Cutting the Sidewalk

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Cutting the Sidewalk.jpg

Sidewalks are under assault as the maintenance season (aka summer) approaches.  Every year, the harsh weather of winter and the thaw of spring do a serious number on the roads, pipes, and wires around the city.  And every summer, workers and machinery pop up like mushrooms, clustered around the most damaged parts of the city.  And every fall, the workers and machinery disappear, revealing a healed city, ready to face the ravages of winter once again.  I can't decide if this is comforting, or frustrating....


Just be thankful it's not you that has to do this noisy, dirty job! :)

I am thankful, every day - I respect the dirty, noisy work, and the people that do it, but I don't want to be one of them. I'd rather be at my computer, typing away.

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