Waiting at Starbucks

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Why do people do this? 

This cute little guy was tied to the patio railing outside a Starbucks.  It's not the first time that I've seen him there, and it wasn't the last.  But every time I see him there, I have to wonder about the owner - why do people take their dogs out and then leave them tied up outside a store? 

It's not so bad in this case, but I frequently see dogs tied up in the middle of winter, while their owner goes in to get something.  Or I'll see a dog tied up outside of a pub, waiting for his owner to have beer or something. Or dogs barking for their owners, tied up outside of a store.  Dogs get cold too, you know. 

If you're going to shop, if you're going somewhere for a beer, leave the dog at home - be nice to them.  If you're going to take the dog out, focus on that.  Remember - most dogs are companion animals - they feel better when they're with their human. 


And this little guy is so longingly waiting for his human to return... :)

Cute little doggy! I completely agree with your caption.

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