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Queen and Coxwell - Fog

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Queen and Coxwell - Fog.jpg

Maintenance Crew

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Maintenance Crew.jpg

Taking time to clean up the debris from the previous winter.  I talked to these guys in the summer, and asked why it took so long to clean up the park.  They told me that they were the only crew dedicated to cleanup in the entire city.  I wonder if they'll be back this summer, now that winter is finally here.  

Looking Back 2

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Looking Back 2.jpg

As I get older, I start looking back at my life more and more.  It's natural, but it's also a huge distraction at times.  I am constantly reminding myself that there's no profit in watching yourself make bad decisions, over and over - it's much better to look at where you are now, and focus on making the best decisions that you can.  The past is the past - unchangeable and gone.  The future can still be influenced, if we pay attention to the here and now.

East on Dundas

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East on Dundas.jpg

Looking east on Dundas from the corner at University. Lots of traffic, but it's noontime, so it's not really too bad.  It's much worse at rush hour, as many people try to use University as a conduit to the northern reaches of the city.  Of course, the more that people use it, the more crowded, and slow, it gets.


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Trying to get off the rocks on Lake Ontario.  Taken at Beaches Park in Toronto, on a beautiful, sunny day.

Chicago - Wrigley Building

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Chicago - Wrigley Building.jpg

Gorgeous building in Chicago - the Wrigley Building.  Yes - the former head office of the Wrigley Company, makers of fine chewing gum.  It holds a variety of businesses now, and the walkway you see here was added to connect two offices of a bank branch.  


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There were a huge variety of kites in the sky this fall at Ashbridges Bay Kite Festival.  It was rather spectacular to see, and most of these were anchored in the beach, and were remarkably stable up in the sky. 

Chicago - Wall of Buildings

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Chicago - Wall of Buildings.jpg

Looking across the river in Chicago.  I love how the buildings rise on either side of the river, just like canyon walls.  You can see a wonderful mix of the old and the new in the architectural styles of the buildings here.  There's everything from the ornate buildings of early in the 20th century up to today's simple, clean boxes.   I'd love to go to Chicago again - it was a lot of fun to wander around.

Lunch and Pigeons at Union Station

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Lunch and Pigeons at Union Station.jpg

Sharing her lunch with the pigeons out front of Union Station.

TTC Supervisor On Duty

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TTC Supervisor On Duty.jpg

Waiting for the next streetcar to pass, I guess.  I see the supervisors hanging out on the street from time to time, but I never know exactly what they're doing there.  Don't they have radios in the buses and streetcars?  Or are they there to do spot checks, making sure that the streetcar drivers dont' take their cars off the rails and go wandering through the city?


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Another mural going up at the corner of Queen and John.  I was actually surprised - I didn't think that they'd be able to paint during the winter months, but there they were, painting in the cold and dark.  I wonder how long it took for the paint to dry in the cold, or if they used different paint.  

Waiting Outside Shoppers

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Waiting Outside Shoppers copy.jpg

Another cold day, another dog left tied up outside of a store.  It's really simple, people - if you have to go out to get something from the store, leave your poor dog at home, where it's warm.  Especially if he's a shorthaired breed, like this poor guy. 

Buddha Wagon

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Buddha Wagon.jpg

Chasing the Bear

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Chasing the Bear.jpg

Taken at the Beaches Kite Festival.  The guy flying this kite had tremendous control over it, and he had the kids running back and forth repeatedly, chasing the bear.  It was fascinating to see him holding the kite just out of reach of the kids, dropping the bear and picking it up again before they could get to it.  The kids seemed to be having a good time, that's for sure.