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Eglinton West Platform

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Eglinton West Platform.jpg

Southbound platform of the Eglinton West subway station. 

King Street Traffic

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King Street Traffic.jpg

Devil on McCaul

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Devil on McCaul.jpg

I had to stop her for a picture when I saw the devil horns/cat ears that she was wearing.  Taken outside of OCAD.

Toronto Icons

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Toronto Icons.jpg

The view from King Street West.  Nothing says Toronto for me like the CN Tower, although Roy Thomson Hall comes close.  (Did you know it was originally going to be New Massey Hall?)

Into the Light

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Into the Light copy.jpg

Walking into the spring sunshine on Queen West.  Thank god that the weather is changing, and we're getting more warmth, and no more of the snow and slush.

Walking the Hound

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Walking the Hound.jpg

Chicago - New Flyer

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New Flyer.jpg

Heather and the Woods

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Heather and the Woods.jpg