Street at McCaul, and this guy was coming out of Renfrew, behind the stores on Queen Street.  I love the look of construction equipment, but I haven't quite figured out how to shoot it. 

Golden Alley 2010

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Golden Alley 2010.jpg

I'm loving the whole "out of the office and into the sunlight" aspects of the lengthening days.  More daylight means more chances to walk around and shoot.  I saw this as we walked up Spadina from Queen, on our way to dinner. 


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Every once in a while, you get an image like this - one where you took a shot from the hip, no focus.  This one looked interesting, though, like something you'd see in a dream.

In a Flurry

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In a Flurry.jpg
I can't wait for the warm weather to return - walking through the snow can be very depressing, don't you think?

Board, Cup and Traffic

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Board, Cup and Traffic.jpg

Crossing Queen Street in the sunshine.  I wonder why he didn't ride - maybe he didn't want to spill his Starbucks.

Woodbine Bathing Station

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Woodbine Bathing Station.jpg

Somehow, I don't think very many people are going to be using the station in the winter.  It was interesting, seeing what happens down at the beach in the winter.  There's more activity than you'd think - at least on on the day we went down there. 


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Patiently, the laundromat awaits its next patron. 

Battenberg Avenue

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Battenberg Ave.jpg

I love the rust around the edges of the sign.