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Antenna Ball on McCaul

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Antenna Ball On McCaul.jpg

So, Toronto is not ALL protests, demonstrations and conflicts with police.  We also have cute antenna balls, quiet neighbourhoods, and people that just want things to go back to normal - like this guy.  He seems happy enough, doesn't he?

I'd Like a Third Choice...

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Can I Have A Third Choice.jpg

Hart's River

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Hart's River.jpg

For several years now, I've seen this monument, rising above University Avenue, just north of Queen Street. I never really paid too much attention to it, but I liked the light on this day. 

Walking in the Rain

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Walking in the Rain 2010.jpg

The rain wasn't hard, just annoying enough warrant a sudden profusion of umbrellas, popping up like mushrooms, filling the sidewalks and making people dodge each other as they passed.  You have to wonder about the people that brought their bikes, though - were they prepared for the rain? Was it a surprise? Are they going to get that annoying streak of wet up their backs from the ride home?  And is it possible to use an umbrella while you ride a bike?

Merging on the Yellow

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Merging on the Yellow.jpg

Traffic along Queen Street can be very congested in front of City TV.  And those staffers that take scooters to work (and there are a few of them parked in front of the studios every day) don't always have an easy time of it trying to get into traffic.  I have to say that I loved the combination of the bright yellow scooter and the high heels, though.

Taking His Place in Traffic

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Taking His Place In Traffic.jpg

Another example of why it's not easy being a bike commuter - making legal left turns isn't easy when you're the smallest thing on the road.  Kudos to this guy for taking his legal place.  Maybe if more riders did this, cars and trucks would start looking for them on the road, instead of not paying attention to them.  However, I do understand the reluctance on the part of bikers to take the risk - it's way too easy to lose out to a much larger vehicle that just didn't see you.

Robin's Egg Blues

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Robin's Egg Blues.jpg

A broken eggshell on the sidewalk is such an ambiguous thing, really.  Did the chick hatch, and the eggshell get pushed out of the nest?  Did the egg itself break, dooming the chick?  Questions, questions, questions ...

Picnic Discussion

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Picnic Discussion.jpg

Gotta love the warm weather - I'm so glad that summer's almost here.  Picnic benches are a staple of the summer, and discussions like this one are common while the sun is out.  Sunshine, summer, friends and discussions...