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Waiting at Dundas

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Waiting at Dundas.jpg

I saw him waiting to cross, and all I could think was - what a great album cover that would make. 

Belmonts and Rails

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Belmonts and Rails.jpg

Cigarette package left on the bed of the truck carrying new rails for TTC Streetcar line on Coxwell. 

Yard Sale

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Yard Sale Sign.jpg

I love a good yard sales.  You never know what you're going to find.  It could be the one book in a series that you don't have, and it costs you a quarter.  Sometimes, it's a great, kitschy piece that will look awesome on your desk.  But they can be sad too.  Yard sales happen for many reasons - kids grow out of toys, people downsize to save money, and I always find myself trying to figure out why the sale is happening. 

But the bargain hunting is seriously fun.

Do Not Venture

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Do Not Venture.jpg

Waiting to cross the street at Queen and John.  They're renovating at Much Music, and it looks like the last vestiges of Speakers' Corner are going away - too bad. 

Carousel Lights

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Carousel Lights.jpg

Detail from a carousel on the Ex Midway.  I loved the light at that point, especially with the grey clouds in the background. 

Barbie Magic at Much Music

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Barbie Magic at Much Music.jpg

It's always interesting to walk by Much Music on weekday mornings - you never know what you'll see. 

New Graffiti on Dupont

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Graffiti on Dupont.jpg

Baby's first tag!

Okay, so that's probably not why they're taking their own pictures in front of this new mural.  But it definitely makes the garage look a lot better.  And, coincidentally, it's likely that having the garage painted like this will make it less likely to be tagged by something stupid or lame.  I like the mix of colours on this one - it reallly livens up a boring section of Dupont.

Waiting for Customers

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Waiting for Customers.jpg

Ah well, another summer has come to an end.  It's a tradition, in Toronto, that the end of the Canadian National Exhibition marks the end of summer.  We went on Saturday, and had a great time - lots of food, cool buildings, fun games and rides on the Midway. 

These guys are waiting for players to try the Crown and Anchor wheel, late at night.  Things thinned out substantially once the buildings started closing at 10pm, and these guys seemed to enjoy the break.  Next year, we have to go earlier, so that we can see all the exhibits and buildings, not just half of them. 

Angry Sun

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Angry Sun and Balcony.jpg

I love spotting graffiti, it's a sign of a dynamic neighbourhood.  (Of course, I've never owned anything that got tagged, so my perspective is likely to be more benign than some others...) I like it even better when it's got some artistic merit.  This one amuses me, because of the contrast between the tag, and the phrase "sunny disposition".

Waiting at the Black Market

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Waiting at the Black Market.jpg

Waiting outside the Black Market clothing store on Queen West.  Somehow, I don't think that he's in the typical demographic profile for the store - but I love how he's wearing complementary colors for the signage behind him.